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Varsity Tutors can help you find fantastic Albuquerque SSAT prep opportunities that can give your student a leg up as they prepare for this comprehensive exam. The Secondary School Admission Test, or SSAT, can be taken by students in the third to eleventh grades. It is used by independent and private schools to identify students who have the skills necessary to succeed in the programs they offer. Your student's score on the SSAT could be a factor in their admission to the private or independent schools they've applied for, so it's important that they put their best foot forward.

The SSAT is a comprehensive exam that consists of five to six sections. It is presented at three levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. No matter whether your student has been reviewing for a while or they haven't even begun their prep, you may be wondering how you can help your student make progress in the time they have before their exam. We can set your student up with an Albuquerque SSAT prep course or a private instructor who can offer expert support.

What can Albuquerque SSAT prep cover?

The SSAT focuses on the reading, verbal, and math skills that students need to have in a private or independent school. No matter what level of the test, the Writing Sample and Experimental section are unscored. The Middle and Upper Level SSAT share a similar format while focusing on different levels of expected academic advancement. While the Elementary Level doesn't penalize incorrect answers, the remaining levels take away one-quarter of a point per incorrect answer.

Let's look at the Elementary Level SSAT a little more closely. In one hour and 50 minutes, your student must complete 89 questions divided amongst five sections: Quantitative/Math, Writing Sample, Reading, Verbal, and Experimental. The Quantitative section focuses on concepts like graph interpretation, subtraction and addition, fractions, and shapes. The Verbal section covers topics pertaining to basic language knowledge, while the Reading assesses your student's reading comprehension level. Lastly, the Writing Sample presents a picture prompt for your student to create a story about.

The Middle and Upper Level SSAT, on the other hand, have a time limit of two hours and 50 minutes. The six sections are the Writing Sample, two Quantitative sections, Verbal, Reading, and the unscored Experimental section. The Upper Level Writing Sample presents two prompts for your student: a traditional essay and a creative one. The Middle Level's prompt offers two creative options on which your student can base a story. The remaining sections are similar in terms of focus, though the Upper Level features more advanced applications of the concepts. Your student will need solid knowledge in a variety of subjects, such as algebra, geometry, and English.

The concepts and topics covered on this test are grade-level appropriate. Your student's courses have introduced these skills and abilities to them. Thorough preparation can help cement your student's knowledge to give them a leg up on the day of the exam.

What kind of benefits can my student receive from different types of Albuquerque SSAT preparation?

Different students can benefit from different approaches to their test review. Varsity Tutors can help you figure out which option is ideal for your student's needs. There are two main types of test prep: private tutoring and group classes. You can sign your student up for either option or even choose a combination of the two. Read on to learn more about classes and tutoring.

With new classes every week, you can enroll your student in a comprehensive Albuquerque SSAT prep class that focuses on any section of the level of the SSAT they are getting ready to take. Classes are held entirely online in a virtual classroom that allows your student and their classmates to interact with one another and the instructor. The class instructor can lead them in group discussions and activities that focus on the skills and concepts they need for the test. Your student can work with their peers to build test-taking skills that can help them manage their time confidently while they work through the test. If they have trouble grasping the finer points of a challenging topic, their instructor can set aside time to work with them privately.

While group learning can be an effective option for some students, your student may be more interested in working with a personal instructor. Studying with an Albuquerque SSAT tutor can provide a more customized approach to test prep. Your student's instructor can get to know their learning personality, personal interests, academic and testing goals, and skills. They can identify the content areas in which your student would benefit most from spending additional time on. From there, your student's mentor can help your student get the most out of each study session by focusing on the concepts and skills that they have the most room to grow in.

Private learning allows your student to be the sole focus of each session. They don't have to work their way through a set curriculum. Instead, their instructor can form a tailored lesson plan that addresses your student's individual needs. They can even implement a variety of teaching strategies that can appeal to your student's learning preferences and interests.

How can I get my student set up with Albuquerque SSAT prep?

The benefits offered by comprehensive, expert-led Albuquerque SSAT prep can have a lasting impact on your student's academic future. By taking the time to deepen their understanding of these fundamental skills and build test-taking skills, your student may be better equipped to deal with more advanced topics and assessment exams. They can gain valuable insight into the strategies that can help them efficiently prepare for tests, as well as study skills that can improve their independent efforts to review.

Varsity Tutors can help get your student set up with top-notch SSAT preparation that can fit into their scheduling needs. Reach out to our educational consultants to learn more about the test review options that are available for your student.

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