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If you're preparing for the Law School Admissions Test, or LSAT, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Nashville LSAT prep course that fits into your schedule. The LSAT is used to assess key skills you'll need to reach for your goals in law schools such as Vanderbilt University Law School or Belmont University College of Law. It consists of three multiple-choice sections: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. A Writing section is also included, while one of two potential unscored sections may be included as well.

A Nashville LSAT course is led by an instructor who is knowledgeable about the exam. Your instructor provides interactive lessons via an online learning platform, enabling them to review topics covered on the test and provide insights into its content and format. Each course is focused on test prep. It can cover a great deal of information and get you ready to perform your best in the sections we will provide an overview of.

What Subjects, Topics, and Skills Does a Nashville LSAT Class Cover?

There are four main sections of the LSAT. For three of them, you'll use a tablet provided by the test center. The digital format enables you to select answer choices onscreen and use a timer (including a five-minute warning), digital highlighter, and the ability to flag questions for later reference. The Writing section, which you can complete up to a year after the rest of the Digital LSAT, is administered on a separate platform.

You have 35 minutes to complete the Reading Comprehension section. It consists of long-form passages that are much like what you'd come across in law school. There are various questions that ask you about explicitly stated information and that which can be inferred, the meaning or purpose of words/phrases, and to apply information based on context. You'll also have to assess the author's attitude based on tone and understand analogies to claims or arguments.

The Analytical Reasoning section, also 35 minutes, measures your proficiency in understanding how relationships are structured, and how well you draw conclusions based on them. You'll need to reason with conditional statements and infer truth based on the facts or rules provided and new hypothetical details.

Unlike the previous sections, the Logical Reasoning section is 70 minutes long since it consists of two 35 minute sections. Questions require you to evaluate, analyze, and complete arguments made in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and other types of content. It measures a wide range of skills, from recognizing parts of an argument and similarities/differences between patterns of reasoning to determining how additional evidence affects an argument, to identifying flaws in arguments.

The Writing section gives you 35 minutes to respond to a prompt, which presents a specific decision problem and requires you to pick from one of two positions or courses of action. Your writing sample must defend your choice with solid argumentative writing skills. The law schools that read your sample will examine your clarity, reasoning, use of language, organization, and writing mechanics. Your future weighs heavily on your performance in all these sections, which is why you should consider a Nashville LSAT course.

How Can I Benefit from a Nashville LSAT Course?

Your raw score is based on the number of correct answers, not what you get wrong. Nor are the particular questions you answer right or wrong factored in. That means you can guess an answer as a last resort, but to perform your best on test day, you'll need to prepare. A prep course offers review of content you may have not been exposed to in a while, refreshing your mind. It can also help fill in learning gaps; perhaps there was something you didn't fully understand, but here is an opportunity to learn from an expert instructor and collaborate with your peers at the same time. Studying alone rarely provides such advantages, but Varsity Tutors has developed a system that is built around helping students study for exams.

Instructors can provide comprehensive coverage of the test itself. If you're unfamiliar with the LSAT, this is a good thing. Practice questions can help you learn how to answer them and become more efficient. You might learn strategies such as which questions to tackle first or how to eliminate incorrect answers based on the context of questions and passages. Learning how to study and take the test more efficiently can lead to improved performance, so you can better reach for your goals. And when you find a particular topic or skill is harder to learn, ask your instructor for individual help; each is willing to set aside one-on-one time with students for extra help.

When scheduling is a dilemma, just check out the options Varsity Tutors offers. You can find a Nashville LSAT class weekly, meaning two- and four-week sessions begin on a week-by-week basis. That means you can get started right away and find classes that accommodate your requirements and schedule. Therefore, you don't have to miss out on the test prep you need.

How Do I Find a Nashville LSAT Course?

Whether your busy school, work, or family schedule leaves many options out or you prefer a lunchtime, afternoon, or weekend session, Varsity Tutors will help find a course at the best time for you. We realize life gets in the way, but the efforts you put in now are an investment in your career. A detailed review and thorough test prep are critical in helping you learn how to approach the various questions on the LSAT, hone advanced skills, and become more confident.

A Nashville LSAT class can help no matter what your test score goals are. The objective is to study the right way and focus on the topics you need to learn. Reading complex texts, making analytical inferences, and breaking down arguments take practice. If you're still looking to get to the level that law schools want you to be at, contact Varsity Tutors today. An enthusiastic educational consultant will walk you through all your options and help with signing up for the next available class.

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