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Any Latin learner can enjoy Cincinnati Latin lessons, and Varsity Tutors can sign you up for either online classes or tutoring to get you the help you're looking for. Whether you're a University of Cincinnati student interested in pursuing a career in science or law, a student at Walnut Hills High School looking for lessons that can accommodate your extracurricular activities, a student at another area school, or a Latin learner from any other walk of life, Latin lessons can be a great idea when you're trying to master this ancient language. Learning any language can be difficult, and traditional classrooms may not always provide students with the amount of practice necessary to excel. Latin compounds this, as it's not commonly spoken, making finding opportunities for conversation and practice challenging. By enrolling in Cincinnati Latin lessons, you can be confident that you're getting the amount of practice that you need to pursue your Latin learning goals.

You may have heard Latin referred to as a "dead" language. Even though it is still used in some places, it is generally not anyone's first language anymore. While this does make Latin unique, it does not mean that Latin isn't useful, or not worth learning. Latin is used in fields like the sciences, medicine, law, and theology, among others. It is also the precursor to all modern Romance languages, such as French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese, and has had a sizable influence on English, too. This means Latin can be a great choice for anyone interested in studying European languages. Latin was in use throughout the Dark Ages and into the early modern period of European history, has historically been used in religious writing and communication, and continues to be used as the official language of communication in the Roman Catholic Church today. So if you're pursuing a future in history, or are considering a Master of Divinity or going into a seminary, Latin can give you access to a wealth of primary source material.

What subjects will Cincinnati Latin lessons cover?

Some elements of Latin may come easier than you expect, particularly vocabulary. As Latin has had such an impact on the development of English, many cognates between the languages are almost identical. The Latin word "adulescens" means "adolescent," for example, and "finis" means finish. You also won't have to worry about developing an accent as much as you would with other languages, as the dearth of Latin speakers means there is no longer any such thing as an authentic Latin accent. You will have to work on developing consistent pronunciation, though, as this can be helpful when learning new words, and make you read more fluently.

Latin grammar is where many Latin learners may encounter difficulty. In Latin, the endings of words, known as inflections, are a crucial part of how meaning is constructed in Latin sentences. Inflections describe how words relate to each other, and what subjects act on what objects. In English, this is mostly done with word order. For example, "Jack ran after Jill" means something different than "Jill ran after Jack." In Latin, word order is given much less importance, which can be confusing to new learners, as you'll have to look at all the inflections in a sentence to understand the overall meaning of the sentence. Once you get the hang of inflections, you'll realize they make Latin a very concise and elegant language, as a single word can convey a lot of meaning.

Latin lessons can also help you get the hang of Latin's system of gendered nouns. All Latin nouns are assigned one of three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. You'll need to memorize noun genders and learn how nouns and adjectives are used together. In Latin, adjectives must match the number and gender of the nouns they reference. You'll also work on learning essential Latin phrases, reading Classical Latin's 23-letter alphabet, and may even learn a bit of Latin history.

How will Cincinnati Latin lessons help me learn?

You have some options when enrolling in Latin lessons, as you can choose between an online class, private instruction, or even a mix of the two. If you opt to participate in online classes, you'll meet with a knowledgeable instructor and a set of peers within a virtual classroom, allowing everyone to communicate with each other as if they were next to each other. You'll participate in group discussions and activities and practice your Latin with other learners at your level. Classes like this have been shown to help students acquire information and retain it in the long term, and can help you build confidence in using Latin in conversation. An online class makes attendance convenient, as you won't have to worry about adding a commute to your schedule, and classes are offered at a variety of times. New classes are starting on a monthly basis, so you can get signed up quickly.

If you choose private instruction, we can help you find a qualified Cincinnati Latin tutor who can put together a personalized curriculum that targets your individual needs. If you're a prospective medical student, your tutor can put the focus on Latin as it is used in medical texts and terminology, for example. Or if you're a history student with a particular interest in Vulgar Latin, the more popularly spoken, less formal version of the language, your Cincinnati Latin tutor can accommodate that as well. You'll have the option of studying either online or in person. If you'd like to meet online, you'll be able to talk to your tutor over video chat and use a digital whiteboard through our Live Learning Platform. If you'd prefer in-person lessons, your Cincinnati Latin tutor can meet you wherever's best for you, whether that's at a library, a cafe, or even in your own home.

How can I get signed up?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, you'll be able to talk with one of our educational consultants about how we can best address your Latin learning needs. You can find out more about our offerings and scheduling and get signed up for Cincinnati Latin lessons quickly. Learners at any level will be welcome, from Oak Hills High School students just getting started in the language to experienced professionals looking to meet their goals of mastering Latin. Give us a call, and you may be taking the first step towards transforming your understanding of Latin.

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