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If you have chosen to begin or continue learning the Latin language, Varsity Tutors can help you find New York City Latin lessons that could assist you in your studies. Whether you're studying at Stuyvesant High School or Fort Hamilton High School, enrolling in a college Latin course at a local university, or learning the language in your free time, you may find Latin to be challenging. However, you shouldn't let this discourage you. Even the most dedicated of learners can struggle to understand this influential language.

Latin is considered to be a "dead" language, although it is the official language of Vatican City and the language of communication for the Roman Catholic Church. It is also a precursor to the group of languages often called Romance languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Italian, and Romanian.

There are two classifications of the language: Classical Latin and Vulgar Latin. Classical Latin was greatly influenced by the Greek language and is more formal in tone, while Vulgar Latin is the more commonly spoken form of the language that was carried throughout the Roman Empire by soldiers and colonists. The latter uses prepositions more frequently than Classical Latin and has more regularity of word order. Although the Latin alphabet was used as a basis for the English alphabet, in classical times, there were just 23 letters.

Learning Latin can be helpful for individuals who aspire to a career in the legal field, science, medicine, or even theology. Often, students in these disciplines seek academic assistance as they strive to understand and use the Latin language. They might even seek multiple ways to learn, using more than one method to study.

What topics might New York City Latin lessons include?

Because Latin is the precursor for many popular languages, especially the Romance Languages, you'll probably see that there are several verbs that are very similar to their English counterparts. This is most evident in the use of first-person verbs. For example, the English word "adolescent" looks very similar to the Latin counterpart, which is "adulescens". When translated into English, "rapidus" means "rapid or swift". When you study with a New York City Latin tutor, you may spend considerable time going over vocabulary because there are several declensions, in singular and plural forms. You may also spend time exploring the inflections because those help you to figure out the meaning of a sentence.

In addition, you may spend time studying nouns and adjectives in the Latin language. Nouns may be masculine, feminine, or neuter. Commonly masculine nouns include "vir", which means "man", and "annus", which means "year". Feminine nouns tend to end in -a, and include "regina", which means "queen", and "flamma", which translates to "flame". In addition, whether you enroll in New York City Latin lessons that include other students in a virtual classroom, or you opt for private instruction, you'll likely learn about grammar and sentence structure, common phrases, and even Latin history and culture.

How do the two types of New York City Latin lessons work?

If you choose classroom-style New York City Latin lessons, you'll join other students and an instructor in a virtual environment via Varsity Tutors' Live Learning Platform. It uses the Internet to bring your classes to you, wherever you are. This type of lesson allows you to learn from the experiences of other students, to practice reading and translating Latin, and to share the techniques that you find work well for you. You'll also have the ability to interact with your New York City Chinese tutor privately, if necessary. These courses start each month and run for either two weeks or four weeks. Sessions are scheduled at various times, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a session that fits into your busy schedule. If the energy of a collaborative environment and getting feedback from an experienced Latin speaker sounds appealing, then we can get you into classroom-style New York City Latin lessons quickly. Sessions happen at various times, so you'll be able to have a social life and take care of other obligations as you study your Latin lessons.

When it comes to one-on-one lessons, you can choose whether you meet with your New York Latin tutor online through the Live Learning platform or in a location you've both agreed on ahead of time. Your tutor will create a personalized lesson plan that drills down on the concepts you struggle with, while still including the topics or vocabulary that you might find easier. Your instructor will get to know you and create a plan that works with your style of learning; they'll help you with phrases and translation. You'll be able to balance your academic assistance and your everyday obligations, too. They can help you review in-class work, or they can focus on reading and translation skills. It all depends on what you're looking for help with. Private lessons can be a low-pressure option for students to practice their language learning skills. An academic coach can also structure your sessions to work with the way you learn, whether you're a visual learner, or you learn better when you're hearing the language.

How can I find New York City Latin lessons?

If you're looking for assistance as you learn Latin, Varsity Tutors is ready and waiting to help you find the style of New York City Latin lessons that are right for you. Even students who are studying Latin at Columbia University can benefit from private instruction in the language. Learning Latin can help as you expand your knowledge of languages. Whether you choose classroom-style instruction or private lessons, you'll have an opportunity to practice your reading and writing in Latin. Some choose to combine private tutoring with online classes in order to achieve the benefits of both study options.

You don't have to spend time stressing about where you can find a private instructor when you decide to engage the services of a New York City Latin tutor if you contact us. Our educational consultants can help you to weigh the benefits and explain the different options for academic coaching work so that you can make an informed decision. Reach out to us, and we'll help you find the right study method that can help you work toward your language goals.

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