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If you've been looking into CLEP Western Civilization courses to help you prepare for the exam, Varsity Tutors offers some of the best CLEP Western Civilization classes in the industry. The CLEP program allows students who studied undergraduate-level material in high school, noncredit courses, through independent study, or at work to earn credit for it instead of sitting for an introductory course. Not only can this help you complete a degree more quickly, but it may also reduce the financial cost of your education. Contact us today if you want to learn more about the benefits of our CLEP Western Civilization course!

Many students take CLEP Western Civilization prep courses to get a sense for the content and formatting of the exam. The graphic below illustrates the rubric and structure of the exam:

Topics % of Test # Questions
Ancient Near East 8%-10% 120 90 Minutes
Ancient Greece and Hellenistic Civilization 15%-17%
Ancient Rome 15%-17%
Medieval History 23%-27%
Renaissance and Reformation 13%-17%
Early Modern Europe, 1560-1648 10%-15%

Since you only have 90 minutes to answer approximately 120 questions, time management is an important consideration in our CLEP Western Civilization course. You might take practice exams during CLEP Western Civilization class sessions to get a sense of what the time available to you feels like, helping you budget it accordingly.

Taking practice tests can also help you identify your academic strengths as well as areas that could use improvement. Knowing what your strong areas are may improve your self-confidence on exam day, but learning where you could improve may be even more important. Concentrating on your unique areas of opportunity during CLEP Western Civilization prep classes may improve your study efficiency!

The bulleted list below illustrates some topics you need to know for the test:

Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Political evolution
  • Religion, culture, and technical developments in and near the Fertile Crescent
  • Political evolution to Periclean Athens
  • Periclean Athens through the Peloponnesian Wars
  • Political evolution of the Republic and of the Empire (economic and geographical context)
  • Roman thought and culture
  • Byzantium and Islam
  • Early medieval politics and culture through Charlemagne
  • The Renaissance in Italy
  • The Renaissance outside Italy
  • The opening of the Atlantic
  • The Commercial Revolution

Every Varsity Tutors CLEP Western Civilization class provides individualized instruction, meaning that you are your teacher's sole concern during sessions. Not only does this allow all of your work to receive prompt feedback, you can also receive one-on-one instruction as you pursue your learning goals. For example, let's say that you are more comfortable with modern topics such as Early Modern Europe and the Renaissance than ancient cultures such as Greece and Rome. Your study sessions can hone in on the ancient world to help you feel prepared for exam day.

Your instructor may also be able to cater each session to your needs. For example, a student who quickly becomes bored in a classroom setting may watch historical documentaries to make learning more engaging. Alternatively, a visual learner could benefit from incorporating charts, graphs, and other visual mediums into their test prep. There are no time constraints associated with private learning, giving you the flexibility to spend as much or as little time on each topic as you might need to.

We also try to make studying as convenient as it can be. Our Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study, providing the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the logistics of arranging an in-person meeting. We also do our best to refer every client to an instructor who meets their scheduling needs, making it easier to fit a CLEP Western Civilization prep class into your busy schedule.

There are many benefits to taking a CLEP Western Civilization prep course. Educational Directors are standing by to address any concerns you may have, so please reach out to Varsity Tutors today to get the process started. We look forward to helping you reach for academic success!

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