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Choose a Pittsburgh Latin course offered by Varsity Tutors, and it could help you gain a much deeper understanding of this interesting language. In many ways, the Latin language helped shape the modern world. Languages contain many philosophical and cultural ideas and concepts, and those same concepts were carried from the Latin language into many of the languages we speak today. Out of all the Germanic languages, Latin had the greatest influence on English. We still use many Latin phrases and words today in our everyday speech, including "et cetera," "ad nauseam," and "pro bono." We also use Latin in many of our intellectual disciplines, such as science, medicine, and law. Whenever we discover a new species of plant or animal, we give it a Latin name. These intellectual and academic traditions began in the ancient days of Rome. Although this ancient culture was well-known for its military might, they also had incredibly sophisticated systems of law, government, science, and philosophy. Although they borrowed much of this from the ancient Greeks, they contributed significantly to the advancement of human culture. Many of the systems they put in place greatly influenced parts of own culture and society today.

Eventually the Roman Empire would fall, but their language would live on. Monks, clergymen, nobles, and anyone who was educated continued to study Latin. In fact, this remained the most common written language across Europe, especially when it came to important documents. If you're planning on studying history and related subjects in the future, then Latin could be a major asset. Perhaps there's a program at the University of Pittsburgh where Latin could be especially useful. Even high school students at Brashear High School or Allderdice High School might want to study Latin for the first time. There are many different reasons for studying Latin. You might simply be passionate about learning new languages, and Latin definitely has a special appeal when compared to other languages. Latin might also be very helpful if you want to learn Romance languages in the future. Many people say that once you learn Latin, all Romance languages feel relatively straightforward.

The Romance languages evolved from a particular type of Latin called Vulgar Latin. This was the type of Latin that was spoken by the "common" people, such as soldiers, slaves, colonists, and others. Soldiers were responsible for spreading Vulgar Latin across Rome's new colonies, including those in Spain, Portugal, France, and even Britain. Vulgar Latin is noted for being extremely varied over various geographic areas, which would explain why French, Spanish, and other Romance languages are so distinct from one another while having many common elements. They all evolved from slightly different variations of this Vulgar Latin. But there's another type of Latin which was definitely more respected in the capital of Rome, and this was Classical Latin. This was the language spoken and written by the aristocrats, scholars, and intellectuals of Rome. Many of the documents and inscriptions we find from Ancient Rome are written in Classical Latin, while most evidence of Vulgar Latin comes from things like graffiti. An interesting exception was an early translation of the Bible called the Vulgate, which was written in Vulgar Latin.

What Might A Pittsburgh Latin Course Cover?

The ancient Romans were extremely active in Britain, and the modern English language was influenced by Latin more than any other Germanic language. Because of this, you might notice some helpful similarities between English and Latin as you learn this language for the first time. But while there are plenty of clues to help you on this educational journey, there are many other challenges. Latin has a very unique and somewhat confusing gender system. Unlike Romance languages, Latin features three separate genders. In addition to masculine and feminine, there is also a third gender called neuter. Inflections are also incredibly important in the Latin language. In English, the order of subjects and actions helps us understand what is happening, and to whom. But in Latin, most of this information is communicated through inflections alone. Because these word endings are so crucial, pronouns are mostly unnecessary. This could present a considerable challenge to students, as you'll need to memorize all of these inflections to fully understand the Latin language. You might find that memorizing inflections is just as important as adding to your vocabulary.

How Does A Pittsburgh Latin Course Help You Learn?

Your Pittsburgh Latin course occurs in a virtual learning environment. Your virtual classroom is highly collaborative, and you'll learn alongside other like-minded students under the leadership of an expert Latin instructor. This collaborative learning process has proven benefits, and you might find that hearing Latin being spoken around you is very helpful. While these virtual classrooms are a little different compared to a normal classroom, there are some notable similarities. Just like a normal classroom setting, you can ask questions and interact with your instructor and your fellow students. Your instructor is a highly qualified Latin expert who is committed to helping you gain a deep understanding of this language. Each instructor must go through a strict vetting and interview process, which ensures that they each have excellent communication skills.

How Do You Sign Up For A Pittsburgh Latin Class?

Access your Pittsburgh Latin class from anywhere on the planet. All it takes is an internet connection and a working computer. But the real benefit of these classes is the fact that they're incredibly flexible. No matter what your schedule might look like, there's a class available that fits your unique needs. The classes were specifically designed to work seamlessly with the schedules of working professionals and busy students. You can choose between night classes, weekend classes, classes on your lunch break, and many more options. In addition, you can choose between two-week classes or four-week classes. New classes start every single month.

Choose one of the best options available for developing a deep understanding of this incredible language. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and receive all the information you need to book your very first Nashville Latin class.

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