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If you're scouring the internet looking for a St. Louis French course that gives you tremendous value for your money, look no further than Varsity Tutors. French is one of the most famous languages in the entire world. Its 300,000,000 speakers can be found in France, Canada, Belgium, Monaco, Lebanon, Southeast Asia, and West Africa (among other places). It's also commonplace in the business world and one of the languages officially recognized by the United Nations for international affairs.

Clearly, there are many reasons you might want to study French. For example, maybe you just started taking French at a local high school such as St. Louis University High School or Metro High School. Alternatively, maybe you're a university student taking French at a local college like Washington University in St. Louis or Saint Louis University. Perhaps you are a business professional with contacts in a French-speaking area, or you're a huge fan of French literature and would like to study it without a translation.

Unfortunately, many English speakers have a hard time mastering the intricacies of French. Both English and French were originally derived from Latin, so there are points of commonality that can make French feel familiar. However, the similarities can make the differences even harder to wrap your head around. In French, every noun is considered either feminine or masculine, taking the direct object pronoun "la" or "le" accordingly. If a word is plural, the correct direct object pronoun is "les" regardless of gender. If you feel as though you could benefit from professional assistance to learn abstract factoids like these, enrolling in a St. Louis French course may prove to be a good decision.

What skills can I practice in a St. Louis French class?

Immersion is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language, but it's very hard to accomplish on your own. Sure, you can listen to French language media, but you can't interact with it in the same way as a conversation partner. Taking a St. Louis French class gives you a set block of time to practice speaking and listening to French. If you're a novice, your teacher can introduce new concepts gradually so that you don't feel overwhelmed by everything. If you're more advanced, your instructor might instead conduct entire classes in French to force you to get even more comfortable with it. Your instructor can also answer any questions you have promptly, ensuring that any misunderstandings cannot spiral out of control.

Similarly, your teacher can help you improve your written French. The hardest part of almost every writing assignment is getting started, so you can study useful phrases such as "je crois que" (I believe that) that fit into a variety of topics. Composing an outline is also an effective way to organize your thoughts no matter what language you are composing in. Your instructor may also provide feedback on your work so that you know what you did well and any areas that could be even better.

Formal French instruction can also help you study the minute details of French grammar. For instance, French has a system of relative pronouns that have no true corollary in English. If you understand the differences between "ce qui," ce que," and ce don't," this system may become easier to understand.

If your French studies also encompass French culture and history, your teacher might treat those topics like a social studies class. Presenting information in graphic form can help visual learners visualize key concepts, and combining it with oral repetition can ensure that the auditory students in the room aren't left out. You might even watch a documentary on the role of Gen. Charles De Gaulle in World War II to understand the influence France has had on world affairs.

How does a St. Louis French course provided by Varsity Tutors work?

When you sign up for one of our classes, you will get an online class filled with students and a knowledgeable instructor. We vet each instructor thoroughly, so you can count on studying under the tutelage of a fluent French speaker who understands how to share their knowledge with students. If you ever feel like you need extra help with something, you can also arrange private study sessions with your instructor to get the assistance you need.

Our live virtual platform facilitates real-time interactions between everyone in the class, so asking for help is easy as it would be in a more traditional classroom setting. You can also hear your classmates, giving you valuable experience listening to a variety of different accents and dialects that more accurately reflect what it would be like to be in a French-speaking region. After all, even native English speakers don't all sound alike.

Working with other students also offers several advantages. For instance, hearing another student explain how they remember feminine vs. masculine nouns may feel more relatable than listening to an instructor who has known the difference for years explain the same information. You might also explain something to a peer to reinforce your own understanding of a concept. Multiple students can also split the bill multiple ways, giving you more value for your money than you could get on your own.

We also try to make attending our classes as convenient as possible. Since all instruction happens online, you never need to worry about fighting through traffic to get to a session. We also offer two- and four-week classes to make it easier to find one that works for your schedule. New sessions start every month, so you never need to wait too long to get started either.

Can I sign up for a St. Louis French course today?

Of course. Use the contact information provided on this page to speak to a knowledgeable educational consultant who can explain the enrollment process in further detail. At Varsity Tutors, we're proud of every St. Louis French class we offer and look forward to playing our role in your quest to learn this exciting language!

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