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Varsity Tutors offers Actuarial Exam IFM courses to assist you in your test preparation. The Actuarial Exam IFM is a step that many people take on their path to becoming actuaries. An Actuarial Exam IFM course is an opportunity for you to prepare in a one-on-one environment with a skilled tutor. Actuarial Exam IFM courses can prepare you well for the content, help you with test-taking strategies, and develop your study skills.

Going through an Actuarial Exam IFM class will include developing an understanding of the sections of the exam. Below is a table displaying descriptions of various sections and learning objectives that are found in the Actuarial Exam IFM:

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Description Percentage of Test
1. Topic: Mean-Variance Portfolio Theory The assumptions of mean-variance theory and it's principal results. (10-15%)
2. Topic: Asset Pricing Models Multiple methods for the valuation of asset portfolios. Explain appropriate scenarios for each method. (5-10%)
3. Topic: Market Efficiency and Behavioral Finance The notion of efficient markets. Focused on market participants and why they might make irrational system errors resulting in market inefficiencies. (5-10%)
4. Topic: Investment Risk and Project Analysis Measure investment risk and analyzing the project via capital budgeting techniques (10-15%)
5. Topic: Capital Structure Capital structure considerations for new businesses (10%)
6. Topic: Introductory Derivatives - Forwards and Futures How to forward contracts and future contracts can be used in conjunction with underlying asset risk management context (5-10%)
7. Topic: General Properties of Options Call options and put options use with underlying asset in a risk management context. (10-15%)
8. Topic: Binomial Pricing Models Binomial trees. Approximating prices of European and American call and put options on different underlying assets. (10%)
9. Topic: Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model Using the Black-Scholes Formula to form prices of European call and put options for various underlying assets. (10-15%)
10. Topic: Option Greeks and Risk Management The importance of Option Greeks and risk management techniques. Specifically in forming hedged asset portfolios. This includes positions in both options and the underlying asset. (5-10%)

Actuarial Exam IFM classes take place online through our Live Learning Platform. You don't have to commute to your sessions, but rather you can meet for your Actuarial Exam IFM prep course anywhere with an internet connection. When you register for an Actuarial Exam IFM prep class, we will connect you to a tutor who fits your schedule as well as possible. We want your experience to be as convenient as possible.

Actuarial Exam IFM prep courses are based around your needs. Everybody learns differently, and your tutor can help you develop a plan that is based not just around your goals, but around how you prefer to learn. You don't need to spend time relearning information all you already know; you can devote your time to learning skills and concepts that are challenging for you. This individualized focus means at the feedback you receive is geared toward your goals and academic abilities. For example, if there are specific functions that you struggle to utilize, you and your instructor can work through knowing when to use these functions and how to use them effectively.

The study skills you develop in Actuarial Exam IFM prep classes can benefit not only your preparation for this exam but for future exams as well. If you pursue other certifications, your ability to develop a study plan and execute that plan will be important for your success.

In addition to understanding the content of the Actuarial Exam IFM, your sessions can help you develop test-taking strategies specific to this exam. These strategies can help you maximize your time during the exam and help you to feel more confident.

Actuarial Exam IFM courses that Varsity Tutors can set up for you give you instruction and resources to prepare effectively for this test. We want you to experience a flexible, effective, and personalized learning environment. We prioritize your needs to help you get the most out of your time with us. If you believe that you could improve your preparation through and Actuarial Exam IFM class, Educational Directors are available online and over the phone to answer any questions you have and to help you register.

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