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Varsity Tutors can help relieve some of the pressure of helping your child prepare for the SSAT by assisting you with Virginia Beach SSAT preparation resources for your child's unique learning needs. The Virginia Beach area has several prestigious private and independent schools. As part of the application process, many schools will require you to submit your child's scores from the SSAT. The SSAT is respected for its precision in establishing a student's competency in grade level reading comprehension, math, and verbal skills.

Even if your child has been doing well, providing professional instructional support as they prepare for the SSAT can help them on this high stakes exam. Keep reading to hear more about the different levels of the SSAT and how Varsity Tutors can help you identify the best Virginia Beach SSAT prep strategy for your child.

What can Virginia Beach SSAT prep cover?

Whether you have a child who will be taking the Elementary Level SSAT or a student facing the Middle or Upper Level SSAT, Virginia Beach SSAT prep can help them review essential skills and concepts covered in their level of the test.

Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading sections are in each level of the SSAT, and they are all part of the scoring process. The Writing and Experimental sections are also found at all levels but are not scored. Even though the Writing Sample isn't scored, it is distributed to the schools your student is applying to and may be reviewed as part of their application. The Experimental section gives test developers data to improve the testing process.

Students taking the Upper Level and Middle Level SSAT will have a little under three hours to complete 167 questions. Children taking the Elementary Level of the SSAT have almost nearly two hours to complete 89 items. Each portion has its own time limitations, which is crucial for students to remember as they prepare.

If your child is facing the Elementary Level SSAT, answering all of the problems in each section can improve their score because there isn't a penalty if they answer a question incorrectly. Upper Level and Middle Level SSAT testers, on the other hand, will lose half a point for each incorrect answer, but they won't be penalized for unanswered questions.

Math subjects your child may want to review depending on the SSAT level they will be taking include basic math, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. A few of the specific topics they may want to include in their review include coordinate geometry, probability, data analysis and probability, spatial sense, plane geometry, number operations, numbers and operations, number sense, data analysis, and measurement.

English language skills measured on the SSAT vary by level also but may include reading comprehension, nuanced word meanings, word relationships, antonyms, general understanding of language, synonyms, interpreting meaning from narrative or argumentative reading passages, and analogies.

Expertly designed SSAT prep resources can assist your child as they prepare for their test in several distinct ways. With a prep class, they receive a comprehensive overview and with private tutoring they receive individualized instruction that targets specific concepts and skills.

How can a Virginia Beach prep class help my child prepare for their upcoming exam?

The setting of a prep class will be a familiar classroom environment that can help put them at ease. The structured curriculum can make it easier for them to remain focused during sessions and engage with the review process fully.

Classes are held in a secure virtual classroom that combines modern convenience with traditional methodology. Teachers give instruction to the group as a whole. They may then encourage group conversations about the day's lesson or assign projects to help students develop their understanding of the material. If your child needs clarification, they have opportunities to ask for assistance from an instructor.

You can choose to have your child prepare in a two week or four-week class. All classes are made of individual sections, and new sections begin each week. This modular design makes it simple for your child to begin when they are ready.

Classes are excellent for students who thrive when they have a routine and structured curriculum. It's also perfect for students who are very motivated by working with their peers in a supportive academic environment.

How is working with a Virginia Beach SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

Tutoring and courses are designed differently. In a course, the purpose is to give a comprehensive review to a group. Individual sessions are created with the goal of providing an individualized learning experience to each student. With personalized instruction, the instructor has more one-on-one time with your child. The teacher can take time to get to know your child's personality, academic needs, SSAT goals, and learning style. This insight can then be used to plan lessons intended to address your child's specific learning needs.

Another difference between working with a tutor and taking a course is in how they're scheduled. Students must attend courses at regularly scheduled times that are determined in advance. These times don't take into account your family's preferences. While this ensures an instructor is available to help groups of students with their preparation efforts, it isn't always convenient. Private sessions will give you greater scheduling flexibility. You can schedule sessions during business hours or in the evening on weekends and throughout the week.

Private tutoring is excellent for children who thrive in one-on-one instructional settings and for families with hectic schedules that make prescheduled classes unreasonable.

How can I get my child started with the right Virginia Beach SSAT prep solution?

If you want your child to enroll in an expertly designed Virginia Beach SSAT prep course or you want assistance in connecting with an experienced personal tutor who can work privately with your child, Varsity Tutors can help. Giving your child the academic support they need to work towards their academic goals doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming. Contact Varsity Tutors now to get started immediately.

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