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Varsity Tutors can help your child prepare for an upcoming SSAT with a high-quality Salt Lake City SSAT prep solution. Whether your child will be taking the Elementary, Middle, or Upper Level SSAT, we know you want to provide them with every opportunity to work towards their academic goals.

The admissions offices of most private and independent schools often require SSAT scores as part of the admissions process. While this is not the only consideration factored into whether or not your child will be admitted to the school you want, it is crucial for your child to perform at their highest level. Working with professional instructors can help students prepare for the SSAT. Continue reading to learn more about what is covered on each level of the SSAT and how Varsity Tutors can help you provide the best Salt Lake City SAT preparation strategy for your child.

What can Salt Lake City SSAT prep cover?

There are five sections in each level of the SSAT; Quantitative, Reading, Math, Writing, and Experimental. In the Upper and Middle levels of the SSAT, the Quantitative section has two parts while the Elementary Level only has one. This section will cover concepts related to math. The Reading and Verbal sections of the SSAT cover English language skills and reading comprehension. The writing sample, while not scored, is an integral part of the SSAT. Your child's writing sample will be sent to any schools to which they apply. Because of this, you may want to include various writing techniques as part of your child's SSAT preparation. The experimental section of the exam is also not scored. The purpose of this section is to help test designers refine and improve the SSAT.

Some of the math subjects your child will need to be familiar with include basic arithmetic skills, algebra, and geometry. Some of the specific skills and topics that may be covered in the section include finding the area and perimeter of a shape, line equations, graphing skills, fractions, using variables, mean, median, mode, range, ratio and proportion, number order, and graph interpretation.

Some of the English language skills your child will need to have proficiency with in order to be adequately prepared for the Reading and Verbal sections of the SSAT include analogies, synonyms, antonyms, parts of the sentence, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, identifying the main idea, making inferences, and identifying the author's purpose and tone.

It is unlikely your child will need an in-depth review for each of the subjects and topics covered by an SSAT. However, it is difficult for a parent to know where your child may have academic deficiencies. That's why leveraging the support a professional SSAT preparation resources is a great idea. Whether your child needs targeted help or a general but comprehensive review, there is something for every student.

How can a Salt Lake City SSAT prep class help my student prepare?

You have two enrollment options for your child. You can choose between a two-week and a four-week class. Classes are made of individual sections. This type of design means the new sections can begin weekly, which makes it easy for you to get your child started with their SSAT prep efforts quickly.

All classes are held and secure online digital learning environment. This makes it convenient and easily accessible. You won't have to worry about driving your child to and from classes or spending valuable time looking for the right parking space. Your child can be working on their SSAT preparation while you are cooking dinner, working, or at the gym. Providing your child with the resources to support them on their academic journey does not have to interrupt your daily routine.

The routine of a prep class is similar to what you would find in a regular classroom. Teachers deliver instructional information to the group and may then move on to facilitate a group discussion, assign individual projects, or have a groups of students work together to deepen their understanding of the content material.

Prep classes are ideal for students who thrive in social situations and are highly motivated when working with peers.

How is working with a Salt Lake City SSAT tutor different from taking a course?

There are several important differences to be found between classes and private tutoring. One of the most pronounced is in the way instructional content is delivered. In a classroom setting it is impossible for teachers to give each student individualized instruction. When your child works with a private instructor, however, all of their lessons are personalized. Private tutoring allows the teacher to get to know your child as an individual. The instructor can use the information they learned about your child's learning style, academic strengths, academic weaknesses, and SSAT scoring goals to inform the development of the curriculum your child will receive. This type of personalization means that your child will focus exclusively on topics that are out of personal relevance to them.

Another key difference between courses and private sessions is in the scheduling flexibility you will have. When you enroll your child in a Salt Lake City SSAT prep course, you will have a finite number of times at which they can attend a session. When you have your child work with a private tutor, the scheduling availability becomes more flexible. You can have your child's sessions occur throughout the week and on weekends during the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Private instruction is ideal for students who thrive in one-on-one instructional settings. They are also an excellent fit for families with hectic schedules who want to provide their child with professional academic SSAT preparation support but cannot find class times that will work for their situation.

How can I get my child started with Salt Lake City SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to help your child get started with the right Salt Lake City SSAT preparation strategy for their personal academic needs. If you want to provide your child with an experienced instructor you could help them work towards their SSAT scoring goals, now is a great time to get started. Contact Varsity Tutors today to begin immediately.

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