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James is incredibly knowledgeable with the German language. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and helps tremendously with pronunciation. He also gives vocabulary that is useful for everyday conversations, but also tailors it to words that I personally need for my studies. My German comprehension has increased dramatically in the 2 months I’ve been working with him.

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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Varsity Tutors can help you get more out of your Chinese language learning opportunities by signing you up for an in-depth Chinese class. You can take a Chinese course no matter what your current skill level in the language is. Whether you're a college or high school student who is studying the language as a means of satisfying your graduation requirements or an individual who is learning Chinese for personal or professional growth, a course can help you get more out of the time that you're putting into learning the language.

Your Chinese class allows you to learn from an experienced Chinese language instructor in a unique online setting. During classes, you can interact with your instructor in several ways. You'll also study alongside peers who are passionate about learning the Chinese language just like you are. The other students in your class can help you get even more out of your class sessions.

Do you think that you would benefit from taking a Chinese class? If so, then the easiest way to get started with one is by reaching out to us directly. We'll help you select the right course for your specific academic and scheduling needs and can then get you enrolled in it quickly. Keep reading to get more information on the Chinese language and how we can help you develop a better understanding of it.

Why Should I Learn Chinese?

Learning Chinese is a smart thing to do for several reasons. Perhaps the biggest motivation to learn Chinese is the fact that it's the most widely spoken language in the entire world. There are over one billion native speakers of the various Chinese dialects. The most popular of these dialects is Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. However, the majority of Chinese speakers in the United States historically prefer the Cantonese dialect of the language.

Chinese is also one of the official languages of the United Nations and has a history that dates back thousands of years. The language is the only modern pictographic language, and many of the Chinese characters that are used today come from ancient drawings of the items that they are meant to describe. Thus, the language has a rich history that you can appreciate more effectively through learning how to utilize it.

Chinese is a difficult language for native English speakers to learn. However, it's certainly worth spending the time and effort it takes to build an understanding of the language. Doing so can help you immensely if you plan on entering into a line of work that requires you to interact regularly with individuals who speak Mandarin. If you learn how to speak Mandarin yourself, then you'll make yourself a more attractive candidate for employment in the types of positions that you're interested in. You'll add a lot of value to your company if you can communicate with Chinese partners in their native language.

Perhaps you decided to learn the language because you're passionate about Chinese culture. Learning how to understand and communicate in Chinese dialects will allow you to better appreciate the Chinese cultural products that interest you. For instance, you'll be able to watch Chinese TV shows, movies, and read Chinese literature in their authentic forms after learning more about the proper Chinese dialect.

No matter what your reasons are for deciding to study this language, Chinese classes are a great way to supplement the pursuit of your Chinese language learning goals. This is because they offer a unique way to supplement the instruction that you're getting in the classroom or the work that you're doing to learn the language on your own. The next section will go over some of the specific content that you can learn about when taking a Chinese course. On the other hand, if you're ready to get started in a class, you can reach out to us directly today to easily do so. We'll help you select the right course option for your specific academic and scheduling needs.

What Content is Covered in Chinese Classes Near Me?

Chinese classes can help you develop a better understanding of the most important aspects of the Chinese language. As touched on briefly above, this language is one of the most difficult for native English speakers to learn because there are so few similarities between English and Chinese. Taking a course will give you the guidance that you need to get a handle on all of these differences and start making progress towards your Chinese language learning goals.

A great example of the differences between Chinese and English is found in the writing system of both languages. English has an alphabet with 26 characters in it. That makes it pretty easy to learn all of the visual elements that you'll encounter in the English language and the various sounds that they make. Once you do this, then you're well on your way towards being able to understand the English writing system. However, the Chinese writing system is much more complex.

Comparatively, there are over 50,000 total characters that exist in the Chinese language. However, just 20,000 characters are used in some capacity on a regular basis, and the vast majority of the written language is communicated using around 2,500 characters. Still, that's a big jump from the 26 letters that combine to represent every word in English. That means you'll need to spend a lot of time learning the various symbols in the Chinese language before you can fully understand written Chinese. Luckily, you can get help with learning Chinese characters by signing up to take a class. Your instructor can cover the most prominent Chinese characters and methods for continuing to learn more so that you can start making progress quickly.

