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You've finally settled on the decision that your student should go to an independent or private school next year, but you're realized they ill need to get through an entrance exam like the SSAT before they can gain admission. This is where Varsity Tutors comes into play. We can help both you and your student to ensure they make the most out of every study session. We offer a few different Detroit SSAT prep options that can fit your student's needs.

Many students who intend to switch to a private or independent school in the Detroit area may be required to complete the SSAT as a part of the school's admission process. The score your student receives on the exam can play a role in the admissions process. Whether your student thrives in a group setting or they need the direct support of an experienced instructor who can focus on your student's specific needs, Varsity Tutors will gladly help you with picking out the best option for your student. We can set your student up with a knowledgeable Detroit SSAT tutor, or we can help sign your student up for an upcoming Detroit SSAT prep course. You could even choose to take advantage of both of these helpful options.

What can Detroit SSAT prep cover?

There are three variations of this test. These variations go by the grade level: Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The Elementary Level is for children who will be entering fourth or fifth-grade. The Middle Level is for students who will be entering sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. The Upper Level is for students who will be entering ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade. Now we are going to further discuss what your student can expect in each of the variations of the SSAT.

The elementary variation of the SSAT consists of five sections: Writing, Math, Verbal, Reading section, and Experimental. The entire test time will be around three hours. The Writing section will not be scored, but your essay will be sent to the student's school. Your student should study their basic math skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills to put their best foot forward on this exam.

The middle variation of the SSAT test time will be around three hours and will consist of six sections. The test will include a Writing section, Quantitative 1 section, Quantitative 2 sections, Verbal section, a Reading section, and the Experimental section. The Experimental and Quantitative 1 section will not be scored, but the results will be sent to the school. The Quantitative section of this level of the test is math. Your student should brush up on their writing, grammar, number of operations, geometry, and probability to try to do their best on test day.

The upper variation of the SSAT will consist of 6 sections. The entire test time will be around 3 hours. The breakdown of sections, including format, timing, and number of questions, is the same as the Middle Level SSAT. You will want your student to brush up on their geometry, the number of operations, writing, and grammar.

What are the benefits of different types of Detroit SSAT preparation?

We all want our students to properly study for an important entrance exam like the SSAT. This is where Varsity Tutors will help you. We can get you in touch with a helpful Detroit SSAT tutor, or we can enroll your student in the next available prep class. Detroit SSAT tutoring sessions and prep classes allow your student to build confidence in their abilities heading into the SSAT. All prep classes are in a fully interactive online classroom, and new prep classes start weekly. You will have the option to choose a two-week or a four-week session for your student. When signing up for a Detroit SSAT prep class, you can feel confident that this the class is taught by an expert instructor who can cover the topics on the exam in depth. An instructor can also help students understand different strategies they can employ on each section of the test to try to help them perform at their maximum potential.

When your student attends a prep class, they have the opportunity to work together in groups and participate in class discussions with their fellow classmates and the class instructor. The SSAT prep class is great for those who learn better in a group setting. Students will also have the opportunity to virtually meet with the instructor one-on-one to talk about their problem areas. If your student gets stuck on a particular aspect of math that they will see on the SSAT, private time with the instructor can be arranged to try to overcome that gap.

If your student prefers the one-on-one environment for learning or has specific areas of the exam where they need more focus than others, the best option could be for Varsity Tutors to get you in touch with a Detroit SSAT prep tutor. When working with a private instructor, your student can have more say on what will be taught during these sessions. Your instructor can assess your student to understand their strengths, areas of need, and learning tendencies to customize a study plan that ensures your student is always going after the aspects of the exam that give them the best opportunity to excel. Private instructors can also move at a student's natural learning pace, providing opportunities to better understand a topic through the use of other resources or varied explanations until the student is ready to move on to another topic.

How can I find SSAT review in Detroit?

If you are ready to have your student work with a private instructor or enroll in a Detroit SSAT prep classes, please contact the experienced educational consultants at Varsity Tutors for more information. You can reach out to us online or by phone, and we'll be happy to learn about your situation and needs so we can suggest the best plan of action for your student.

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