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If you could use help learning Spanish, whether you're studying it as a language requirement at Reagan College Preparatory High School, pursuing a degree at Marquette University, or learning it in anticipation of a promotion or vacation, contact Varsity Tutors to learn about our Milwaukee Spanish course. The courses meet live online and are led by an expert instructor. During class, you have the opportunity to communicate with the instructor as well as your classmates.

Spanish is second only to Mandarin Chinese as the most spoken language on the planet, and second to English as the most spoken language in the United States. It's one of the Romance languages, which makes it more familiar to English speakers than others. There are more than 45 million Spanish speakers in the United States, and Americans study Spanish as a second language more than any other language.

One reason for this may be that Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. There are more consistent rules, and there is already a lot of Spanish vocabulary in English, such as rodeo, armadillo, fiesta, and suave. Another reason may be the prevalence of Spanish speakers in the US and the job opportunities being fluent could open up to you. Whatever your reasons for learning Spanish, you can get a lot out of a Milwaukee Spanish course provided by Varsity Tutors.

What Spanish language topics will be covered in a Milwaukee Spanish course?

Some of the first things you'll learn about in Spanish is the pronunciation of each letter and combination and some basic vocabulary. You may be surprised to find that Spanish nouns have genders. This is similar to other languages like French, Russian, and German, and the Latin that heavily influences all Romance languages. The gender of the noun doesn't correspond to any inherently feminine or masculine aspect of them with a few exceptions, including job titles.

As an example, a female scientist is una cienífica, while a male scientist is un cienífico. You may have noticed that articles like "a" are also gendered and must match the noun they introduce. You may have also noticed that the female gendered noun ended in an "a" and the male-gendered noun ended in an "o". This is frequently, but not always, how you can tell which gender a noun is. Memorizing all nouns with their gender identity is important because, when you start to build Spanish sentences, you'll need to make sure articles, adjectives, and other parts of the sentence match both the gender of nouns. There aren't as many exceptions to rules in Spanish as there are in English, but there are some. Just as in English, you must simply memorize them.

One of the most dreaded, but imperative, things to learn with any language is verb conjugation. It's the kind of thing that many people never think of very much, because we have been immersed in our native English and know when to use, for example, am, is, are, was, and were. It takes time to learn to conjugate verbs, and then to conjugate them in each tense.

Verb tense is also something not all people think of. You know that "I will do" indicates an action in the future, and "I did" indicates an action in the past. You probably also instinctively know how to use other tenses such as "I will have done" or "I have done," but it's not as likely that you know what those tenses are called. In this way, learning Spanish can actually guide you in understanding how and why the English language works as it does.

There are other things to learn in your Milwaukee Spanish class, including general vocabulary and parts of speech, pluralization, pronunciation, and pairing nouns and adjectives properly, among others. Perhaps the most important thing you can work on during your Spanish class is using the vocabulary you do know in conversations. You could have a short, but logical and meaningful, chat on your first day of learning Spanish. As you grow in your understanding, you can have longer and more detailed discussions with your classmates and instructor.

How is a Milwaukee Spanish class better than trying to learn on my own?

If you've ever learned a word by reading it and only years later heard it pronounced differently from what you thought, you have a good idea of an important reason to study a new language with help from others who speak the language. It's much easier to learn pronunciation correctly the first time than to try to relearn it. A related benefit of working in a live online class is the opportunity you have to real-time conversations with other learners, overseen by your instructor. It's well known that language is learned most efficiently when it's used in genuine situations rather than just memorizing a bunch of words from a list.

In addition to giving you content to memorize, your Milwaukee Spanish class instructor can offer strategies for how to best learn a language. Whether or not you're in a Spanish class at Rufus King International School or the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, you may have heard of some and not others. Spaced repetition is a powerful memory tool used by students to learn any kind of content, and works especially well for language learning. Based on science, it helps your brain retain new information better than many other learning methods. Another helpful tip when learning a language is to match the words you learn to the image or thought of that thing, that action, that color, etcetera. It's not efficient to translate word-for-word in your mind, as there's just no way to keep up with a realistically paced discussion or news show or other spoken Spanish.

Excellent. How can I get signed up as soon as possible?

With courses beginning each month, you'll never have to wait very long to start studying in your Spanish class. Simply contact Varsity Tutors and our educational consultants can answer your questions and get a bit of information about your level of fluency, goals, and schedule. This can enable them to enroll you in a Milwaukee Spanish course that can meet your unique set of needs and challenges. Why not call now? We look forward to helping you.

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