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Varsity Tutors makes it easy for you to find the right Omaha SSAT prep resources to help support your child as they work towards their SSAT scoring goal. Whether your child will be taking the Elementary Level, Middle Level, or Upper Level SSAT, professionally developed SSAT prep resources can help them maximize their study time.

The SSAT is considered a reliable indicator of a student's proficiency in the core subject areas of math, reading, and English language skills. Because of the reliability of the test many private and independent schools rely on the scores as part of their admissions process. Of course, this is not the only thing the admissions officials will be considering when reviewing your child's application. However, it is an essential factor, and because of this, preparation for the SSAT should be prioritized. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for parents to know where to begin when they want to help their student prepare. Continue reading to learn what is covered on the various levels of the SSAT and about how Varsity Tutors can help you choose the right Omaha SSAT preparation strategy for your student.

What can Omaha SSAT prep cover?

All levels of the SSAT include five distinct sections; Reading, Quantitative, Verbal, Writing, and Experimental. The Reading and Verbal sections evaluate your student's English language and reading comprehension skills. The Quantitative section evaluates math skills. Upper Level and Middle Level SSAT testers will have two parts in their Quantitative portion of the SSAT. No students are allowed to use a calculator for any portion of the exam.

The Writing and Experimental sections of the test are not part of the scoring process. While this may initially seem like it makes them less relevant to study for, this is not the case. The Writing sample your student constructs during the exam will be sent along with their scores to any schools they apply to, and will be considered by admissions officials. Because it may help determine whether or not your child is admitted to a preferred school, writing conventions and techniques may also need to be included in their exam prep.

Working with a professional instructor as part of private tutoring or a prep course can offer invaluable assistance as your student works to develop the skills measured by the SSAT.

How can an Omaha SSAT prep class help my student prepare?

When you enroll your student into a prep class, you have a few options from which to choose. You can select a quick two-week class if you want to condense the material into a more manageable time commitment or you can choose a four-week class if you know your child will perform better if they have more time to work with the review material.

All of the classes are composed of individual sections that allow for easy scheduling. Because the parts work independently to form the class, new sections are added each week and can be embarked upon whenever your student is ready.

Virtual classrooms mean your student can access their class from wherever is most convenient for both you and them. There is no need to coordinate additional transportation to and from class, so there is minimal disruption to your daily routine. Virtual classes are similar in format and function to traditional classrooms. Your student will receive live instruction from a highly qualified teacher who may then encourage them to discuss the current topic or skill to further their understanding of the information.

Prep classes are a great fit for students who enjoy working in a group environment and find having the support of other students integral to their ability to remain motivated and focused on working towards their goals.

How is working with an Omaha SSAT tutor different from taking a prep course?

There are many differences between the two SSAT prep solutions. However, both offer your student the opportunity to receive valuable academic support that can help them as they review for their upcoming test.

The type of instruction your student will receive as part of an Omaha SSAT prep course is substantially different from that which is delivered by a private tutor. Classroom teachers are required to follow curriculum guidelines to ensure students with a wide variety of skills and learning needs receive a comprehensive overview of the content covered on the exam. When your child works with a private instructor, a teacher can take the time to get to know more about your student's specific learning needs, study goals, academic strengths, and academic weaknesses. This information provides the private instructor with the necessary insight to develop a personalized learning experience designed for your student. This curriculum is then reviewed during private sessions where your student has ample opportunity to ask specific questions and receive real-time feedback. In a classroom, this type of personalization is simply impossible. Another distinct difference between group courses and private sessions can be seen in how they're scheduled. Course times are predetermined and are not based on the individual needs of students. Private tutoring allows for greater scheduling flexibility. You can have your student meet with a personal instructor at times which are more convenient for you. Sessions can be scheduled mornings, afternoons, and evenings on weekends and during the week - whenever it works for you. These differences do not make one format better than the other, merely different. Private tutoring sessions are ideal for those students who are better able to engage with curriculum via one-on-one instructional methodologies. Group classes are better suited for students who enjoy learning alongside others. How can I get my student started with Omaha SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you identify the right Omaha SSAT preparation solution for your child's learning needs. Whether you want to enroll them in a comprehensive prep course or you want help connecting with a skilled private tutor, we'd love to help you give your student the resources they need to work towards achieving their academic goals. Contact the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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