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Varsity Tutors offers connections to Minneapolis SSAT prep options for students in third through eleventh grade who are planning to take the exam to apply to a private school. The SSAT measures a student's proficiency in the basic verbal, reading, and math skills necessary to perform well in a private or independent school setting. Schools use the SSAT as a tool to equitably assess individuals and compare applicants. There's an Elementary Level exam for students in grade 3-4, a Middle Level test for students in grades 5-7, and an Upper Level version for students in grades 8-11.

Whether you sign your child up for an SSAT prep course or individual SSAT instruction, Varsity Tutors makes your student a priority. There are many conveniences built into these SSAT study options. There are multiple class sections available at different times, and you can choose between a two- and four-week option. They run at different times of the day, so you can choose a section that works best with your family's schedule. We can also set your student up with a private tutor who's available to meet your child anytime that works. Whatever your student's particular needs, you can trust us to do everything we can to meet them.

What content will my student review during their Minneapolis SSAT prep?

To better understand what your student needs to know, let's review the information they'll be tested on. Most subjects are the same for all three levels; the only difference is the age-appropriateness of the concepts and questions.

The Elementary Level Verbal section has 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. The Middle and Upper Levels contain 60 questions, also to be completed in 30 minutes. This section assesses each student's grasp of the English language and vocabulary. The two main topics are synonyms and analogies. The depth of understanding and application increases as your child's age does, from a basic understanding of the idea of synonyms and analogies in third grade to being able to recognize Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek prefixes and suffixes to determine meaning and parts of speech in context.

For the Reading sections, the Elementary test takers have 28 questions to finish in 30 minutes, and the Middle and Upper Level students have 40 questions and 40 minutes. The Elementary Level begins with basic reading comprehension. The Middle and Upper Level Reading sections get into interpreting the meaning from narrative and argumentative passages, with more advanced passages at each level.

The Quantitative section at the Elementary Level tests students on basic math. There are 30 questions for students to answer in 30 minutes. The Middle and Upper Level tests have two Quantitative sections with a total of 50 questions to be completed in one hour. The questions involve arithmetic, elementary or high school algebra, and geometry, both coordinate and plane. Your student's SSAT prep class or tutor can go over the specific math concepts that will be tested with your student as they study.

At each testing level, students are required to submit a Writing Sample, which is not scored, but is sent to each school they apply to. The Elementary Level students are given a prompt and need to write a simple story with a beginning, middle, and end. They have 15 minutes in which to do this. The Middle and Upper Level test takers have 25 minutes for their Writing Sample. They're given two prompts and choose one from which to write a coherent, well-organized response that uses correct English language conventions.

This is just an introduction to each test section and the specific content that will be studied during your student's Minneapolis SSAT prep class or private tutoring sessions. It's a lot of material to cover, but the majority of study will be reviewing material they've already learned and practiced. The SSAT's purpose is to measure them where they are now, not to make them learn new concepts.

Should I sign my student up for a Minneapolis SSAT prep course or individual tutoring?

There's no one correct answer that fits all students, which is why we offer the choice. The two things to take into consideration is which benefits will be most meaningful to your student and what they feel most comfortable with.

If working in collaboration with an expert instructor and classmates they can discuss ideas and suggestions with, then an online Minneapolis SSAT prep course might be the way to go. There are courses that run for two weeks and those that run for four weeks, so you can sign your student up for the one that best meets their needs. The collaborative spirit engendered in the virtual classroom can help with retention of the material discussed, so that can be a plus. In addition, your student will have more minds to work with, so there will be more opportunities to catch ideas for taking the test they might not have otherwise heard.

If your student finds group learning distracting, or for any reason prefers to work one-on-one with their instructor, Minneapolis SSAT prep tutoring is the way to go. This can also be helpful if your student has one or more areas that are very challenging for them, while already excelling in others. Perhaps the main advantage of private tutoring is the customization allowed. If you need a quick break every 10 minutes while studying, your tutor can accommodate that. If you need to spend much more time reviewing one subject over another, they can oblige you. Sessions with a private instructor can be arranged for any time that works with your schedule, too.

What do I need to do to get my child set up with a Minneapolis SSAT tutor or class?

No matter which type of Minneapolis SSAT preparation you and your child decide is their best option, it's simple to get set up with a class or a tutor. Simply contact Varsity Tutors today, and our educational experts can answer any questions you have. Then they'll ask you a few questions about your child's needs, goals, and schedule, then get them registered for the best SSAT prep option to meet their needs.

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