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  • Volume 17 - has 6 articles: How The War Started In Massachusetts, Resistance To England's Colonial Policy, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death ..
  • Volume 16 - has 10 articles: Piracy in the Atlantic, Creating Lady Liberty, The Last Men of The Revolution, Thomas Paine: Freemason Or Deist? ..
  • Volume 15 - has 12 articles: A Closer Look at Hamilton And Slavery, Jefferson and the Spirit of '76, The Gift Of Spider Woman ..
  • Volume 14 - has 11 articles: Origins of Franklin's American Dream, Finding The 'True' Pocahontas, London's Transported Female Convicts ..
  • Volume 13 - has 8 articles: Jefferson On Money, Puritan Letters, Gilbert Stuart & The Woman Behind George Washington, The Regulators Movement, Jefferson On Religion ..
  • Volume 12 - has 10 articles: Letters from Abigail, Popular American Amusements, America's First POW, The Forgotten Holiday, Colonization and Conquest ..
  • Volume 11 - has 9 articles: Epidemics in Colonial Philadelphia, The Healthful Habits of Thomas Jefferson, How The King Lost His Colonies, Preserving America's Documents ..
  • Volume 10 - has 10 articles: Why America Built A Strong Central Government, Women During the Revolution, The Birth of the Marines, African-Americans in Illinois ..
  • Volume 9 - has 11 articles: Betsy Ross: Her Life, Meriwether Lewis and The Wandering Mandan, The Other Life of Francis Hopkinson, The Agronomist of Monticello ..
  • Volume 8 - has 13 articles: George Washington — Master of Misinformation, Patrick Henry, Radical Dissenter, Black Patriots: Soldiers in The American Revolution, Colonial Slavery Facts ..
  • Volume 7 - has 11 articles: Cooper’s Spy — The Unsung Hero, Benedict Arnold and the Battle of Saratoga, The Man Who Shot Simon Fraser, Religious Freedom… The Other Revolution ..
  • Volume 6 - has 12 articles: Terrorism in Early America, Anne Berkeley — The Woman of Whitehall, POW’s During the American Revolution, Spirits of Our Forefathers ..
  • Volume 5 - has 12 articles: Soldiers of the Colonial Militia, Interpreting the Constitution, Fugitive Communities in Colonial America, The American War of Archibald Campbell ..
  • Volume 4 - has 13 articles: The 1832 Cholera Epidemic in New York State, Witchcraft, Religious Fanaticism and Schizophrenia — Salem Revisited, Frontier Battles of the Revolution ..
  • Volume 3 - has 12 articles: The 1779 Sullivan Campaign, Joseph Brant: Mohawk Chief, Loyalist, Freemason, Jefferson and His Daughters, Original Intent and The Free Exercise of Religion ..
  • Volume 2 - has 20 articles: Blackstone in America, The Birthing of a University, American Not Founded on Christian Religion: Treat of Tripoli, Jefferson’s Views on Women ..
  • Volume 1 - has 14 articles: Benjamin Franklin and Religious Discrimination, The Surrender of Cornwallis, Sons of Liberty: Patriots or Terrorists?, Unruly Women: Jemima Wilkins and Deborah Sampson Gannett, The Whiskey Rebellion: Taxing “Sin” — Then and Now ..