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Varsity Tutors can help you prepare for the GMAT with two different GMAT test prep supplements to choose from. Your GMAT prep can take place in a small group setting or individually under the guidance of experienced GMAT tutors. If you'd like to learn more about how you can begin a GMAT class, get in touch with us today. Or, read on to get more information on how a GMAT course can help you get more out of your study sessions.

GMAT tutoring offers the chance to work directly with your GMAT preparation instructor through a series of one-on-one study sessions. Your educator can set you up with a customized lesson plan that is based on your specific academic needs. You can then work through each of these lessons at your own pace and get additional guidance with a challenging topic whenever you need it.

You may also be interested in GMAT classes. This option may be right for you if you've previously excelled in the traditional classroom learning environment. GMAT courses take place in a convenient online setting. They feature expert instructors and a small group of classmates that you can learn with. This GMAT test prep option also comes with the chance to work with your instructor individually when you need extra help with something.

Below, you'll find a list of the available GMAT sequences you can choose from:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning
  2. Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
  3. Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment

The GMAT has been the most widely used assessment for business schools for over 60 years. If you are considering enrolling in an advanced business degree program, you may need to take the GMAT. The test is a graduate school admissions exam that is usually taken by individuals who are applying to get a Master of Business Administration or another advanced business degree. The test is taken by around 200,000 students each year. Those who do well on the GMAT may give themselves a better chance of getting into the graduate program of their choice. That's why a strong GMAT prep plan is important when studying for this test.

Here are some of the question types you'll find in the GMAT's Quantitative Reasoning section:

  • Problem Solving
    • Use analytical and logical reasoning skills to solve problems
    • Figure out the answer and then choose the best response from one of five choices
  • Data Sufficiency
    • Analyze the problem, identify relevant data, and identify the point where there's enough data to answer the problem
    • Given a question and two statements, you utilize your reasoning, math, and general knowledge skills to choose when there's enough data in the statement to answer the question

GMAT test prep set up for you by Varsity Tutors can also help you build a better set of general test-taking skills. You can use the tools you learn from your GMAT prep instructor while taking the GMAT as well as on any future tests you take. For instance, if you've struggled to manage your time properly while taking comprehensive exams, your tutor can spend some time with you showing you how you can make improvements in this area. Similarly, your instructor can also spend time showing you tips you can use to promote relaxation if you've previously struggled with test anxiety.

In the sections below, we dig into each subtest on the GMAT to give you an in-depth view of what to expect. We'll cover the details of each test and how a GMAT tutor can prepare you for it. Keep on reading to find out more about what a GMAT tutor can do to help you feel knowledgeable and confident for the exam.

GMAT Analytical Writing Prep

Varsity Tutors offers GMAT Analytical Writing test prep for students who want to focus on their writing skills before the exam. To complete the writing section of this exam, you will need to analyze the reasoning of an argument and then critique it. If you think that completing GMAT Analytical Writing classes can help you study and better prepare for this section of the GMAT, contact Varsity Tutors today.

Since 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments in advanced business degree programs are made using GMAT scores, you might see how preparing with GMAT Analytical Writing tutors could be helpful to you. During the initial session of GMAT Analytical Writing prep, the tutor can give you a writing assessment. Taking this assessment can gauge your analytical writing skills.

Completing GMAT Analytical Writing test preparation gives you the opportunity to work with a tutor who can help you hone your skills in critical thinking and analyzing written arguments.

You have 30 minutes to complete one writing task in the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT. Working with a tutor in GMAT Analytical Writing prep can help you prepare to handle stress when taking the exam. You may feel pressured when trying to get this assignment done in the allotted time. In the GMAT Analytical Writing class, you can learn relaxation techniques to help you focus on your argument and feel more calm.

