of Famous Early Americans

Portraits of Famous Early American's includes the founding fathers and other luminaries who shaped 18th century America's historic Revolutionary period.
John Adams John Adams - One of The Founding Fathers and 2nd President of the U.S.
Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary Leader Samuel Adams - American Revolutionary Leader
 John Andre John Andre - conspired with the American traitor Benedict Arnold.
 Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold - secretly arranged with British Major John Andre to hand over West Point to the British.
 Daniel Boone Daniel Boone - Frontiersman and folk hero, he pioneered the trail West.
 General George Corwallis Gen. Charles Cornwallis - was forced to surrender to Washington at Yorktown in 1781, ending the war.
 Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin - Statesman, scientist, inventor, publisher and more. Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography
 George the 3rd George III - He opposed liberalization of colonial government in America.
 Nathanael Greene Nathanael Greene - Served as supreme commander of the Continental Army in Sept., 1780.
 Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton - Founding father and first Secretary of the Treasury.
 John Hancock John Hancock - 1st signer of the Declaration of Independence, president of the Continental Congress, governor of Massachusetts from 1780-1793.
 Patrick Henry Patrick Henry - Revolutionary War orator and statesman.
 John Jay John Jay - Statesman, diplomat, first Chief Justice of the U.S. President of Continental Congress.
 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson - Author of the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia statute for religious freedom, Secretary of State, Vice-President, 3rd President of the U.S. ..
 Henry Knox Henry Knox - Principal founder of the U.S. Military Academy and co-founder of the U.S. Navy.
 Marquis de Lafayett Marquis de LaFayette - Close associate of G.W. and French citizen who joined America's Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
 James Madison James Madison - Secretary of State, 4th President of the United States, he authored the Bill of Rights and 29 of the Federalist Papers.
 Francis Marion Francis Marion - Commander of only Revolutionary forces in South Carolina, he was nicknamed "The Swamp Fox" by British adversaries.
 mather Increase Mather - Clergyman, College President, Pastor of North Church, Boston, and the first president of Harvard College.
 James Monroe James Monroe - Senator from Virginia, 5th President of the United States, he drew up the Monroe Doctrine in 1823.
 Tom Paine Thomas Paine - Revolutionary War writer, he gained fame as author of Common Sense, The Crisis, The Rights of Man and The Age of Reason.
 Arthur St. Clair Arthur St. Clair - Served as President of the Continental Congress, Major General in the Continental Army, and first Governor of the Northwest Territory.
 Baron Von Steuben Baron von Steuben - Inspector general of Continental Army, he trained troops & wrote the drill manual adopted by the Continental Army.
George Washington portrait George Washington - Founding father. Member of the Continental Congress, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention, first President of the United States.
 Anthony Wayne Anthony Wayne - A Revolutionary War General, he served with Washington at Valley Forge and negotiated treaties with Creek & Cherokee native Americans.