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Varsity Tutors can help you easily get started with the right Oklahoma City SSAT prep solution for your child's learning needs. Whether your child will be facing the Elementary Level SSAT or you have a student who will be taking the Middle Level or Upper Level SSAT, preparing adequately for this exam is one of the most important things you can do to help them get into an elite private or independent school.

Admissions officials from top schools rely on scores from entrance exams like the SSAT to help them determine which students have the skills necessary to succeed in more rigorous educational environments. All levels of the SSAT evaluate a student's abilities in standard English language conventions, reading comprehension, and mathematics appropriate for their grade level. To learn more about what is covered in the individual sections of the SSAT continue reading.

What can Oklahoma City SSAT prep cover?

All levels of the SSAT have the same five types of sections. These sections include Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, Writing Sample, Experimental. The Writing Sample and Experimental sections are not scored.

The Middle Level and Upper-Level SSAT have two Quantitative sections each. Both of these exams give students just under three hours to complete 167 questions. The Lower Level SSAT has only one Quantitative section. Students taking this test have just under two hours to complete 89 questions.

The Quantitative sections of all levels of the SSAT will evaluate grade-level appropriate mathematical skills including basic math concepts such as multiplication, addition, division, subtraction, place value, fractions, measurement, number order, shapes, and graph interpretation. Other more advanced algebra and geometry concepts such as word problems, solving for the area and perimeter of geometric shapes, solving equations, coordinate geometry, properties of triangles, and line equations may also be included. It is important to note that calculators are not allowed during any portion of an SSAT. Your child will need to be able to perform all of the tasks without a calculator. If they are currently unable to do so, they can work on becoming more comfortable completing math problems by hand.

The Reading and Verbal sections of all levels of the SSAT will evaluate your child's basic English language skills. Some of the specifics concepts they may need to review include identifying the main idea, using context clues to identify words and phrases, making inferences, determining the author's tone, making predictions, evaluating and understanding opinions, using synonyms, identifying prefixes and suffixes, identifying analogies, and determining parts of speech.

Although the Writing Sample section of the SSAT is not scored for any level, it is still crucial that your child is adequately prepared. The writing sample your child submits will be given to all of the schools to which they apply. Because it may be considered as part of the application process, it's imperative students refine their writing techniques before engaging with the exam.

How can an Oklahoma City SSAT prep class help my child prepare for their upcoming exam?

If you are considering an SSAT Prep class for your child, you will have several enrollment options. You can choose to have them attend two week or four-week sessions. All classes are comprised of individual sections with new sections starting weekly. This type of course design makes it easy for your child to get started as quickly as possible.

While the classroom is in a digital setting, it has the same type of structure and instructional delivery methodology as a traditional classroom. This familiar environment can make it easier for students to acclimate to their SSAT prep class.

Prep courses are an excellent solution for students who thrive in group learning environments and who need a comprehensive review. They are also a great choice for your child if you know they learn better in highly structured learning environments with a regular schedule.

How is working with an Oklahoma City SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

There are several significant differences between working with a private instructor and taking a prep course. When your child works with a private tutor, they will have the instructor's complete and undivided attention. If your child is part of a prep course, on the other hand, the teacher's focus must be split due to the structure of the learning environment. While neither is objectively superior, private tutoring does allow for a higher degree of personalized instruction.

A tutor has the ability to take your child's learning style, academic needs, academic weaknesses, and scoring goals into consideration when developing their lessons. The curriculum your child receives will be customized with these needs in mind, and your child will spend their study time working on those items they most need to review. In a course, they may review skills and concepts they previously mastered during some of their instructional time.

Another difference between courses and private instruction is in the way each is scheduled. Prep courses must be scheduled to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of students. The best way to do this is to offer a set schedule on which students can rely. Unfortunately, this is not always convenient for individual students. Private instruction, on the other hand, provides greater scheduling flexibility. You can schedule private sessions anytime during the week or weekend.

Private tutoring sessions are ideal if your child needs the one-on-one instructional support it can provide or if you want them to focus exclusively in specific areas. It's also a good solution for families who have hectic schedules and would otherwise not be able to fit SSAT preparation into their regular routine.

How can I get my child started with the right Oklahoma City SSAT prep solution?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started with the right Oklahoma City SSAT prep strategy for your child's individual learning needs. Whether you want your child to enroll in an Oklahoma City SSAT prep course or you want help making a connection with a highly qualified private SSAT tutor, we are here to help. Contact varsity tutors today to get started immediately.

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