A computer-based system is used to evaluate structural and linguistic features of your essay. Humans will assess factors like the quality of writing and expressed thoughts. You can review the scoring system, as detailed below, with your tutor in the GMAT Analytical Writing prep:

  • Computer-based
    • A system evaluates the structural and linguistic features of your essay, including the organization of ideas, syntactic variety, and topical analysis.
    • Human evaluators with backgrounds in management education and other related areas assess:
      • Quality of writing
      • Quality of expressed thoughts
      • Ability to identify and analyze important aspects of the argument
      • Organization and expression of ideas
      • Relevant supporting reasons and examples
      • Command of written English

GMAT Analytical Writing test prep is completed in a private one-on-one setting. Critical thinking and how you communicate ideas are important skills for taking this test. In a GMAT Analytical Writing course, the tutor can assess your capabilities and focus the tutoring sessions on benchmarks for improvement. During GMAT Analytical Writing preparation, the tutor can give you practice assignments to practice your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Doing GMAT Analytical Writing prep in a distraction-free environment is important when trying to think critically. The GMAT Analytical Writing courses can be scheduled to fit into your busy schedule. When you access the online GMAT Analytical Writing test prep, you can take advantage of our Live Learning Platform. The instructor can give you the same personalized tutoring that you would get from meeting with them in person. The goal of the tutoring is to customize a study plan that meets your specific needs and learning abilities.

Over 2,300 schools use the GMAT exam to assess students. Working with a tutor on GMAT Analytical Writing test prep can help you better prepare to take this exam. If you would like to further discuss the benefits of GMAT Analytical Writing tutoring with our Educational Directors, contact Varsity Tutors today.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep

If you are looking to raise your GMAT Integrated Reasoning prep to the next level, you might want to consider a GMAT Integrated Reasoning course set up by Varsity Tutors. The GMAT is divided into four distinct tests, and one of these important tests is Integrated Reasoning. The GMAT Integrated Reasoning test assesses how well to use data to solve complex, business-related problems. If you feel that you could benefit from expert assistance with your GMAT Integrated Reasoning test prep, taking specialized GMAT Integrated Reasoning classes may prove a prudent move.

The first step in nearly any GMAT Integrated Reasoning prep program is understanding the format and content of the test. It utilizes a multiple-choice format, and some of the answer choices may incorporate drop-down menus and lists to make them more complex than the responses provided on the Quantitative and Verbal portions of the exam. That said, the fundamental skills of the Quantitative and Verbal sections still apply, though you will need to apply them to visual representations of data such as charts and graphs. Here are some of the question types you might want to concentrate on during your GMAT Integrated Reasoning prep:

  • Multi-Source Reasoning - use data from graphics, tables, text, and other sources to analyze and answer questions
  • Table Analysis - analyze and sort the data in a table (similar to using a spreadsheet) to identify the relevant information or the data that meets the desired condition
  • Graphic Interpretation - Make inferences and identify relationships amongst data in graphs and other charts
  • Two-Part Analysis - Handle challenges like evaluating trade-offs, solving several simultaneous equations, and identifying relationships between two entities from more complex problems

Varsity Tutors offers two types of GMAT Integrated Reasoning courses to help you prepare for the exam. The first option is private GMAT Integrated Reasoning tutoring, where you can learn at your own pace in a one-on-one learning environment. This form of GMAT Integrated Reasoning test preparation allows any questions you ask to receive an immediate response, and GMAT Integrated Reasoning prep classes may be designed around your unique learning style for added value.

Alternatively, you may choose a group course for your GMAT Integrated Reasoning test prep needs. This option is basically a GMAT Integrated Reasoning class consisting of yourself, your instructor, and a handful of classmates. Students are free to interact with one another, creating a collaborative learning environment as you pursue your GMAT Integrated Reasoning test prep goals together. You can take advantage of this option, and you can still meet with your instructor individually outside of your course sessions if you feel the need.

