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Discover early America's historic sites as you tour the 13 original colonies. Each colony offers guideposts to visit the historic places that are part of the American heritage. Prepare for your trip with locations, visiting hours, directions -- everything you need for your visit to America's historic sites. Plus, easy GPS routing shows you how to find your way to each site.

For students writing an essay or doing research on the founding years of early America, a comprehensive list of historical sites provides insight into the important places and events of this era. Crucial battle sites are also included in this list.

Whether planning a trip or embarking on research, you can access stories and articles from the pages of Archiving Early America, a website that offers a wealth of information covering this seminal period in the history of America.

This FREE app lets you enjoy the following features:

  • Mapping & directions to historical sites and attractions within the original 13 colonies
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions to each attraction listed on the map from the user's current location
  • In-app access to the official AEA Twitter feed
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  • App will support Apple iOS 3.2 or higher for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch