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If you are a parent and are seeking Omaha SSAT course assistance for your student you should contact Varsity Tutors. Omaha SSAT prep courses are available to most age groups through high school. A student's scores are used to determine admission, and to assess and compare applicants. Omaha SSAT prep courses are available online to provide an additional tool to help students perform their best on test day. It is never too early to begin test preparations for the SSAT. Your student will receive thorough reviews of SSAT material as well as test-taking skills, strategies, and tips that can remain with your student throughout their educational career.

The SSAT is an exam that is given to students who are seeking admission to independent and private schools. The comprehensive exam tests a student's basic knowledge of math, reading, and verbal skills. Each section of the exam has a set time allotment and structure for every level. The sections are titled Writing, Verbal, Reading, and Experimental. The Writing and Experimental sections of the exam are not scored in any level of the SSAT.

What types of material will an Omaha SSAT assist my child with?

The Omaha SSAT classes include content similar to what will be on the actual exam. Instructors will provide an in-depth, comprehensive review of the concepts, topics, and subjects that provide additional knowledge of the material on the exam. Your student will have the chance to ask questions and for further individual assistance in specific areas that they may have trouble understanding. The comprehensive exam has five sections for the Elementary Level and six sections for the Middle and Upper Levels. Also, in the Middle and Upper levels, wrong answers will result in a quarter of a point deduction in regards to their score.

The Upper Level includes students that will be in ninth through eleventh grade. The total test time for the Upper-Level SSAT is two hours and fifty minutes. The Quantitative Section focuses on related mathematical questions. The skills that your students will be asked to demonstrate include but are not limited to solving algebraic problems, line equations, graphing, properties of triangles, and word problems. The Verbal and Reading sections cover the reading and vocabulary elements of English. These sections will ask your student to show their knowledge of synonyms, Greek and Latin prefixes, identification of main ideas, determining the author's purpose, and antonyms. The final section is Writing. Your student will write a response to one of two prompts and create an essay or story that reflects writing skills, persuasive writing techniques, and the ability to provide support through examples.

The Middle Level of the SSAT includes students that will be in the sixth through eighth grade. The total test time for the Middle-Level SSAT is also two hours and fifty minutes. Similar to the Upper Level, the Reading and Verbal sections are English-related. Your student must show the ability to interpret meaning from narrative and argumentative passages and have a strong understanding of the functions of synonyms and analogies. Topics, such as the knowledge of the relationships of words and phrases, are also incorporated into each section of the exam. Mathematics is the central focus of the Quantitative Reasoning section of the SSAT. Students should become comfortable with responding to questions about using variables, equations, area, and perimeter or geometric shapes and coordinate geometry. Once your student begins the Writing section of the SSAT, they will also provide a written response to a prompt. The Writing section will reflect the student's proper use of punctuation, grammar, and writing skills.

The Elementary Level of the SSAT is for students that will begin the fourth and fifth grades. The total test time for the Elementary Level of the SSAT is one hour and fifty minutes and does not have an additional Quantitative Reasoning section like the Middle and Upper Levels. Also, the Elementary Level is the only level of the SSAT where students are encouraged to guess, with no deductions for wrong answers. Beginning with the Writing section of the SSAT, your student will be given a prompt in the form of a picture and asked to write a response to the prompt. The Writing section measures the student's ability to organize an essay, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Basic math questions, such as addition, subtraction, and measurement, are present within the Quantitative Reasoning section. As in the Middle and Upper Levels, the elements of writing and vocabulary of English are present in the Verbal and Reading sections of the SSAT. Students will exhibit their knowledge of word skills, locating main ideas, analogies, vocabulary, and determining the meaning of words in context.

How does my student benefit from an Omaha SSAT class?

When you enroll your student in an Omaha SSAT class and they have difficulty with understanding the materials, your student can request additional assistance from their teacher for one-on-one help. The teachers that teach the online Omaha SSAT classes are professionals in online learning and classroom settings. Your student's teacher can assign group projects that introduce test strategies and encourage interaction with members of their class to communicate and obtain a resolution through collaboration.

The Varsity Tutors Omaha SSAT course can provide long-term educational benefits beyond your student's current SSAT test-taking needs. The instructors work with your student to explore many elements within your educational voyage. Your student will have the opportunity to learn about test-taking strategies through collaborative learning with others in their course. The Live Learning Platform provides real-time interaction with your student's peers which can offer the opportunity to share testing techniques and subject information with which they have become familiar.

How should I go about gathering more information about an Omaha SSAT prep course?

New Omaha SSAT courses begin every week. The class schedules are available in 2-week or 4-week sessions, depending on your student's schedule. Varsity Tutors can also accommodate Omaha SSAT courses for students who are available on weekends only. Many class times and schedule options are available.

Varsity Tutors has online educational counselors to assist parents with information about an Omaha SSAT course. Please do not wait until the last minute to have your student prepare for the SSAT. Give Varsity Tutors a call and begin planning your student's educational future today.

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