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If you wish for your student to attend a private school, it may be helpful for you to enroll them in a Nashville SSAT class through Varsity Tutors. The SSAT is one of the entrance exams used by many private schools as an aspect of their admissions process. As such, it may be beneficial for your student to take a Nashville SSAT class to help them prepare for this important exam. The SSAT measures students' math, verbal, and reading skills because these are skills that are considered good indicators of academic success. This test is also designed to act as a fair way of comparing applicants when it comes to making admissions decisions.

Based on your student's grade level, they could choose to take one of three different levels of the SSAT. The SSAT has an Elementary Level, which is designed for students in 3rd and 4th grades who would like to go to a private school for 5th grade. There is also a Middle Level, which is given to students in 5th through 7th grade who would like to go to middle school at a private school. Finally, there is an Upper Level test that is offered to students in 8th through 11th grades who would like to go to a private high school.

What can a Nashville SSAT class help my student review?

There is a lot of different material that a Nashville SSAT class can help your student review. Every level of the SSAT contains the same four sections, which include Reading, Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing. Despite all three levels having the same number of sections, there are some differences between them. As each level is based on the student's age-range, the topics covered on each exam will vary in subject and complexity. Additionally, the Middle and Upper Level tests have almost twice as many questions as the Elementary Level. Part of taking a Nashville SSAT class involves reviewing material that will be on the test from each of the four sections.

What follows is a brief overview of the four sections and what your student can expect on each of the three levels.


The Reading section at the Elementary Level contains seven different passages with four questions each for a total of 28 questions. These questions are focused on reading comprehension and require students to read through various passages and answer questions regarding the main idea. The Middle and Upper Levels also cover reading comprehension, but they contain 40 questions for this portion of the exam. In addition to answering questions about the main idea of the passages, the Upper and Middle Levels also focus on interpreting meaning and identifying the author's attitude.


The Verbal Section at the Elementary Level has 30 questions and is focused on testing your student's understanding of the English language. Students are given 30 minutes on this section and will be required to know vocabulary across a variety of academic subjects. At the Middle and Upper Levels, this segment primarily focuses on synonyms and analogies, with 30 questions being based on synonyms and the other 30 questions being based on analogies. Despite the fact that this section has 60 questions at this level, students still only have 30 minutes to complete it.


The Quantitative section is focused on math related subjects across all three levels. However, the Elementary Level covers more basic math like multiplication and subtraction, while the Upper and Middle Levels are more concerned with algebra and geometry. Additionally, the Elementary Level only has 30 questions while the Upper and Middle Levels have 50.


The Writing section is not graded on any of the three levels, but it is still sent to any school your student applies. As such, it is still a good decision to do well on this section because it could still influence your student's chances of getting into your preferred school.

The Elementary Level Writing section has students look at a picture and write a short story connected to it. This is meant to test your student's skills with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and organization. The Upper and Middle Levels have students decide between two different writing prompts. The Middle Level has them choose between two creative prompts while the Upper Level allows them to choose between a narrative prompt or a creative one.

How can a Nashville SSAT course help my student prepare for the test?

Nashville SSAT courses are available for your student to take online. This can be useful in terms of fitting a course into their schedule because you won't have to drive them anywhere. They can simply take the course at your house as long as they have an Internet connection. This makes fitting a course into your student's schedule easy because you won't have to take them to another activity.

Nashville SSAT courses are also designed to be as close to a regular class as possible. Thus, your student will be working with both an instructor and with other students. One of the benefits of working with a highly-qualified instructor is that your student can gain a better idea of what material will be covered on the exam. Studying for any standardized test can be overwhelming at times because of the amount of material that students are expected to know. Having your student work with an instructor in an SSAT course can help alleviate some of the stress associated with test-taking.

It can also be very helpful to work with other students, so an SSAT course gives your student the opportunity to collaborate with others in class discussions and group activities. Some students don't focus well when they are forced to listen to an instructor for an extended period of time. Breaking up the amount of time they're listening to the instructor with group activities can be helpful in terms of helping them stay focused.

How can I enroll my student in a Nashville SSAT prep course?

Enrolling your student in a Nashville SSAT prep course can be as simple as contacting Varsity Tutors over the phone or online. Our educational consultants can answer any question you may have and sign your student up for either a two-week or four-week session.

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