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If you are looking for a way to augment your Latin study time, Varsity Tutors can get you started with Washington DC Latin lessons. These services can accommodate a variety of needs and situations so you can find the help that suits your needs. The resources and instruction in these classes can help you to maximize your study time and increase your confidence.

Latin is one of the most influential languages in history. Though it is a "dead" language, meaning that it is not spoken in any community, Latin is a key linguistic forebearer to Romance languages such as Italian, French, and Spanish. Latin is also an important ancestor of English even though English is a Germanic language. Latin was for centuries the language of law, politics, medicine, and science in the Western World. Learning Latin can be useful in a number of contexts. For students at schools like Woodrow Wilson High School or Columbia Heights Education Campus, Latin could be a way to fulfill a foreign language graduation requirement. Those in undergraduate or graduate-level programs at schools like Georgetown University or George Washington University may need to study Latin as part of Classical studies programs, or similar programs.

What skills and concepts can I study during Washington DC Latin lessons?

Latin presents both easy points of entry for English speakers and unique challenges as well. Latin and English share an alphabet which makes reading and writing much easier. Likewise, because English is descended from Latin, many common English words such as "audacious," "code," and "finish" are very similar to their Latin counterpart. This can make vocabulary learning more accessible. However, unlike English, Latin is a heavily inflected language. Classical Latin, in particular, has numerous word endings that provide information about a word. For nouns, inflections indicate the part of speech of the word, whether it is singular or plural, and the gender of the noun. In Latin, all nouns have a gender, even inanimate objects. Verbs are inflected to indicate their tense and whether they are singular or plural. This is a facet of Latin that appears a bit in English, but far less. You will need to memorize a large number of endings and know how to use them. Because Latin is inflected, another complicated factor when learning Latin is that the order of words is extremely fluid. Unlike in English, where word order matters a great deal, Latin can have nearly any part of speech in nearly any part of the sentence. This can be confusing initially for English speakers who have certain expectations about where the parts of a sentence fall.

Learning Latin in a structured format can help you to build a solid foundation of knowledge and build off of that foundation. An expert can help you know which concepts and skills to learn first, and which ones follow logically. This can help you to study more efficiently and in an organized manner. Formal language study can help you avoid bad habits in your writing, reading, or speaking. Also, these sorts of environments are great places to engage in conversation in Latin. Speaking a language aloud and participating in conversations are some of the most powerful ways to learn a language because they require you to utilize a variety of skills and knowledge at the same time.

What can Washington DC Latin lessons do to help me study?

As you prepare to start your Latin study time, you can learn in two main ways. The first is through a Washington DC Latin class. These online classes give you the chance to learn with a group in a classroom atmosphere. For those who would rather learn in a one-on-one environment, Washington DC Latin tutors are available to help you. Either of these options can help you to make the most of your study time and increase your comfort with the language.

In a Washington DC Latin class, you and your fellow students can hear live lectures from your instructor in a virtual classroom. This virtual classroom allows you to ask questions, discuss key ideas, and share your insights. You can learn from the perspectives of other students, and you are able to help your instructor see where you may need more help. You instructor can modify the class time to address areas of concern for the class, and you can set up a time to meet with your instructor outside of class as well. These classes are a great opportunity to practice conversations as well as learning the core skills and ideas in Latin.

There are both two and four-week classes that are available. New classes start every month, and there are multiple sessions that are available at a time. You can pick the session that fits your schedule as well as possible when you register.

When working with a Washington DC Latin tutor, you can experience learning that is based on your unique needs. You and your academic mentor can make a study plan for your sessions that fits your goals, abilities, and learning style. Your Washington DC Latin tutor can give you tools and instruction that suits your learning style, and you can focus on the content that is most pertinent to what you want to learn. You can practice your ability to properly inflect words, study vocabulary, and engage in conversations. Throughout your sessions, you can interact with your mentor to increase your understanding of Latin and your confidence.

How do I sign up for Washington DC Latin lessons?

If you are interested in either of these services, you can contact one of our Educational Consultants. They would be glad to answer your questions. They can also help you decide which service is right for you.

Varsity Tutors can set you up with Washington DC Latin lessons that help you to use your time effectively. If you want to experience the benefits of these sessions, contact one of your Educational Consultants online or over the phone today, and they will walk you through the registration process.

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