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If you're planning to take the GRE in anticipation of applying to graduate school and you'd like help studying, look no further than a high-quality Albany GRE course provided by Varsity Tutors. The GRE is trusted worldwide as a tool to indicate to graduate admissions boards whether or how ready you are to take on graduate-level study. Whether or not a college or university requires you to take the GRE in order to apply for graduate programs, they will consider it when you provide it. Why not give yourself every advantage as you're compared to other students applying for the same graduate program?

When you sign up for a Varsity Tutors GRE course, you get to attend completely live online classes led by an expert instructor. You'll have a group of classmates who are also studying for the GRE. You can interact with both the GRE educator and your peers during class. There are plenty of interested students, along with a knowledgeable instructor, to share ideas and suggestions with. Collaborative study environments have been shown to improve learning and retention of information, so entering a Varsity Tutors GRE course could end up being critical to your test preparation process.

What subjects will I study during an Albany GRE course?

There are three different subjects tested on the GRE. There are two Analytical Writing tasks, two Verbal Reasoning sections, and two Quantitative Reasoning sections. Each section assesses different skills, and together they make up the core set of capabilities considered necessary for successful graduate school study.

The two Analytical Writing tasks involve responding to provided texts. First, you'll analyze an issue, and then an argument. You're given 30 minutes for each response, including reading, analyzing, writing, and editing your piece. It's important that you can examine an author's use of supporting data and other elements and respond to them. You must also use examples and reasons from their text to support your claims. Your finished product should be focused, coherent, and written well in regards to English conventions.

The two Verbal Reasoning sections take a total of up to 60 minutes to complete 40 multiple-choice questions. Reading comprehension problems provide you with a short passage followed by one to six questions that test how well you understand what you've read. Text completion questions require you to choose the best option to complete a blank section in a short passage. Sentence equivalence questions provide partial information in one sentence in a passage, and you need to choose the best choice to complete the blanks.

For the Quantitative Reasoning sections, you have a total of 70 minutes to solve 40 multiple-choice and numeric-entry questions. This section measures your proficiency in basic math, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in logical reasoning and problem solving as you answer quantitative problems.

Your exam may include an Experimental section, which is unscored and used to evaluate questions for potential future use. You won't be told about this section and it won't be specified in the exam, but will be part of the Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning sections. You may instead have a Research section, which is used for the same purposes. The difference is that it will come after the rest of the test and be identified. You have the option to take this section or not.

This is a brief description of the material that your Albany GRE course will cover in much more depth. The instructor has a certain degree of flexibility to give an area greater or less focus if the vast majority of the class members need extra review or already know the topic well. If there's a concept or skill you find more challenging than your peers, you can set up individual tutoring sessions through Varsity Tutors. You'll have your tutor's undivided attention and assistance as you work to master the item. You're truly covered on all fronts when you take a GRE course from Varsity Tutors.

How will taking Albany GRE classes help me be better prepared for the exam?

Content review is important when you prepare for the GRE. However, since it's a standardized test, there's another whole area of study that could be crucial to your success. Learning about the test itself is nearly as important as making sure you know all the material it covers. This means your Albany GRE class instructor may provide detailed information regarding the schedule on test day, practice sections or whole tests so you're familiar with the test and the non-content-related things that may trip you up.

One test-taking strategy you may focus on during your Albany GRE class sessions is time management. Since each section comes with a time limit, it's essential that you can answer questions at a pace that allows you to get to all of them within the time limit. There are various methods your instructor might use to help you reach the necessary pace. One common way is to administer timed sections that imitate the actual GRE and appraise your ability to finish in time. If you come up short, your instructor and classmates can talk about ways to improve your speed. If you spend time outside of class practicing these, you'll probably run across one or two that work well for you and will be of immense usefulness during the test.

Other areas you may work on during GRE classes are alleviating anxiety, understanding how questions are worded, and carefully reading questions while looking out for words like "not" or "except" that could cause problems if you miss them.

How soon can I get signed up with an Albany GRE prep course?

All you need to do to get started is contact Varsity Tutors. We can set you up with a class that starts the week you call, or any week you prefer and which meets at a time of day that fits your schedule. You can study from anywhere, whether it's your home, a quiet classroom at the University at Albany, or a nearby coffee shop. Get in touch with Varsity Tutors today and our educational experts will ask a few questions and set you up with an Albany GRE course that can meet your needs.

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