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Varsity Tutors can get you set up with Chicago Latin lessons that fit your needs and schedule. Whether you're a University of Chicago student interested in going into theology or law, a Jones College Prep High School student looking for lessons that can accommodate a schedule packed with sports and extracurricular activities, a student at another area school, or even if you're in the workforce and are learning Latin to pursue your professional or personal goals, we can help. Language learning can be difficult and presents a unique set of challenges that the traditional classroom environment isn't always up to addressing. There are some hurdles that are particular to learning Latin, too: as Latin is an ancient language, so you may have trouble finding places to practice with others. Latin lessons can be a great resource to find new ways to bring more Latin into your life and can give you the feedback you might need to improve.

Latin is often referred to as a "dead" language, which means that it does not have a community of speakers who use it in everyday communication. This doesn't mean Latin should be dismissed, however. Although the language is specialized, it is still used in many academic and professional settings, such as history, theology, medicine, science, and law, and can give you access to a wealth of Latin poetry and literature. Latin is also the foundation for modern Romance languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian, so if you have an interest in European languages or linguistics, Latin can be a great choice. It has also had a large impact on the development of modern English, as evidenced by the preponderance of "Latin root" words in English. Latin was used up through the Middle Ages and into the early modern era of European history and influenced the world for centuries. It's still used as the official language of communication of the Roman Catholic Church and Vatican City, as well.

What material will I study in Chicago Latin lessons?

As Latin is the basis for many modern languages, there are elements of the language that may seem immediately familiar to you. Many Latin words are almost identical to their English equivalents, so having a strong English vocabulary can make picking up Latin vocabulary relatively painless. For example, "desidero" is Latin for "I desire," and "rapidus" means "rapid." You also don't have to worry about cultivating a truly authentic Latin accent. Since the language is no longer widely spoken, no such thing exists in the modern world. You will still want to develop consistent pronunciation, however, as this can help you learn words more quickly and read more fluidly.

Latin grammar is where you may run into difficulty, as it's very different from many modern languages. In Latin, the endings of words, or inflections, are what convey the meaning of a sentence by describing how subjects and objects interact. In English, this is mostly done with word order. To use a simple example, "Tom made Dave laugh" means something different than "Dave made Tom laugh." In Latin, the order in which subjects and objects are used in a sentence isn't strict; instead, the ending added to a word provides this information. This allows a single Latin word to communicate information that would take several words in English, making Latin very precise and concise, but also means that Latin can be very confusing for new learners.

Latin is also a gendered language, with masculine, feminine, and neuter genders, so you'll have to memorize the genders of all the nouns you learn. Adjectives also have to reflect the number and gender of the nouns they reference. You'll also study vocabulary and essential phrases, written Latin using the Classical Latin alphabet, and may even learn a bit of the history of Latin. Additionally, Latin split into Classical Latin and Vulgate Latin around the time that the Romans began to develop their literature, and depending on your goals, you may choose to focus on one or both of these forms. Classical Latin is very formal and is influenced by Greek, where Vulgate Latin uses inflection less and puts more emphasis on regular word ordering. Vulgate Latin is the precedent for modern Romance Languages, more so than Classical Latin.

How will Chicago Latin lessons help me learn?

When you're signing up for Chicago Latin Lessons, you'll have a choice between group classes and private instruction, although many people may find a mix of both helpful. Group classes can be very useful for Latin learners, as they can provide you with a community of Latin speakers to practice with. These classes are presented in an interactive online classroom, where you'll see and speak with your classmates and will be given lessons by an expert Latin teacher. Participating in group discussions and collaborative activities with fellow Latin students can help you quickly learn new information and has been shown to help students retain knowledge in the long term. Online classes also provide you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Classes are held at a wide range of times, and you won't have to worry about fitting an extra commute into your day. By putting your Latin class at your fingertips, you can be sure that you'll be able to consistently practice your skills, which can be key to learning any language.

One-on-one instruction from a Chicago Latin tutor offers some advantages as well. If you opt for this form of Latin lessons, we can help you find a Chicago Latin tutor who can provide you with highly personalized instruction that can aim to address your precise Latin learning needs. For example, if you're a prospective law student, your tutor can put together a curriculum with a focus on Latin as it is used in modern law practice. Your Chicago Latin tutor can also create lessons that will take your learning style and preferences into account. Should you opt for private instruction, you'll be able to choose between online and in-person meetings. Online tutoring is very convenient, and you'll be able to study with your tutor face-to-face over video while using an online whiteboard thanks to our Live Learning Platform. If you prefer to meet in person, your tutor can meet you at the place of your choosing, whether that's a cafe, the library, your own home, or anywhere else.

How can I get signed up?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, one of our educational consultants can talk to you about your Latin learning needs, give you more information about our services, and get you enrolled in the Chicago Latin lessons of your choosing. Whether you're a student at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School looking to get started on Latin early, a medical student, or from any other walk of life, we can find Latin lessons that can work for you on your schedule. Call now, and you could be putting yourself on a path to reaching for your Latin goals faster than you think.

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