Either option can provide you with practice questions to help you understand how questions might be worded on exam day. Consider the sample questions below as an example of what to expect:

  • The following question is about a set of communications provided to the student:
    • Consider each of the following statements. Does the information in the three emails support the inference as stated?
    • The administrator is unwilling to invite as many participants in the second group as were invited in the first group.
      • Yes
      • No
    • The project coordinator does not expect to be able to meet the goal for numbers of completed surveys received.
      • Yes
      • No
    • The administrator is willing to accept some risk of exceeding the budget for compensating participants
      • Yes
      • No

At Varsity Tutors, we try to make GMAT Integrated Reasoning test prep as convenient as possible. For example, we try to match every student with GMAT Integrated Reasoning tutors who can meet on their schedule, minimizing the potential for conflicts. If you would prefer a to meet with a small group for your GMAT Integrated Reasoning preparation needs, we offer multiple sessions concurrently to help you find one that fits into your schedule. All of our courses also take place on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, giving you all of the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the hassle of attempting to arrange an in-person meetup.

If you would like to discuss all of our GMAT Integrated Reasoning prep products with a knowledgeable expert, Educational Directors are standing by to walk you through the process. Contact Varsity Tutors to get the process started today!

GMAT Quantitative Reasoning Prep

If you are someone who is looking to pursue an MBA or another advanced business degree, GMAT Quantitative Reasoning prep through Varsity Tutors could help you put your best foot forward. If you need help studying for the Quantitative portion of the exam, GMAT Quantitative Reasoning prep could be a great option for you. With great tutors and study materials, GMAT Quantitative prep is an excellent to hone your skills. Read on to learn more about GMAT Quantitative Reasoning courses.

A GMAT Quantitative Reasoning class is tailored to meet your individual needs. Throughout the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning course, you and your tutor will go over how you are doing with grasping the concepts of the exam. With GMAT Quantitative Reasoning tutoring, your tutor can know the areas you need help with, while also knowing the concepts you are the most confident in. GMAT Quantitative Reasoning tutors can also make adjustments as you work through the course. This is one of the reasons why GMAT Quantitative Reasoning prep is unique to your study habits. If you want to take your time you can, and if you want to flip from topic to topic you can as well. With GMAT Quantitative Reasoning classes, you control your studying.

Possible business students who take the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning section answer questions that measure their ability to reason mathematically, solve quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data. There are two types of questions on the exam: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. On Problem Solving questions, you are measured by your ability to use logic and analytical reasoning to solve quantitative problems. You solve a problem and indicate the best of five answers. On Data Sufficiency problems, you are measured on your ability to analyze a quantitative problem and determine if you have enough data to solve a problem. A Data Sufficiency problem will have two statements. You have to decide if you have enough data to answer the question asked. With GMAT Quantitative Reasoning test preparation, you can learn all about this test and how to study for the complex questions.

With GMAT Quantitative Reasoning preparation, you will go over practice questions similar to this one with your tutor:

  • If u > t, r > q, s > t, and t > r, which of the following must be true?
    1. u > s
    2. s > q
    3. u > r
      • 1 only
      • 2 only
      • 3 only
      • 1 and 2
      • 2 and 3

Along with studying sample questions, your GMAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep tutor can tell you the ins and outs of the exam, making sure you are confident for exam day. With a helpful tutor and study materials, GMAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep can help you get the most out of studying.

If you prefer the more traditional classroom setting, you can also sign up for a GMAT Quantitative Reasoning course that meets at set times with an instructor and several classmates. This option allows you to share and hear ideas and questions other facing the test will take while getting the same solid instruction from a GMAT expert.

If you are going to be taking the GMAT exam, GMAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep set up by Varsity Tutors could maximize your studying. We work to find a tutor who matches with your availability, and you also get access to our Live Learning Platform, which makes our online courses easy to access, anywhere with an internet connection. With our GMAT Quantitative Reasoning test prep tutors and study materials, you can have the skills for exam day. Contact an Educational Consultant today!

