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A CLEP Humanities course from Varsity Tutors is a great opportunity for you to prepare for this test. If you register for a CLEP Humanities course, you will have the opportunity to learn in a one-on-one environment to help you make the most of your prep time. Many schools accept passing a CLEP test as a substitute for introductory-level college courses. This opportunity to earn credit and complete your degree in a more efficient manner can make a difference for your academic career.

As you work through your CLEP Humanities class, you can enter the test with a greater awareness of the sections on the exam, and the ideas needed for the exam. The table below shows the two main sections of the CLEP Humanities Test:

Topics % of Test # Questions
Literature 50% 140 90 Minutes
The Arts 50%

Because the CLEP Humanities test covers a broad range of topics, the amount of content that you interact with is extensive. Below is a breakdown of the content and content areas that appear on the CLEP Humanities test.


  • Literature
    • 10% Drama
    • 10%-15% Poetry
    • 15%-20% Fiction
    • 10% Nonfiction (including philosophy)
  • The Arts
    • 20% Visual arts: painting, sculpture, etc.
    • 5% Visual arts: architecture
    • 15% Performing arts: music
    • 10% Performing arts: film, dance, etc

Each CLEP Humanities class takes place online through our Live Learning Platform. There are CLEP Humanities courses available at a variety of times which makes it easier to accommodate a wider variety of schedules. Because of the flexible scheduling and online meeting, CLEP Humanities classes are able to overcome some of the scheduling and logistical barriers that can make test prep difficult.

In your CLEP Humanities prep course, you will work one-on-one with a skilled tutor. This tutor can help you develop a plan based on your learning goals, your academic abilities, and the way you learn best. By placing your needs front and center, your time in a CLEP Humanities prep class is efficient and focused. You don't spend time learning information you already know, and you don't have to try to learn in ways that are not effective for you. The live feedback you receive in CLEP Humanities prep courses can help you to develop not only your understanding of the content but also your study skills.

Developing your study skills is a way that CLEP Humanities prep classes can benefit both your preparation for this exam and also your academic career. The one-on-one instruction doesn't just help you learn information, it can help you learn how to develop study plans, assess what your study needs are, and execute a study plan.

As you and your tutor work together during your CLEP Humanities prep class, you are also able to discuss test-taking strategies. For those who experience anxiety during test-taking, or for those who simply want to maximize their time during the exam, learning how to utilize specific strategies for this exam can help you to feel more confident and prepared.

Your time in a CLEP Humanities class from Varsity Tutors is an investment not just for this particular exam, but for the rest of your academic career. Preparing well for the CLEP Humanities test can help you to move through your college years more efficiently, help you develop study skills, and increase your understanding of the material on the exam. Educational Directors are available online or over-the-phone to help you register.

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