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If your student is in the process of preparing to take the SSAT, Varsity Tutors can help to get them into a Cincinnati SSAT course that offers a more in-depth review than they might be able to get on their own. The Secondary School Admission Test, more commonly known as the SSAT, is a standardized test that is used by admissions offices to assess the abilities of applicants for independent and private schools. If your student is interested in attending one of these types of schools, it is critical that they be as prepared as possible for the SSAT, and they might be wondering where to begin.

Those who are looking for outside help as they begin or further their studies for the SSAT may find a Cincinnati SSAT course to be the perfect solution. Students pursuing additional assistance in this manner will be involved in online, collaborative courses led by an educated and excited instructor. The SSAT is a big step on the path to private and independent schools, and prep courses offer awareness of both the content and layout of the tests, which makes them an ideal option for students who would like to perform to the best of their abilities.

What can a Cincinnati SSAT course help my student review?

The SSAT is a significant part of the secondary school admissions process, so it is important for your student to be as prepared as possible. This test is designed to measure the basic verbal, math, and reading skills that students require to succeed in private and independent schools. The SSAT offers an equitable means to assess and compare students applying to secondary schools. Each test-taker will be given one of three levels of the SSAT, depending on their age group. These levels include Elementary, Middle, and Upper. Let's take a more thorough look at each of them.

The Upper Level of the SSAT is for students in eighth to 11th grade who are applying for admission to a secondary school the following year. Throughout this level of the test, students will be given two hours and 50 minutes to answer a total of 167 questions, including an unscored Writing Sample and Experimental section. There are four separate sections in each level of the SSAT, and they are the Writing Sample, Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal. Each section is designed to assess the student's knowledge and use of one or more specific subjects. For example, the Quantitative section covers arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It is important to note that this section does not allow the use of a calculator. Also, in both the Upper and Middle Level versions of the test, students may be penalized for guessing, as one-quarter of a point will be lost for each incorrect answer given.

Next, we have the Middle Level version of the SSAT. This version is intended for students finishing either fifth, sixth, or seventh grade who are hoping to attend an independent middle school during the following school year. Students will also have two hours and 50 minutes to complete 167 questions in this version of the test, and it contains the same sections as in the Upper Level version: Writing Sample, Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal. While the Writing Sample is unscored for all versions of the SSAT, the student's sample will be sent to the schools that they applied to, so it is still important to perform well in this portion of the test. The Writing Sample covers English writing and students will be provided with two creative prompts and will be asked to choose one on which to base a story.

Lastly, there is the Elementary Level of the SSAT. This level of the test is intended for third graders who are applying to a secondary school for fourth grade or fourth graders who are applying to a secondary school for fifth grade. This version of the test will feature the same sections as mentioned in the previous versions but will be tailored to an age-appropriate educational level. However, unlike the Middle and Upper Level versions of the SSAT, there is no penalty for incorrect answers, so students are encouraged to guess when they need to. Another difference for the Elementary Level SSAT is students will only be answering a total of 89 questions and will be given one hour and 50 minutes to do so.

How can a Cincinnati SSAT class help my student prepare?

A virtual Cincinnati SSAT class is a great option for any student looking for additional assistance in preparing to take the SSAT. Throughout each prep class, an expert instructor can guide students toward the knowledge they need to select the correct answers and instruct them on efficient processes for completing the SSAT. With a focus on helping the class make sense of what they don't understand, instructors help to build general study skills that can work for each student specifically and can be used for the rest of his or her life. Another reason an SSAT class may be the perfect option for your student is it will allow them to receive continuous feedback so you don't have to wait for report cards to come out to find out what they should and should not be focusing on. These are just a few of the many benefits an SSAT class has to offer.

How can I find a Cincinnati SSAT class?

Besides simply helping students to prepare to take the SSAT, a Cincinnati SSAT prep course can also be an investment in their futures. Varsity Tutors is capable of getting your student enrolled in a prep course that fits into their own schedule. Students of all ages spend so much time and effort on their education already, so it's always a great idea to invest the time they have already set aside to prepare in a convenient and comprehensive way. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get more information on how a Cincinnati SSAT course could help your student prepare for the SSAT and let us help them prepare for the future.

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