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If you're preparing for college entrance exams, you can rely on Varsity Tutors to provide you with a high-quality online Omaha ACT course. Whether you're a junior at Millard North High School studying for your first ACT, a senior at Creighton Preparatory School shooting for an even higher score than you earned last year, or you attend another school in the area and want to do your best, taking a class with a professional instructor could enhance your test prep experience. It's up to you to make sure you properly prepare to pursue the college you'd like to attend, and an Omaha ACT course can help you work towards that.

Studying for standardized exams like the ACT is different from regular class test prep. That's why your ACT course can focus on content review and offer test-taking strategies and other information to help your exam day go more smoothly. Combine this with the encouragement and suggestions you can share with your classmates during your virtual sessions, and a prep course might give you the extra boost of confidence you need to excel.

What content will I be able to go over in an Omaha ACT class?

One nice thing about standardized exams like the ACT is that they're generally created to test you on what you have already learned throughout your years in school. Because of this, your Omaha ACT classes will consist of a comprehensive review of the subjects tested. The exam is broken down into four required sections and one optional Writing section. The mandatory sections are Math, Reading, English, and Science. The full test without the Writing section takes nearly 3 hours, and the Writing portion adds 40 minutes to the total. We'll look at each section briefly to give you an idea of what will be covered in your ACT class.

If you take the Writing section, you'll be given a prompt presenting an issue and three different perspectives on it. Your task is to write a response stating your own perspective on the issue while analyzing how it relates to at least one of the points of view in the provided reading. You'll need to quickly draft and organize your thoughts and write a cohesive response using your knowledge of English language conventions. It's likely that you'll end up writing a good number of practice essays during your ACT class, which tends to be considered the best way to prepare for this section. You can go over each essay to see changes you should make, use that to write your next practice essay, and so on.

The Math section requires you to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in an hour covering the math you have learned through the beginning of your senior year. Specific subjects included are pre-algebra, algebra, coordinate and plane geometry, and trigonometry. You will need an understanding of number systems and numerical reasoning, equations, functions, and data collection and analysis, among other mathematical skills.

For the Reading section, you have 35 minutes to complete 40 multiple-choice questions. You read a passage and then answer a few questions about each one. You should have reading comprehension at a senior high school or first-year college level to do well in this section. Some of the specifics you may want to brush up on during your GMAT classes are identifying themes and main ideas, discerning relationships within text, differentiating between opinions and facts, and making connections within and between texts.

The English section is closely related to the Reading section as they both assess your level of skill in the English language. This section gives you 45 minutes to answer 75 multiple-choice questions, again based on passages. This time, you'll focus on language conventions such as punctuation, usage, grammar, sentence structure, and similar details. You should also be able to point out tone and style, organization as it relates to unity and cohesion, and how topics are developed.

The Science section has 40 multiple-choice questions that you must answer within 35 minutes. Specific subjects included on the ACT Science section are biology, chemistry, Earth and space sciences, and physics. Your abilities to interpret, analyze, evaluate, reason, and solve problems are all measured in this section. Sometimes there will be a short experimental section after the Science section, which is not scored. This is where potential new questions are tested, and the section will be clearly marked.

All of these subjects are covered in your Omaha ACT class sessions. If you run into more difficulty with certain concepts or skills than your classmates, you can always request some one-on-one study time with your instructor. Between the collaborative atmosphere in class where ideas and questions are shared and the opportunity for intensified individual study when needed, you should feel well prepared when the day of the ACT rolls around.

How is taking an Omaha ACT course better than studying on my own?

There are a number of advantages to studying with a knowledgeable ACT instructor and a small group of like-minded students. For one, it can be difficult for you to see your own shortcomings. Just knowing which areas you're having trouble with isn't enough. Professional educational mentors are able to help you understand why you're having trouble in certain areas and how to best achieve proficiency in a complete and timely manner.

You can also learn test-taking strategies from your instructor in an ACT class. Even if you work hard at studying a challenging concept or problem-solving method on your own, you could be missing out. During sessions, your instructor can cover valuable strategies like time management to help you perform at your best.

How do I sign up for an Omaha ACT prep course?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started with a two- or four-week ACT preparation course. Classes are offered at different times of the day, and new sections start weekly. All you have to do to get started with an online Omaha ACT course is contact Varsity Tutors today, and we'll set you up right away.

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