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Varsity Tutors can help you identify the right Jacksonville SSAT prep strategy to help your child work towards their SSAT scoring goals. Prep courses and private instruction are available for all levels of the SSAT: Upper, Middle, and Elementary. No matter what level of the exam your student will be facing, it is crucial they properly prepare first.

The SSAT was created to provide insight into a student's skill in three core academic areas; math, English, and reading. Many independent and private schools require SSAT scores to be submitted as part of the application process. While it won't be the only thing they consider, it is among the most important because of the reliability of the testing results.

Continue reading to learn more about what is covered on the SSAT and how Jacksonville SSAT prep solutions can help make the preparatory process easier.

What can Jacksonville SSAT prep cover?

There are three different SSAT tests available. The test your child will take will be determined by the grade level they will be entering. The Elementary Level is designed for students who will be applying for admission to a fourth or fifth-grade class. The Middle Level is for students who will be applying to attend a sixth, seventh, or eighth-grade class. The Upper Level is for students who are applying for high school admission. SSAT prep tutoring as courses can help your child prepare for any of these levels.

In addition to evaluating your child's skill in English, reading, and math, there is also a Writing Sample section and an Experimental section that will not be graded. The Writing Sample will, however, be sent to any of the schools your child is applying to. As a result, students may need to refine their writing technique as part of their SSAT preparation efforts to make the best impression on admissions officials. The Experimental section is included only to help the designers of the SSAT improve and refine the exam.

Upper and Middle-Level SSAT testers will have two Quantitative Sections to complete, while children taking the Lower-Level will only have one. The Quantitative portion of the SSAT is where your child's math skills will be evaluated. Depending on their grade level they will need to be familiar with basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

The Verbal and Reading portions of the SSAT are the sections that evaluate your child's English language skills and reading comprehension. They will need to be familiar with concepts such as grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, main idea, author's purpose, making inferences and predictions, and more.

How can a Jacksonville SSAT prep class help my student prepare for the test?

When you enroll your student in a prep course, they will receive expert instructional guidance and a regimented curriculum designed to give them a comprehensive review and keep them focused. You have the option to enroll your child in a two-week or a four-week class that will be comprised of individual sections. New sections begin weekly, which means you won't have to wait to get them started on their SSAT preparation.

All classes are taught in a traditional classroom setting utilizing a secure online learning platform. This format means you don't have to worry about arranging transportation to or from the classes as your child can work from anywhere that has a stable internet connection.

Teachers will provide direct instruction to the group of students on the topic of the day. They may then encourage group discussion to help students deepen their understanding of the material. If your child has specific questions about the content, they can always request clarification from an instructor. If a student could use some additional help in a specific area, it's also possible to schedule private instruction time with the teacher.

Prep classes are ideal for students who thrive in structured environmental learning environments or who need social support and interaction to remain motivated.

How is working with a Jacksonville SSAT tutor different from taking a prep course?

When your child works with a personal tutor, they receive more individualized instruction than is possible in a course. The difference in instructional methodology does not make one format better than the other; they are simply designed with different goals in mind. A classroom setting provides a higher degree of peer support and regimented curriculum while a tutoring session offers personal instruction and individualized curriculum.

Private instructors can take the time to get to know your child's personality, SSAT scoring goals, academic strengths, and the specific areas of academic weaknesses with which your child may be struggling. This information can then be leveraged to create the foundation of the private sessions. During each lesson, your child will receive content designed to help them move forward on their path to becoming prepared for the SSAT, and they won't spend time reviewing material they have mastered.

Another significant difference between courses and private sessions is in how they are scheduled. Courses have times that are selected to provide a diverse student population with a routine they can rely upon. These times are predetermined, and individual schedules are not taken into consideration. Scheduling in this way is efficient and prevents confusion. However, if the available times are incompatible with your family's previous commitments, it may not be convenient. Private tutoring sessions are scheduled based on the needs and preferences of you and your child. It is possible to schedule sessions throughout the week and on weekends during the day or evening.

Individual instructional sessions are best for students who thrive when placed in one-on-one learning environments.

How can I get my child started with a Jacksonville SSAT prep solution?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get your child started with the right Jacksonville SSAT preparation strategy for their learning needs. Whether you want to enroll your student in a Jacksonville SSAT prep course or you need help connecting with a highly qualified personal SSAT tutor, the experienced staff at Varsity Tutors can help you get started quickly. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started immediately.

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