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The GRE is an intensive test for students planning to apply for graduate school, and Varsity Tutors is happy to provide an Omaha GRE course to help you and students like you enhance your test preparation process. Although not all colleges and universities require applicants to complete a GRE assessment for admissions, all will accept and consider your score as a part of your application materials.

Doing well on this exam is important. The best way to shore up your chances of getting the best score you can is to prepare thoroughly and effectively. Signing up for one of our GRE test prep courses is a good step towards that kind of quality. You'll meet live online with an expert instructor and a group of students going through the same test prep as you are. Why not do everything you can to improve your GRE test prep in Omaha?

What content will we review in an Omaha GRE course?

There are three content sections on the GRE that you're actually tested on. There are potentially some unscored questions, but your GRE class instructor can explain that. Here, we'll take a look at each section in just a bit of detail.

There are two Quantitative Reasoning sections on the GRE, and you have 70 minutes total to complete them. You'll need to demonstrate your proficiency in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. You'll answer questions involving quantitative comparisons in both multiple-choice and numeric-entry formats. Understanding math concepts and being able to make use of your logical-reasoning and problem-solving skills to work through quantitative problems.

There are also two Verbal Reasoning sections on the GRE, and you're allowed a total of 60 minutes to finish them. You're presented with reading passages, which are followed by a handful of questions about the piece. There are questions requiring you to establish your reading comprehension, ability to use context to complete blanks in statements with the correct words, and infer the meaning of passages without complete information provided.

For the GRE Analytical Writing task, you must examine two real-world articles. In one, you will analyze an issue, and in the other, an argument. You have 30 minutes to read the article, plan and write your response, and correct for accuracy, conciseness, and coherence. You need to be able to articulate complex ideas in a clear and informative manner using supporting details for each claim, even as you appraise the author's use of supporting details for their claims.

The content found in these three sections will be covered during your Omaha GRE course. Whether you're applying for acceptance into graduate programs at excellent nearby universities like the University of Nebraska Omaha or Creighton University, or virtually any other graduate school around the globe, these are the skills admissions boards want you to have. The GRE is viewed as a reliable tool to determine how well you'll be able to handle learning at a graduate level.

If you're concerned that the rest of your peers fly through a particular concept or topic while you're struggling to master it, you can request individual tutoring sessions to get you caught up. With the one-on-one attention for specific areas of difficulty combined with the positive, collaborative atmosphere of the online GRE class, you should have plenty of tools to sufficiently prepare for the GRE.

How can an Omaha GRE class help me get prepared for the test?

Standardized exams like the GRE are not exactly the same as classroom quizzes and tests. If you took admissions exams in preparation for your undergraduate studies, you've had experience with standardized testing and know that it's not the same. The same strategies you learned to make it through previous standardized exams will not necessarily help with the GRE.

The GRE comes with its own set of conventions, specific rules, testing schedule, and language style in the way the questions are worded. In fact, preparing for standardized exams is considered by some to be a skill in and of itself. Feel assured that you'll receive more than simply content review in your Omaha GRE class. Important test-taking strategies will be introduced to help with a number of potential difficulties you could face on test day.

As stated above, each section of the GRE has a time limit. Time management is an important skill to perfect previous to taking the test. Many GRE instructors administer timed GRE practice sections so you can gauge your pace. If you're not able to answer all the questions in the time allowed, your instructor can suggest various strategies for you to try until you find the ones that work best for you. Even your classmates may have suggestions for how to improve your pace, and you might have ideas for them. This kind of synergy is another way that studying with an online GRE class can benefit you.

Other techniques you might need to use during the exam include alleviating potential testing anxiety, understanding the wording of the questions, and closely reading questions. You can imagine what would happen if you read a question only to miss the word "not" or "except" in the middle of it. Generally, that leads to giving the exact opposite of the correct answer. With comprehensive content review and efficient test-day suggestions, you can feel confident that you have done an impressive job of preparing for the GRE.

Sounds good. How can I get started with an Omaha GRE prep course?

Convenience is important to Varsity Tutors because we know you're a busy student or professional. That's why we offer you a choice between a two- or four-week Omaha GRE course that meets when it fits into your schedule. Since new classes start each week, once you sign up, you'll be able to get started right away.

We also make it convenient for you to get going on your GRE studies with your GRE class. Just contact Varsity Tutors today, answer a few questions about your situation, and our educational advisors will get you set up with an Omaha GRE class that meets your needs. We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to help you as you work hard towards your goals.

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