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Varsity Tutors can help you as you prepare for college entrance exams by setting you up with a suitable Austin Texas ACT course. Students all over Austin, from schools such as Liberal Arts & Science Academy and Westlake High School, are choosing to take the ACT as they near the end of their high school career. The score you receive on the ACT could impact whether or not you gain admittance to the college or university of your choice. For this reason, it is important to adequately prepare in order to ensure that you perform your best on test day and hopefully earn your desired score.

What does the Austin ACT course contain?

Even if you know that completing the ACT is the next step in your college application process, you may not know exactly what to expect on test day. So for the sake of preparing, let's take a look at the test format and content you will be faced with on this exam. The ACT consists of four required and one optional section that must each be completed within a certain time requirement.

First, we will breakdown the four required portions of the exam. These include Math, English, Science, and Reading.

The Math section is composed of 60 questions that must be answered within 60 minutes. They are focused on evaluating how well you perform in elementary algebra, pre-algebra, intermediate geometry, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry. These multiple-choice questions will need to be approached with speed and accuracy since you will only have an average of one minute to select each answer. The score for this portion of the exam ranges between 1-36.

The English section has 75 multiple-choice questions and is only allocated 45 minutes to complete them all. This segment is meant to test your grammar skills. Are you able to write grammatically correct sentences? Do you know the right way to punctuate your sentences? How about your rhetorical skills? All of these will be tested using questions that are based on short passages. You will receive a score ranging between 1-36 for this portion of the test.

The Science section has 40 questions that must be answered within 35 minutes, and they are meant to measure your ability to interpret scientific data. You will be required to analyze the questions and figure out which of the multiple-choice answer best fits that particular scenario. You will also encounter conflicting viewpoint questions that will test your reasoning skills. The subjects tested under this section are chemistry, physics, biology, and space sciences. The section is scored on a scale of 1-36.

The Reading section is the final multiple-choice portion that we need to discuss and has a total of 40 questions. You are only given 35 minutes to provide all of your answers. By focusing on your ability to comprehend information that is presented through various passages, this segment will measure your ability to identify relationship types, determine word phrase and meaning, make connections between multiple texts, and identify central ideas or themes. For your work at this stage in the exam, you will receive a score ranging from 1-36.

If you choose to complete the optional portion of the ACT, you will also face the Writing section. This part of the test will present you with a writing prompt, and you will have 40 minutes to respond with an essay-style answer. Strong writing skills are required for this particular task, as you will need to organize your ideas logically, coherently, and clearly. Depending on your ability to perform all things, you will receive a score between 2-12.

What are the benefits of taking the Austin ACT course?

If you are interested and would like to take the Austin ACT class, you can start by signing up to get enrolled in an interactive session. The class offers a collaborative environment where students freely interact with a skilled instructor. All of the instructors for these courses are subject to a rigorous interview and vetting process to ensure they are highly-qualified and capable of help students improve their test-taking strategies.

The class is designed to resemble a traditional classroom setting, with the primary difference being that it takes place in a completely virtual environment. Because the class is held online, it adds a level of flexibility that is not possible with many other Austin ACT class options. When you register, you will be able to choose between a two- or four-week session. With new sessions beginning regularly, Varsity Tutors has an ACT prep class that can fit within even the busiest student's schedule.

Another benefit of the virtual classroom is its portability. Since all you need to attend the course is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to the internet, the world can be your classroom. Do you enjoy studying from the comfort of your own sofa without ever changing out of your pajamas? Or perhaps you prefer to ride your bike to the local coffee shop and learn study tips while sipping on a warm latte. Regardless of your chosen learning environment, your instructor will be right by your side for the duration of the course.

The classes are also interactive, and students are encouraged to participate. This means that you can ask questions directly to your instructor and fellow classmate if you need clarification on a particular strategy or test subject. This can help you improve your test-taking abilities at a faster rate than if you were forced to work through every issue without any help.

How can I get an adequate Austin ACT prep course?

If you are tired of studying for your ACT alone and would like to be apart of a group determined to earn their personal-best ACT score, then contact Varsity Tutors today. We can enroll you in an Austin ACT course that can help you develop the tips and knowledge necessary for you to succeed. Still have questions? Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you to provide more information and help you find the ACT course that will best fit into your current schedule.

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