GMAT Verbal Reasoning Prep

Varsity Tutors has private GMAT Verbal Reasoning classes for students who are hoping to attend business or graduate schools. With the valuable help you will receive in your GMAT Verbal Reasoning test prep, you can demonstrate your true abilities to the school of your dreams. The admissions departments of these schools will use your results to determine whether or not you are ready to attend their school.

With the help you will receive from a GMAT Verbal Reasoning course set up for you by Varsity Tutors, you can build your study and test-taking skills that can be used now and in your future studies. GMAT Verbal Reasoning test prep includes qualified GMAT Verbal Reasoning tutoring. Your personal instructor knows the contents and timing of the exam, and they can work with you during each GMAT Verbal Reasoning class on the skills and topics that you find the most challenging. The test will measure your abilities in reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction.

There are also GMAT Verbal Reasoning courses in a small group provided by Varsity Tutors. In this scenario, you get to meet with your instructor and several classmates online.

Whatever option you choose, GMAT Verbal prep has several benefits. For some students, the more traditional classroom environment of a small group GMAT verbal course is preferable because they can hear others' questions and ideas. In personalized sessions, your instructor can prepare customized GMAT Verbal Reasoning prep sessions that are based on your needs. This GMAT Verbal Reasoning test prep option is not predetermined, so it can be changed to meet your needs as you go. If you are good with critical reasoning, your tutor can skip over those sections to free up more time for an area you struggle with such as reading comprehension.

GMAT Verbal Reasoning tutors can use many techniques to figure out where you stand and move on from there. A tutor can also track your progress as you go, adjusting the GMAT Verbal Reasoning preparation session as you get a handle on topics, making sure you are always working towards reaching for your goals. The flexibility of GMAT Verbal Reasoning courses is one of the best parts of working with a private GMAT Verbal Reasoning prep tutor.

One thing that you need to be familiar with is the GMAT Verbal Reasoning question types. Below is a list detailing each type of question:

  • Reading Comprehension
    • Answer questions about written passages
    • Understand words and statements
    • Understand logical relationships
    • Draw inferences
    • Follow quantitative concept development
  • Critical Reasoning
    • Answer questions based on short reading passages
    • Make arguments
    • Evaluate arguments
    • Form or asses an action plan
  • Sentence Correction
    • Answer questions about the underlined part of a sentence
    • Identify the proper grammar and sentence structure
    • Identify the solution that helps a sentence most effectively express itself clearly and concisely

Your instructor can help by teaching you the content, format, and timing of the exam. They can use many tools to help you study including practice questions like the one below:

  • While larger banks can afford to maintain their own data-processing operations, many smaller regional and community banks are finding that the cost associated with upgrading data-processing equipment and with the development and maintenance of new products and technical staff are prohibitive.

    • cost associated with
    • costs associated with
    • costs arising from
    • cost of
    • costs of

Another great benefit of GMAT Verbal Reasoning test prep is flexibility. Multiple sessions for a small group run concurrently, so you can pick the one that best matches your availability. With private tutoring, you have the ability to schedule sessions with your instructor. You will be matched with someone who best fits your scheduling needs because Varsity Tutors understands what it is like to have a busy schedule. In both cases, you can attend sessions from any device that has a stable internet connection.

As you may expect, the more time you spend on GMAT Verbal Reasoning prep, the more confident and ready you may feel on test day. A skilled instructor can work with you to help you get the most out of every minute of your study time. Your instructor wants to see you improve, so they will do their best to help you focus on the areas you need the most help in. If you are ready to get started with exam prep, contact Varsity Tutors today. We can answer your questions and help you get set up with expert GMAT Verbal Reasoning test preparation today.

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Whether you're interested in taking a GMAT test prep class or working with a private tutor, Varsity Tutors can quickly get you started with the learning option of your choice. Doing well on the GMAT may pay dividends in the form of getting into more graduate programs or earning more scholarship money. That's why it's crucial that you have a strong test preparation process in the lead up to this exam. Why not learn from an expert in a private GMAT prep classes? We'd love to use our experience in the test preparation industry to help you reach for your goals.

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