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Whether you're looking to fulfill a degree requirement at the University of Louisville, supplement your studies at DuPont Manual High School, or simply learn a novel skill, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Louisville Latin course that can help you develop your language skills. We know it's not easy to learn a language. Whether the familiarities between Latin and English are obvious to you or you're prepared to embrace the challenges of learning the intricacies a language spoken throughout the Middle Ages and Roman Empire, an online course in Latin can help you understand key concepts. A qualified instructor can help guide you in learning vocabulary, pronunciations, and the inflections that determine the meaning of sentences.

Latin, no longer considered a living language, is still the official language of Vatican City and used for communication among members of the Roman Catholic Church. Even though vernacular languages in Europe took precedence over Latin by the 17th century, Latin roots are still used to develop new scientific and technological terms; they're used in medicine and theology as well. Latin is considered a precursor to various Romance languages, including French, Spanish, and Italian. In Ancient Roman times, the language became divided into Classical Latin, which was strongly influenced by Greek, and Vulgar Latin, which became the form spoken throughout the Roman Empire and is known for its regularities in word order. Building your Latin skills can help in various professions and in learning other languages.

Whether you're looking for a new career skill, to embrace Latin literature, or to impress some friends, an online class can help you build your fluency. You can start whether you have some background in the language or have never spoken it before. As they say, practice makes perfect, and the practice available through a Louisville Latin class, with the aid of an experienced instructor and your peers, can be just the opportunity to build Latin skills on your schedule.

What Are the Materials a Louisville Latin Course Can Cover?

Although students often find learning to pronounce Latin words isn't that difficult, learning any language takes time and patience. The practice you need is available through a course led by an experienced instructor. In some ways, Latin is not as hard to learn as other languages because there's no accent to learn, but proper pronunciation can help you learn vocabulary more quickly and read more fluently. It can also help you better appreciate the sound and rhythm of Latin prose and poetry. Vocabulary is an important aspect of Latin; you may find many English words are similar to or obviously originate from Latin. Recognizing the Latin roots of familiar words can help, as you'll notice that "finis" sounds much like its English counterparts "finish" or "end", and "persuadeo" is much like "I persuade".

A Louisville Latin course also helps you learn how endings of words are important to how they relate to one another and form the meaning of a sentence. These inflections can be challenging to native English speakers. Inflected word forms aren't emphasized in English. Rather, word order often determines the meaning of a sentence. For example "The woman is driving her children to school" means something different than "The children at school are driving the woman", which doesn't fit the context of what we're familiar with in modern society. The point is we can tell what is happening based on word order; in Latin, the endings of words has more significance than how a sentence is structured.

The expressions and word endings in Latin are quite precise. In a Louisville Latin class, you'll have an opportunity to learn what endings apply to specific meanings and active or passive forms of phrases. Learning how nouns are classified is an important step in the process as well. Latin has masculine, feminine, and neuter forms of nouns. Oftentimes masculine or feminine nouns identify people, animals, or objects you'd associate as being one or the other gender. A third gender unique to Latin includes neuter nouns, such as those for temple (templum), plan (consilium), and name (nomen). Your instructor may also build your background in the agreement of adjectives (in terms of gender or being singular or plural), and the endings of verbs. Unlike English, pronouns are often not needed in Latin phrases.

How Does a Louisville Latin Class Help Me Learn?

Whether you're focused on vocabulary or learning inflection, nouns, or verbs, a Latin class gives you the opportunity to work with an experienced instructor dedicated to helping students learn. You can practice with common phrases, reading, pronunciation, or grammar and sentence structure. In addition to having discussions in Latin, you can learn more about Latin history with insights into the language, while communicating and collaborating with your instructor and peers over the Internet. Even if you catch on to the material quickly, you can be an asset to the class by helping your classmates who may be struggling. In turn, you can receive help from others who can strengthen your understanding of more challenging concepts.

There's also no commute required when you enroll in a Latin course in Louisville. If you attend Atherton High School and are focused on your studies, preparing your college applications, and have other obligations, you can enroll in lunchtime, evening, or weekend courses. A rolling schedule has been set up for when courses start, so you can get started quickly and find a course at a time that is convenient for you.

Where Can I Sign Up?

Building your understanding of Latin can give you an edge in professions such as medicine, science, and law. You can get a head start in learning Latin at any level, even if you've never been exposed to the language. If you're interested in a Louisville Latin course, contact Varsity Tutors today. An educational consultant will answer all your questions, discuss all current class offerings, and help you with each step to getting enrolled in a Latin course. Contact us now to start building your command of the Latin language.

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