Additionally, Chinese symbols can be hard to learn because they give no clues to the pronunciation of a word and must be memorized individually. The breadth of this challenge makes it a difficult task to carry out on your own successfully. That's just one more reason why taking a course can be such an impactful academic opportunity. Your instructor can also help you understand Pinyin, which is a system for translating Chinese characters to letters in the English alphabet based on their pronunciation. Pinyin can help a lot with your understanding of Chinese dialects such as Mandarin.

Another difference between Chinese dialects and English is the tonal system of communication that these dialects use. In a tonal language, the meaning of a word changes depending on the specific tone that's used to say that word. For example, the Mandarin dialect has four tones. Tones in Mandarin Chinese can be either flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. Other Chinese dialects can have as many nine different tones. This tonal system is utilized because Chinese dialects have no verb inflections, plurals, or articles. Instead, all words have only one grammatical form.

In addition to the topics discussed above, your class can help you develop a better understanding of plenty of other vital aspects of the Chinese language. You can get guidance with pronouns, which use different characters based on gender. You can also get help with verbs and differentiating between verbs that sound alike. Your class instructor can teach you some common phrases and essential vocabulary as well so that you can jumpstart your understanding of the Chinese language. In all, your course will provide you with a well-rounded learning experience that can help you learn about all aspects of Chinese dialects at a higher level.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Chinese Class Near Me?

Chinese courses offer several unique benefits that can help you build upon your current understanding of the Chinese language whether you are a beginner or more advanced. These benefits start with the fact that your Chinese language class will connect you directly with an experienced educator and a class of language learning peers. Your course will take place in a powerful virtual environment we provide called the Live Learning Platform. Through a series of live lectures that are delivered by your educator, we will take you on a step-by-step journey through the most important elements of the Chinese language. You'll get instruction that covers Chinese characters, the tonal system, sentence structure, grammar, and much more when you sign up to take a course.

Throughout your course sessions, you'll be able to interact with your instructor and with your peers. For example, you can ask your instructor questions when you have them and your classmates can do the same. You can benefit from the questions that your classmates ask, which may help you to think of the material that you're learning in a new way. You'll also get the chance to work with your classmates through collaborative exercises that you complete together. These exercises will give you plenty of opportunities to practice the topics that you're learning about during your course sessions. If you have some fluency in the language already, your instructor could even lead sessions in Mandarin to simulate immersion, which studies have shown is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language.

While you're moving through your Chinese classes, you may find some of the topics that you're learning about to be more difficult than others. If you feel that you don't fully understand a topic that's already been covered by your educator, you don't have to worry. Instead, you'll have the chance to sign up to work in a one-on-one setting with your instructor. You can take advantage of this option to get help with the specific course topics that you're struggling with the most. Some extra guidance outside of sessions can help you keep pace with the rest of your classmates and on the path towards your overall Chinese language goals.

When and Where Can I Attend a Chinese Course?

After reading about all of the benefits associated with enrolling in our Chinese class, you may be ready to get started. However, you might still be wondering if you can fit a course into your busy schedule. We know that students are very busy with things like work and school. That's why we make every effort to ensure that courses are flexible enough to fit into any schedule.

To help students find opportunities to participate in classes, we put them online. Bu offering courses over the Internet, we allow you to get the Chinese assistance that you've been looking for without even having to leave the comfort of your home. You can participate in a class from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Not only can this save you the hassle of having to commute to and from a physical classroom for every session, but it also ensures that you get top-notch instruction and a set of truly motivated classmates to learn aside.

Additionally, courses have both two and four-week options, and new sections begin monthly. These classes meet at different times during the day and on different days of the week. This means that there are a lot of different options to choose from, so you can more easily find a class section that fits around the other important parts of your life. If you need help selecting the right class for your scheduling requirements, then you can get it by reaching out to us directly. We'll work with you to identify your academic and scheduling needs and then recommend the right option to meet those needs.

How Can I Get Started?

Chinese is one of the world's most challenging languages to learn. However, developing enough fluency to communicate effectively with native Chinese speakers is very rewarding. If you're serious about learning how to read, speak, and write Chinese, then you'll want to give yourself the best educational opportunities to support your growth. One of the best ways to get this type of assistance is by signing up to take a Chinese course.

Taking a Chinese class can help you understand the most challenging components of the language. You can work with an experienced instructor and practice the material that you're learning in class with your peers. If you'd like to get started with this unique academic opportunity, then consider contacting Varsity Tutors today to get started. We'd love to work with you and hope to hear from you soon.

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