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If you want your child to have assistance for an upcoming SSAT, you should look into Varsity Tutors and inquire about enrollment in an Indianapolis SSAT course. If you have an interest in enrolling your child in an independent or private school, the SSAT is used to evaluate and compare applicants. The SSAT measures your child's skills in basic Verbal, Math, and Reading subject areas. The exam is timed, with a standard allotment for each section and level. Each section on the SSAT has a set number of questions, question type, and response type. Varsity Tutors can help your child with additional preparation for the exam so they can try to perform at their peak on test day.

The SSAT is open to prospective independent and private school students. The Elementary Level serves students that are seeking enrollment into fourth and fifth grades. The Middle Level serves students finishing fifth through seventh grades. The Upper Level serves students who are seeking admission in a private or independent high school from grades eight to eleven. The test is matched to test your student's skill level in each category that pertains to their age group and grade level. No matter what level applies to your student, the Writing and Experimental section is unscored. The only level where guessing is permitted is the Elementary Level. Let's take a quick overview of the contents of the SSAT on each level.

What information is covered in Indianapolis SSAT courses?

The Upper Level has a total of six sections: Writing, Quantitative 1 and 2, Reading, Verbal, and Experimental. The Writing sample requires your student to demonstrate their English skills. They have to respond to one of two prompts. Some of the concepts to know are how to organize an essay, the use of persuasive writing techniques, and the ability to support a written statement with examples. The Quantitative Section focuses on your student's mathematical skills. The primary concepts include line equations, graphing skills, word problems, and fractions. Next, the Verbal Section will measure their understanding of synonyms and analogies. Finally, the Reading Section covers comprehension of passages in science, social studies, humanities, literary fiction.

The Middle Level has the same sections as the Upper Level, but the testing material will pertain to the educational level of fifth through seventh grades. The Writing Section for the Middle Level requires the student to write a story based on one of two prompts and challenges their writing and grammar skills. Similar to the Upper Level, the Quantitative Section's central concept is mathematical skills. The topics covered in this section include arithmetic, elementary algebra, and geometry. As your student continues to work on the test, they will enter the Reading Section. Your student will have to show their abilities to interpret meaning from narrative and argumentative passages. Concepts on the test that an Indianapolis SSAT course will include are identifying main ideas, finding details, attitude, and tone. The final section is the Verbal Section. This section will ask your student to demonstrate their knowledge of language understanding, word relationships, and the nuances in word meanings.

Finally, the Elementary Level has the same sections as the other two levels. The Quantitative Section covers basic mathematical skills such as basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number order, shapes, and fractions. The Verbal Section includes topics that focus on language understanding, word relationships, and the ability to recognize nuances in word meanings. When your student works through the Reading Section, they will have to show their skills that are associated with reading comprehension. Some of the concepts within the Reading Section are identifying the main idea of a passage, the ability to identify information, and the literal and non-literal meanings of words. The final section included in the Elementary Level of the SSAT is the Writing Section. Your student will have to compose a short story from a picture prompt. A few of the concepts that are included in the Writing Section include organization, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

How can my student benefit from an Indianapolis SSAT class?

One of the benefits of enrolling your child in an Indianapolis SSAT class is accessibility. Because the courses are in an online learning environment, your student can participate from virtually anywhere. You do not have to travel or carpool to a school campus. The ability to work online and access your student's lessons from practically anywhere gives you a piece of mind that your child can benefit from the Indianapolis SSAT class thanks to the flexibility of online learning. Instructors cover the material on the exam in depth and help students get comfortable with format, timing, and strategies for each section.

Another benefit of taking an Indianapolis SSAT class is that your student has the opportunity to work with other students that are also preparing for the SSAT. Collaborative learning and group projects will assist your student in learning tips to help them navigate through the SSAT. For example, your student can interact with their classmates and practice how to create stories and essays similar to what your student will encounter on the SSAT Writing section.

After your student enrolls in an Indianapolis SSAT class, they will be introduced to a tool called the Live Learning Platform. The online accessibility provides real-time interactions with their classmates and their teacher. They can ask questions and personally communicate with their instructor for extra clarification and understanding of SSAT contents. The ability to interact one-on-one with their teacher provides additional support while they take their classes.

Where do I get more information about an online Indianapolis SSAT prep course?

You can connect with our educational consultants for additional information about an Indianapolis SSAT course. They can work with you to review course schedules and available educational opportunities for your student. Parents should speak with an educational consultant that can assist with enrollment in an Indianapolis SSAT course as well as help plan for additional assistance for their students when they encounter future educational tasks. Don't hesitate to give your student a step up with their SSAT preparations. Give Varsity Tutors a call today!

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