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Finding the right San Antonio SSAT prep solution to give your child the academic support they need couldn't be easier with the help of Varsity Tutors. We have a variety of solutions to help you provide your child with the right type of learning environment for their learning needs as they prepare for the SSAT. As an application requirement for admission to many primary and secondary private and independent schools, this exam is probably one of the highest stakes tests your child has ever faced.

The SSAT is an important indicator of a student's aptitude in core academic areas such as English language, reading, and math. Whether your child will be taking the Upper Level, Middle Level, or Elementary Level SSAT, we know how important it is to you to give them access to high-quality San Antonio SSAT prep resources that can help them work towards their scoring goals.

As a parent, we also know how difficult it can be to try to help your child prepare for a standardized test on your own. Educational professionals spend years creating and refining these types of exams and knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. You want the best for your child, and you deserve professional support in giving them every academic opportunity. Continue reading to learn more about what is covered on the SSAT and how Varsity Tutors can support you in providing your child what they need to maximize their SSAT preparation efforts.

What can San Antonio SSAT prep cover?

All three levels of the SSAT include Quantitative, Verbal, Reading, Writing Sample, and Experimental sections. In the Upper and Middle Level SSAT students will have two Quantitative sections, while Lower Level SSAT students will have only one. The other main difference between the levels is that students taking the Lower Level SSAT will have just under two hours to complete their exam while students taking one of the other two levels will have just under three hours to complete all of the items on their test.

In all levels of the SSAT the Writing Sample and Experimental sections are not scored. However, the writing sample your child submits will be sent to any school to which they apply. Because it can be considered as part of their application, it's essential you give them the opportunity to refine and improve their writing skills in preparation of the exam.

In the Quantitative section of the SSAT, your child's aptitude in math will be evaluated. Some of the topics that they may need to review include solving word problems, line equations, fractions, properties of triangles, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other concepts related to basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

The Reading and Verbal sections of the SSAT measures your child's skill in the conventions of the English language as appropriate for their grade level. Some of the skills that they may need to review include grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, and suffixes.

How can a San Antonio prep class help my child prepare for their upcoming exam?

There are many different ways a prep class can help support your child as they prepare for an upcoming SSAT. The structure of the class will be immediately familiar, and many students find it easier to relax into the routine of learning in a classroom setting. While this classroom is in a secure online environment, the fundamental principles are the same as those found in a traditional classroom. Your child's teacher will meet with them at regularly scheduled times and provide group instruction and feedback. They may also encourage group discussions or assign projects to help students become more familiar with the concepts that are being discussed.

You can choose the length of time your child engages in their SSAT prep efforts. You may select either a two week or a four-week class depending on the personal preferences and academic needs of your child. Each class is composed of individual sections. This kind of modular curriculum design makes it very flexible. New sessions start each week, so your child can quickly begin whenever you're ready.

If your child thrives in group learning situations and is highly motivated by working with peers, a prep class may be the perfect SSAT prep environment for them. It's also a great choice if your child needs a comprehensive overview and they thrive in structured academic settings.

How is working with a San Antonio SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

Tutoring and prep courses are very different in the way they are designed. Courses are created to cultivate a group learning environment that provides skilled instruction to a large number of students. Private instruction is designed to highlight the needs of a single student at a time. This means a private tutor can take the time to get to know your child's personality, scoring goals, academic strengths and weaknesses, and learning style. That information can then be leveraged in the creation of your child's personalized curriculum. This type of customization is not possible or even ideal for a group learning environment.

Another key difference between the two SSAT prep options is how scheduling works. Courses have set schedules to provide structure and routine to a group. The individual's personal schedules are not taken into account in this format. Scheduling a private instructional session is exactly the opposite. You have more flexibility to schedule at times that are most convenient for your family.

Private instruction is best for students who need one-on-one instruction in order to maximize their learning endeavors or students who need to target specific skills. It's also a great resource for busy families who can't make their schedules accommodate the schedule of a prep class.

How can I get my child started with the right San Antonio SSAT prep solution?

Varsity Tutors can help you find the right San Antonio SSAT preparation strategy for your child. Whether you think your child would be better served by private instruction or a San Antonio SSAT prep course, it's easy to get started. Contact Varsity Tutors to begin immediately.

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