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If you are someone who loves the French language, or perhaps someone studying at the University of Portland or even a student at Northwest Academy or Central Catholic High School, Varsity Tutors is ready to help you build or improve upon your language comprehension through a Portland French course. Learning to speak in another language can be difficult for anyone, and you may have realized that the right place for you is not in a traditional classroom. It is important for you to consider a number of things when trying to master the French language, one of which involves how often you can practice communicating in French, whether that is through spoken or written word. As you begin to study French, either as a veteran brushing up on language skills or a novice that needs to know the basics, a Portland French course can offer both immersion and access to an experienced French instructor. This teacher can help you get started with the French language and guide you along the way.

There are more than 50 countries worldwide that speak French either as their main language or a secondary language. These include France, of course, as well as Canada, parts of Switzerland and Belgium, Monaco, Lebanon, North and West Africa, and parts of Southeast Asia. That's nearly 300 million people who can speak French either natively or as their second language. Additionally, in the international business world, French is reputedly the second-most used language, right after English. As the world continues globalizing and technology spreads further and further, being bilingual is quickly becoming an important skill for people involved in the business industry.

Learning a new language such as French also grants you entirely new cultural access. French culture has certainly been influential in the world, and because of how it has spread across the globe, you can become involved in many different cultures. That's an exciting prospect for anyone who wants to learn a new language. Don't forget that French is also considered the language of love.

We can enroll you in a class that can help you reach for your language goals, no matter what your reason for learning French is and no matter what skill level you're beginning at. It doesn't matter if you are a student still struggling with French basics in your high school or college course, or whether you are a business professional that wants to reap the benefits of being bilingual, or even if you simply desire the ability to completely dive into French literature and culture from different parts of the globe. A Portland French class could be exactly what you need.

What kind of material is covered in a Portland French course?

Every language in the world has a particular set of rules and subtleties that a person learning the language can find hard to learn. The French and English languages are somewhat related, as French is a Romance language that descended from Latin and has German and English influences, whereas English is a Germanic language that was influenced by Latin and French. Therefore, if you already have a good grasp of English vocabulary and grammar, it could come in handy when you begin learning French. Keep in mind, however, that French has many rules and grammatical intricacies that someone with a firm knowledge of English might not understand. The way the two languages share some nuances yet widely vary in other areas can be somewhat tricky.

The French language has specific genders assigned to nouns and when the subject of a sentence is gender specific, it can affect how certain words within that sentence are conjugated. When you begin learning all the different rules regarding conjugations and gendered nouns, it can seem like a lot of memorization, but your French instructor will be there to try to help you figure out how to learn these complicated grammar nuances. Another part you may find complex when learning French is how the different tenses can cause conjugations to become irregular. Your French teacher can help you through this and encourage memorization.

Something else you will learn in this course is the different French pronunciations of words as well as accented letters and their inflections. The French language has a system of relative pronouns - "ce don't" - that may be difficult to grasp when you first begin learning. This is followed by even more complex relative pronounces - "sur lequel" - and more. Even if you are not a novice to the French language, you may find it hard to keep all the grammatical rules and their functions in mind. Your French course will have plenty of discussions about these, providing you many chances to practice by yourself, with your teacher, and with others. You will learn all kinds of new sentences and can begin making sense of the language.

How will the Portland French course help me learn?

The Portland French class is an interactive, online classroom where you will learn from an experienced French instructor. You will be able to speak with and see both your instructor and the other people who are participating in the course. This gives you the chance to participate in multiple activities designed to help you learn the language. You can also practice French conversations with your classmates. Depending on what skill level you are and your comfortability with the French language, some of the instructors may offer to teach in French in order to provide extra immersion.

If you find that certain subjects are very difficult for you to pick up, our Portland French course will let you reserve some one-on-one time with your French expert.

Being able to participate online is a convenience that should not be forgotten. You do not have to travel for it, and you can decide whether you want to study in the afternoon, on the weekends, or even at night. The classes start on a rolling monthly basis, so starting a course that you're looking for is quick and efficient.

How can I begin?

Whether you are trying to achieve academic success, trying to stand out in a business environment, or simply furthering your language skills, learning French can be a fun and exciting new adventure. Contact Varsity Tutors today and we will give you the information you need. This includes more examples of what is covered in a Portland French class, what classes are currently available, and the rest of the details on how and when we can get you enrolled in a French class. You just need to let us know that you are ready to begin, and soon enough you will be learning how to speak and potentially master the French language.

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