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If your student is currently preparing or will be preparing to take the SSAT, Varsity Tutors can help get them enrolled in a Memphis SSAT course that can offer a much more extensive review than they might be able to achieve by themselves. The Secondary School Admission Test, more widely referred to as the SSAT, is a standardized test designed for use by admissions offices at independent and private schools to assess the skills and abilities of applicants. If your student is seeking acceptance into a secondary school, it is important that they prepare themselves as best they can to perform well on the SSAT, and he or she may be wondering where to begin their preparation.

For students seeking additional assistance as they begin or resume studying for the SSAT, a Memphis SSAT prep course just might be the ideal solution. Those who pursue additional help provided by Varsity Tutors will be included in collaborative, online courses that are led by expert instructors. The SSAT is an important step in pursuing admission into private and independent schools, and prep courses provide awareness of not just the content of the test but the layout as well. This makes a Memphis SSAT course a great option for students looking to perform to the best of their abilities.

What can a Memphis SSAT class help my student review?

The SSAT is intended to measure the basic verbal, math, and reading skills that students will need for successful performance within private and independent schools. The test is designed to give admissions departments an equitable means to assess and compare applicants. The SSAT comes in three different versions, one for each level of these levels: Upper, Middle, and Elementary, but before we cover the distinctions between each level, it is important to understand the sections involved in each.

Each version of the SSAT features the same four key sections; however, the questions are tailored to varying educational levels. First, we have the Writing Sample, which is unscored but will still be sent to the schools that the student applies to. This section tests the student's grasp and use of English through a written exercise. Next, we have the Quantitative section, which covers mathematics. It is important to note that no calculator is allowed during this portion of the test. After the Quantitative part comes the Reading section, which is designed to assess reading comprehension. Finally, there is the Verbal portion, which is also English related but pertains more to language and linguistics. Specific topics in each portion of the SSAT vary depending on the level your student is taking; however, the overall subjects remain the same.

As stated above, there are three levels of the SSAT. First, we have the Elementary Level, which is intended for third-grade students applying to an independent school for fourth grade or for fourth-grade students applying to an independent school for fifth grade. Depending on the section, the Elementary version of the test will cover everything from basic math like addition and subtraction to reading comprehension concepts like locating the main idea of a passage and determining the meaning of words in context. One important thing to remember about the Elementary Level SSAT is that children receive no penalty for incorrect answers. This means that, when in doubt, your child can guess on any of the questions provided at no cost to their final score.

There are also Middle Level and Upper Level versions of the SAT. The Middle Level test is intended for students finishing fifth, sixth, or seventh grade and looking to attend an independent middle school the next school year. The Upper Level version is to be taken by students in grades ranging from eight to 11th who are seeking admission to an independent high school the following year. These two levels of the SSAT are different than the Elementary Level not just in content and level of difficulty, but also in length. Both versions allow each student two hours and 50 minutes to complete 167 questions, as opposed to the Elementary test which only features 89 questions and must be done in under one hour and 50 minutes. It is also important to consider that students taking these two higher levels of the SSAT will receive one point for each correct answer but will lose one-quarter of a point for each incorrect answer, meaning there could be a penalty for guessing.

How can a Memphis SSAT class help my student prepare?

A Memphis SSAT course is a great option for students preparing to take the SSAT because it offers personalized, customized attention that is generally not available in school. Excited and educated instructors will address your student's core difficulties quicker than in class and build any missing foundational skills required to complete the test. Not only that, but prep courses also offer a positive, encouraging work environments that promote self-confidence through setting and reaching small goals. Your student will come out of the course capable of working smarter so they can achieve more in a shorter window of time. These are just some of the many benefits of an SSAT course, which can be an excellent supplement to classroom learning for students seeking admission to secondary schools.

How can I find a Memphis SSAT class?

SSAT courses are designed to build general study skills that work for your student personally but can also be used for the rest of his or her life. Choosing to enroll in one of the prep courses Varsity Tutors can set you up with is an investment in your student's educational and professional future. Courses take place at varying times, so your student can enroll without having to worry about scheduling conflicts. SSAT test-takers of all ages spend so much energy and time on their education already, so it is always a good idea to invest the time they have already set aside to prepare in a convenient and comprehensive way to review. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get more information on how a Memphis SSAT course could help your student prepare for the SSAT, and let us help them prepare for their future.

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