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If you've chosen to learn Latin, Varsity Tutors can help you to create a study plan that meets your needs with Houston Latin lessons. It doesn't matter whether you're a high school student at North Shore Senior High School or if you're learning Latin at the University of Houston, we can find a method that helps you reach toward your language-related goals. Because Latin is not widely spoken, it is sometimes called a dead language. However, that does not mean it is irrelevant. The Roman alphabet, once just 23 letters, is the basis of the English alphabet. Learning Latin can help if you're interested in other Romance languages too, because it is the precursor to those languages.

There are two forms of Latin: Classical Latin, which is more formal and was influenced by the Greek language's grammar, style, and vocabulary, and Vulgar Latin, which was carried through the Roman Empire by soldiers and is the spoken form of Latin. Reaching out for support as you learn the vocabulary, sentence structure, and inflections of the language can prove helpful. We can get you started with private lessons with a Houston Latin tutor, or help you enroll in Houston Latin lessons that mimic the style of a traditional classroom, but use the internet to bring people together. You can even blend the two instruction methods to create your own hybrid model to get more exposure to the concepts you're learning.

Latin is related to many popular languages, including Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and you may recognize some of the vocabulary as you learn. For example, you'll probably notice that the Latin "rapidus" is similar to the English word "rapid". If you're preparing for a career in law, theology, medicine, or science, you may find that learning Latin comes in handy. These fields commonly use words and phrases from the language, and knowing the rules of use can make them easier to understand.

What topics might Houston Latin lessons include?

When you study with a Houston Latin tutor in private sessions or choose to enroll in classroom-style courses with others, you may spend considerable time going over vocabulary, inflections of verbs, and declensions. Nouns and adjectives can be a little different than the English language too, so you'll probably spend some time on those. There are three genders for Latin nouns: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Adjectives are different too because they will take on the gender and number of the noun they are describing. This means if the noun is feminine and singular, the adjective usually will be too. Also, the use of a pronoun in Latin is uncommon.

Whether you enroll in Houston Latin lessons that include other students in a virtual classroom, or you opt for private instruction, you'll probably spend time on common phrases and Latin history. But you may be surprised to learn that part of your Houston Latin lessons could include discussion of Roman history and culture in addition to the expected vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading skills.

How do the two types of Houston Latin lessons work?

If you prefer the energy of a classroom where you can collaborate with other students, the classroom-style Houston Latin lessons are probably the way you'll want to go. In a class, you'll join other students and an instructor in a virtual classroom. A group class allows you to learn from the experiences of other students, practice reading and translating Latin, and get feedback from an instructor who knows the language. You'll also be able to interact with your instructor privately, if necessary. These courses begin monthly, and you can choose a time that works best for your schedule, as well as how long your classes will last. These classes run for either two weeks or four weeks. Sessions are scheduled at various times, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a session that fits into your busy schedule. If the energy of a collaborative environment sounds appealing, then we can get you into one of Houston Latin lessons quickly.

When it comes to one-on-one lessons, you can choose whether you meet with your Houston Latin tutor online through the Live Learning Platform, or in a location you've both agreed on ahead of time. You'll be able to balance your academic assistance and your everyday obligations too. Your Houston Latin tutor will create a personalized lesson plan that drills down on the concepts you struggle with. Your instructor will get to know you and create a plan that works with your style of learning. They can help you review in-class work and prepare for tests, or they can focus on reading and translation skills. It all depends on what you're looking for help with. Private lessons can be a lower pressure option for students who feel anxiety as they answer questions or read in a classroom full of their peers. An academic coach can also structure your sessions to work with the way you learn, whether you're a visual learner or you learn better when you're hearing the language.

How can I find Houston Latin lessons?

If you're looking for assistance as you learn Latin, Varsity Tutors is ready and waiting to help you find Houston Latin lessons that are right for you. Students learning Latin at an area university or at Dobie High School can benefit from private instruction and classroom-style support. You'll be able to work on your reading, translation, and speaking skills, whether you choose to engage in private instruction or enroll in group lessons with other students.

Finding a Houston Latin tutor is easy and efficient when you choose Varsity Tutors. We vet all of the class instructors and tutors, and do all the work to get you connected. Our educational consultants can help you to weigh the benefits and explain the different options so that you can make an informed decision. Reach out to us, and we'll help you find the right model of instruction that can help you as you work to achieve your Latin language goals.

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