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Varsity Tutors works with students who take the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, and can set you up with a Buffalo GRE course. Preparing for the GRE can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with its content and format. Applying your analytical and reasoning skills requires adequate preparation. This is the focus of a Buffalo GRE prep course; to help you review subjects and become familiarized with the test format, so you can efficiently and accurately answer the questions across three major sections: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning.

The GRE is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. It is essential to prepare in advance because the exam can test your knowledge and mental endurance to their limits. Thousands of colleges and universities accept the GRE, so students in over 160 countries take the exam. In a Buffalo GRE class, you collaborate online with an experienced instructor and your peers. The instructor can guide you through complex topics and provide test-taking strategies that can get you around the complexities of the exam. Here is an overview of the topic areas your class can help in.

What Topics Can a Buffalo GRE Course Cover?

Whether you apply to schools like SUNY Buffalo State or The Graduate School at the University of Buffalo, admissions offices will want an accurate assessment of your writing, math, and verbal skills. Your course instructor can focus on the Analytical Writing section. On the GRE, this is broken down into two parts; a task in which you analyze an issue and a task that requires you to analyze an argument. Each task gives you 30-minutes to assess it, plan, and write a response. You should also leave time to check for clarity and errors, as your writing will be carefully assessed. It's therefore important to be articulate, focused, and meticulous when supplying evidence, examples, and reasons to support your claims and ideas.

The Verbal Reasoning section covers basic reading comprehension. Your Buffalo GRE class can cover the types of passages you're likely to see, which may be one or many paragraphs long. There can be as many as six questions per passage. Answering them may be difficult depending on the structure of the text; some useful strategies include reading the questions first or determining which ones don't fit. Other questions require filling in the blank, whether it's to complete a sentence or fill in blank sections of a passage. The GRE examines your ability to use partial information to determine the meaning and reach conclusions, as well as reason about the whole from its parts.

Focused on basic math, the Quantitative Reasoning section requires you to apply problem-solving skills. It also focuses on logical reasoning. Over an hour and ten minutes, you'll be asked questions that involve arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Some questions are multiple choice but that may have more than one answer, while others require you compare mathematical information or provide your own numeric entry in the space provided.

As if it seems the GRE doesn't test you on enough, it also includes either an Experimental or Research section. These are unscored although require you to answer questions like those on other sections of the exam. If the Experimental section is included, it will be included among other questions and not identified. The Research section is used instead when included. It is put at the end of the test and is optional.

How Can a Buffalo GRE Course Benefit Me?

The course can benefit you on many levels. If there are subjects you haven't covered in a while, your instructor can help refresh your memory with a content review. Maybe solving algebra problems hasn't been at the top of your list lately, or organizing ideas for an essay response is taking more time than you'd like. The instructor can explain how different questions are presented and some of the tasks you'll be required to perform on the GRE.

Subject reviews are important components of a study plan. But test prep isn't limited to covering your basic subjects. To perform your best on a standardized exam, you must anticipate what the test will be like. That's where an online course can help. Your instructor can explain not only the format but how to approach difficult questions, all while you collaborate with your peers and share one another's knowledge and concerns. Learning points may include test-taking strategies such as choosing what questions to answer first, or eliminating incorrect responses using textual clues rather than going directly for the best answer.

A Buffalo GRE class focuses on your core understanding of many concepts and aspects of the test. Varsity Tutors has also developed a flexible program that accounts for your schedule and learning needs. There are two- and four-week courses, so you can choose a timeframe during sign up. Courses also start on a weekly basis so getting started quickly on your test prep is easy. And when you are participating in a course but not understanding something as quickly as the rest of your peers, your instructor can provide extra help during a one-on-one session, upon your request.

Can Varsity Tutors Help Me Sign Up for a Buffalo GRE Course?

Educational consultants are available to answer your questions and assist in signing up for a course that fits in your schedule. We understand how important it is to secure foundational skills and the amount of time and effort you have invested in your education and future. You cannot go without a review of the content and format of the GRE. No amount of self-study can take the place of professionally guided subject refreshers and test-taking instruction. You stand to gain invaluable skills to help reach for your GRE goals. A GRE course is an important step on your path towards graduate school, and we would be proud to be a part of your journey. Feel free to call us today for help finding the best option and to get started right away.

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