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Pursuing a career in the legal world means that you must take the LSAT to enter law school, and taking an Indianapolis LSAT course provided by Varsity Tutors could help you pursue a great legal studies curriculum. Law school programs, like the one offered by the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, have high expectations of their students. They require strong applications, including respectable scores on the LSAT. Working with a tutor to understand this standardized test can give you a competitive edge.

The LSAT is an acronym for "Law School Admissions Test," and it is a core component of any application to law school. Whether you're a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree focused on legal or political studies, or you have worked in the professional world for years and want to change your career, taking the LSAT is the first step to completing your application. You can walk into this test and take it without any preparation, but being unprepared means that you will be easily distracted, stressed about time, and unlikely to know all of the material - so your score could be lower. Working with a professional instructor in an Indianapolis LSAT class means that you can learn important test-taking strategies and gain a better sense of how the LSAT works.

What can I expect out of an Indianapolis LSAT prep course?

When you take an LSAT course provided by Varsity Tutors, you can expect to learn in an online classroom from a knowledgeable instructor covering practice tests, approaches to taking standardized tests, and the areas of the test you need to focus on. You will have 3 hours to complete 4 sections which examine your different strengths so university officials who review your law school application can understand how you will work within their program.

The first section, Reading Comprehension, has one section which you have 35 minutes to complete. This portion of the LSAT measures your ability to read and understand the content of examples of long-form, complex English text, based on those you will encounter throughout law school. You will be tested on understanding the author's attitude as revealed through the tone of the writing, how organization and structure reflects the core argument, and how new information may impact the claim in that section.

The Analytical Reasoning section, like Reading Comprehension, has one section for you to complete in 35 minutes. You will be tested on your understanding of stated relationships, by reasoning within conditioned statements, recognizing of equivalency between two statements given context, and inferring what could be true or what must be true based on facts and rules. This should lead you to draw a conclusion about the structure of the relationship.

The third section is Logical Reasoning, which has two sections and a total of 70 minutes to complete them. Like the previously mentioned sections, you will have 35 minutes to complete each sub-section. This portion of the test assesses your ability to analyze, evaluate with criticism, and complete arguments. You will be given content from a variety of sources with various levels of accuracy and bias, including newspapers, scholarly publications, and informal discourse - you should then identify explanations, critical information, flaws in arguments, and draw conclusions.

The final section, Writing, also has 35 minutes total to complete an essay on a writing prompt. While this area is unscored, it is required and can show your ability to reason and create a course of action from two positions. You can show how you would defend your choice as well. A copy of this section is sent to all the law schools you apply for along with the scores from the other sections of LSAT.

With little time to complete each section, it is important to prepare yourself with practice tests - and the best way to practice is with an Indianapolis LSAT class. Working in a class helps you time yourself as you work on different sections and gives you space to find which areas you do not thoroughly understand and how to best study for these.

Are there options for the format of your Indianapolis LSAT course offerings?

Yes, you can choose from a 2-week or 4-week course, in which you work with a group led by an expert instructor who understands the LSAT. Collaborative lessons have been shown to greatly benefit students of all ages and walks of life - other students may ask something you may not have thought about, for example. With our Indianapolis LSAT course options, new courses begin weekly, and you can join one through our convenient virtual platform in the comfort of your own home.

LSAT instructors are vetted and highly qualified, each having a unique and effective approach to working with future law school students taking their Indianapolis LSAT class. Working in a group means that you get a range of feedback from your instructor and other students, and working together as a group has been shown to help reinforce information in all students. However, if you need additional help, instructors can set aside time for one-on-one discussions with you about any areas you struggle to understand.

Our course options are a great value that allows you flexibility to study before you take this important standardized test.

How can I find the right LSAT course for me?

If you want professional instructors leading vivacious, inquisitive groups of students, Varsity Tutors offers programs for you. Join a group LSAT class online today, and the help provided by course instructors means you can build confidence in your test-taking abilities. Law school requires attention to detail and dedication, just like going into a courtroom to argue a case. Start this habit now by taking a class to prepare yourself for your exam.

There are many components of a law school application, but getting a good score on the LSAT is one of the core pieces needed to show administrators at top universities and colleges that you are serious about this career path. With the help of our LSAT prep classes, you can understand the structure of each section of the LSAT and effective strategies to help you try to improve your score.

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