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The thought of the SSAT is stressful for many young people; if your student wants extra guidance, Varsity Tutors can assist them with a Portland SSAT class that offers additional review opportunities, rather than forcing them to learn by themselves. The SSAT is given to students who have enrolled or are seeking to enroll in a private school, to test their Verbal, Math, and Reading skills. Working hard to do their best is important to help students get into the school of their choice.

Some students are simply nervous when it comes to any test or maybe they want to know how the layout looks. In any case, a Portland SSAT prep course can provide the right solution. Students can work with live online classes that allow them to communicate with fellow classmates and the instructor at the same time. These courses can help your student feel more confident in knowing what to expect when the big day arrives.

The SSAT is offered at the Elementary Level up to fifth grade, the Middle Level up to seventh grade, and the Upper Level up to eleventh grade. Although there's some difference between all the levels for students, there are common topics to review for optimal success. Your student's score on the SSAT can affect which school they get into. Private and independent schools can have stiff competition. If you want to help them reach their highest potential, it's worth the investment to give them a class that offers help on the SSAT.

What could a Portland SSAT class help my student review?

Upper Level and Middle Level students taking the SSAT will see a similar layout that involves the following sections: Writing, Quantitative 1, Reading, Verbal, Quantitative 2, and an Experimental section. Elementary students will see the following sections: Quantitative/Math, Verbal, Reading, Writing, and an Experimental. Calculators are not allowed for the Quantitative regardless of level. Elementary students should guess if they are unsure of an answer since there are no penalties. Middle Level students and Upper Level students lose one-quarter of a point if they answer wrong.

Students at the Upper and Middle Level begin with the Writing portion and they have 25 minutes to complete it. They will compose an essay of their choice, either creative or traditional. Essays are not scored but are used by schools to determine a student's grasp of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and ability to support their statements with their writing.

The Quantitative section consists of two parts for Upper and Middle Levels. Concepts covered include numbers and operations, geometry, elementary algebra, and probability, to name a few. Students in the Upper Upper Level will find questions related to graphing problems and triangle properties. There are 25 questions per section, with a total of 30 minutes for each section.

The Reading section comes next and asks 40 questions, which students need to answer in 40 minutes. Some topics students should expect to get quizzed on include the author's attitude and tone, along with how a piece relates to the audience. Middle Level students will need to understand opinions and arguments as they relate to the reading.

The Verbal section is the last part and has 60 questions to answer in 30 minutes. This portion of the test requires students to understand prefixes and suffixes that are Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon for students in the Upper Level. Those in the Middle Level should know how nuances can change word meanings and various vocabularies across different disciplines, such as science and social studies.

Elementary school students have a condensed but similar version of the test. Sections covered include Quantitative/Math, Verbal, Reading, and a Writing sample. There are fewer questions and shorter time limits overall.

The Quantitative section covers basic math. Some topics students will go over include shapes, measurement, and foundations such as addition, subtraction, and division.

The Verbal portion is also 30 questions to answer in 30 minutes. Elementary students need to know synonyms and how vocabulary is used across different studies, such as the sciences.

The Reading section requires 28 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. This part of the test focuses on seven passages that have four questions. Students must showcase their ability to identify words in context, understand the meanings, and recognize main ideas.

Finally, students reach the Writing prompt. This requires students to answer one question in 15 minutes. Here, students are given a picture as a prompt and asked to write a story based on the picture. Spelling and grammar are important for this part of the exam.

How do Portland SSAT courses help my student prepare?

Because the SSAT course are offered online, students can learn at home with the help of a qualified instructor. New Portland SSAT classes begin each week. You and your students can choose classes that are two weeks or four weeks long, depending on what their lifestyle and current study needs are.

After signing up for the Portland SSAT class, students work in a live online environment with their instructor and classmates. This has all the benefits of an in-person classroom with no commute necessary. This gives them the opportunity to talk about how to approach the Quantitative portion of the exam or scan through passages when handling the Reading portion. If additional help is desired, the instructor can provide assistance in a one-on-one setting. Regardless of your student's goals, this course can encourage them to do their best on test day.

How can I find a Portland SSAT prep course?

The Portland SSAT course is an investment for your student's future. Everything covered here is a skill they'll continue to use throughout their schooling, no matter what they choose to do. Varsity Tutors can help you enroll your student in a class that meets their schedule and needs.

Getting into the right private school often depends on how well your student grasps material taught at their current grade level. The bests way to help them feel ready for the exam is to study and know what materials will be covered on test day. Call Varsity Tutors and let us help you get your student set up in a Portland SSAT course. It can help them feel confident about their future and help prepare them to do their best on test day.

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