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If you're searching for a Detroit SSAT course to enhance your student's SSAT preparation process, Varsity Tutors can provide what you need. We offer SSAT prep classes that meet live online, which helps them fit better your family's busy schedule. An expert instructor leads each class, during which your student can communicate with their classmates and the instructor.

The SSAT is a standardized test used by independent school admissions offices to evaluate the skill level of each applicant. The test consists of questions that assess your student's math, reading, verbal, and writing skills. There are three grade-based levels of the exam covering these topics. Students entering grades 4-12 take the test to apply for the following year. Why not give your student an excellent opportunity to most accurately exhibit their capabilities on the test by enrolling them in a Detroit SSAT course? It could be the most effective way for you to get them the test prep help they need.

What subjects are reviewed in a Detroit SSAT course?

As stated, there are three grade-based SSAT test levels: the Elementary Level for students entering grades 4-5; the Middle Level for students applying to enter grades 6-8; and the Upper Level for students applying for a spot at an independent or private high school. Following is a quick look at each section.

The Middle and Upper Level Quantitative sections consist of 50 questions to be finished within an hour. Questions cover basic arithmetic and elementary algebra through geometry and some trigonometry topics. The Quantitative section at the Elementary Level allows students 30 minutes to answer in 30 questions. These questions address basic math functions like additional, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The Reading sections for the Middle and Upper Level give students 40 minutes to answer 40 questions. Reading questions are based on passages students read, and examine your student's ability to interpret the meaning from both argumentative and narrative passages. Making inferences and drawing conclusions, understanding the author's purpose, judging the tone of a piece based on word choice, and determining the author's point of view can all be found in these questions. The Elementary Level Reading section has just 28 questions which must be completed in 30 minutes. They require students to find the main idea of a passage, figure out what words mean as they are used in context, and discern between the figurative and literal meanings of words.

The Middle and Upper Level Verbal sections provide test takers with 60 questions to respond to within 30 minutes. Through the use of synonyms and analogies, your student's grasp of grade-appropriate English vocabulary is tested. Students should be able to recognize which part of a speech a word is being used as in the context of the passage, point out the connections between ideas and words in a way that makes sense, and ascertain a word's meaning by scrutinizing the prefixes, suffixes, and root words used.

All students are required to produce a Writing Sample. Although this sample is not scored, each school they apply to will receive a copy of it to review along with the scored sections of the test. The Elementary Level Writing Sample requires students to write a simple story based on a picture prompt. The story should have a detectable beginning, middle, and end, and showcase the student's use of writing skills like grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Middle and Upper Level students have 25 minutes to respond to a prompt they choose from two given. The admissions board members at schools they apply to gauge their ability to write a response, properly use English conventions like grammar and punctuation, and support their claims with relevant ideas and examples.

This is just a quick overview of the content covered through your student's Detroit SSAT classes. If your student finds one or two topics particularly challenging, you can sign them up for private sessions with a professional tutor through Varsity Tutors. They can work together until your student's confident they've fully honed their knowledge of the subject.

How can taking Detroit SSAT classes help my student prepare for the test?

There are a number of ways your student's Detroit SSAT class can help get ready for exam day. One noteworthy aspect of a class led by a professional instructor is that they can introduce beneficial test-taking techniques that you or your student might not have even known about.

Standardized exams have a separate set of rules and conventions compared to classroom tests, and there are specific strategies that can be useful when taking the test. For example, students have to read questions carefully, because if they don't notice words like "not" or "except," they're likely to check the opposite of the desired answer. In addition, questions are often worded in a way that may seem confusing to some students.

It's critical that your student can finish all the questions in a section within the time limits. This means they need to develop a pace that allows them to do so. Additionally, do you know what they should do when your student runs into a question they don't know the answer to? These are the kinds of skills an instructor can show your student during classes.

Your child's SSAT class instructor can introduce strategies and show students how to implement them in various situations. This kind of instruction added to comprehensive content review can provide your student with all they need in order to try their best on exam day.

How do I enroll my student in a Detroit SSAT prep course?

There are two- and four-week Detroit SSAT courses that run at different times of the day, and new classes begin each week. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and we'll get your student enrolled in an SSAT course that can meet their individual needs. We're here to provide top-quality assistance in SSAT test preparation, so there's no reason students should have to study on their own. We look forward to hearing from you so we can show you just how much we can help.

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