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If you're interested in finding Syracuse SSAT prep for your student, Varsity Tutors has your back. The Secondary Schools Admission Test, or SSAT, is offered to potential independent or private school students in the 3rd-11th grades. The exam serves as an assessment of the reading, verbal, and math skills necessary to succeed in class. Properly preparing for this exam can be challenging, regardless of your student's grade level. Let our educational consultants help your student get set up with a Syracuse SSAT prep course or a private instructor to take their test review efforts to a new level. Read on to learn more.

What can Syracuse SSAT prep cover?

The SSAT is an assessment test used by private and independent institutions to identify students with the potential for success. There are three levels of the test: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. The Elementary Level SSAT covers five sections: Quantitative, Verbal, Reading, Writing Sample, and Experimental. The remaining two contain the same sections with the addition of a second Quantitative section. Regardless of the level, the Writing Sample and Experimental sections are unscored. Let's take a deeper look at the primary differences between each level of the test.

The Elementary Level SSAT is offered to students in third and fourth grades. Your student will have one hour and 50 minutes to work through the 89-question exam. There are 30 questions on the Quantitative section, which has a 30-minute time limit. Your student will need to demonstrate a solid understanding of basic math, such as number order, graph interpretation, measurement, and functions. The Verbal section consists of 30 questions with 30 minutes on the clock as well. The questions focus on key language concepts, including analogies, vocabulary, and word relationships. Your student will face seven passages of text on the Reading Section. Each passage is followed by four questions that ask your student to identify key points of the passage, define different words, and otherwise demonstrate their understanding of written English. This section allows up to 30 minutes. Finally, the Writing Sample presents a picture prompt. Your student will have 15 minutes to create a short story based on the photo.

The Middle and Upper Level SSATs are pretty similar to one another in terms of the format. The content on each exam differs when it comes to the expected levels of knowledge. The Middle Level is available for 5th to 7th-grade students while the Upper Level is offered to 8th to 11th-grade students. Your student will have two hours and 50 minutes on either of these tests. The Writing Sample of the Middle Level allows your student to choose from two creative prompts to produce a story. The Upper Level form of the test presents a creative and traditional essay prompt. While the former aims to assess writing and organizational skills, the latter calls for persuasive writing techniques and the use of supporting evidence.

How can my student benefit from different types of Syracuse SSAT prep?

There are two primary types of SSAT prep that Varsity Tutors can help you find: private learning and prep classes. Both offer a variety of unique benefits that can appeal to different types of students. We can help you sign up for one or even both! Let's explore the differences between each form of test review and how your student can benefit.

If your student enjoys learning in a group, they can enroll in a Syracuse SSAT prep class led by a thoroughly vetted expert who understands the challenges your student faces on the exam. You don't have to worry about your student starting a class already in progress because new two- and four-week sessions on multiple sections of the test start on a weekly basis. Classes are held entirely online via a virtual classroom environment that allows your student to set up anywhere they prefer to study.

Throughout each class, your student's instructor can explain the format, expectations, and challenges of the SSAT. Students can participate in engaging discussions and activities with their peers, which can help them gain a deeper understanding of the material. Your student can learn different ways to approach the exam, strategies that can help them eliminate incorrect multiple-choice answers, and other techniques that can help them put their best foot forward on the exam. If your student has trouble getting the hang of anything, their mentor can set aside time to work through the challenge one-on-one.

Perhaps your student thrives in a personalized environment that can be designed to engage them as an individual. We can connect you with a Syracuse SSAT tutor who can take your student's test prep to a new level. From the start, your student's private mentor can assess their learning preferences, interests, strengths, areas of opportunity, and other factors to develop a unique approach to the test prep. Your student's study sessions will focus on their needs, whether your student would rather spend sessions reviewing concepts for the Quantitative sections on the Middle Level SSAT or working through sample writing prompts for the Elementary Level test.

One-on-one learning allows your student's instructor to implement strategies and learning materials based on your student's learning preferences. For instance, a student who learns best through practice might spend sessions working through sample problems while another may benefit more from the visual benefits of flashcards.

How do I get started with Syracuse SSAT prep?

Varsity Tutors can help you get set up with comprehensive Syracuse SSAT preparation options that can take your student's test review to a new level. Our educational consultants can help you work out which choice is more suited to your student's needs and preferences. There's no reason that your student should have to get ready for such an important test on their own. By investing in your student's test prep, they can build valuable test-taking and study skills that they can employ throughout their academic future. Don't hesitate to reach out to our educational consultants for more information about how your student can participate in engaging and thorough test review sessions, either in a group or one-on-one.

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