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If you're looking for your support as you prepare to sit for the bar exam, Varsity Tutors can help connect you with the best Delaware bar exam tutoring available in as little as 24 hours. Passing the bar exam is a requirement if you want to practice law in the state of Delaware, and it's no easy task. We can match you with a qualified educational professional capable of guiding you through the arduous task of preparing no matter where you are in the process. To learn more about how it works, keep reading.

What is on the Delaware bar exam?

Delaware has not adopted the Universal Bar Exam, meaning that while you need to pass the Delaware bar exam to practice law in the state, passing the bar there will not transfer to other states. The Delaware bar exam involves three sections spread out over two and a half days: the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), the Multistate Performance Exam (MPE), and a Jurisdiction-Drafted Exam. You're also required to take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Each of these sections requires a specific form of preparation.

The bar exam is offered once a year in July. The first day involves eight essay questions with 45 minutes allotted for each. Day two is when you sit for the MPE, with two 90-minute questions. On day three, you sit for the MBE, tackling 100 multiple-choice questions in the morning and another 100 questions in the afternoon. The MBE is weighted as 40% of your score, while the MPE and the first day of essays are weighted as 60%, with a cumulative score of 145 out of 200 required to pass. The MPRE, administered separately three times a year, requires a score of 85 to pass.

The cost of sitting for the bar is $575, making it no small investment. Working with a Delaware bar exam coach can help prepare you for the challenge.

How can Delaware bar exam tutors help me study for the tests?

Delaware bar exam tutoring connects you with experts on the subject matter. Varsity Tutors extensively vets all private instructors to ensure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through your studies. They are also evaluated as communicators to make sure they have the ability to effectively impart that knowledge. This is part of what can make these sessions so impactful.

Delaware bar exam training can take some of the anxiety out of studying. There are a lot of preparation options out there, from classes to guides. All of them promise they are the best option, and there are plenty of people willing to offer up their opinions on the selection available. When you work with a Delaware bar exam coach that we connect you with, there's no guesswork involved. You can rest easy knowing you're getting a comprehensive review of the materials involved.

Delaware bar exam tutors can get you started by helping you develop a custom learning plan. They can work with you to gain a better understanding of the work you've done to date and what your goals are. They can help you develop a set of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals to help guide your efforts. These can serve as a roadmap for the work ahead, a way to measure progress, a reminder to celebrate wins along the way, and motivation to keep moving towards the next milestone. It can foster accountability and facilitate clarity in communication and expectations. This can help create a positive learning experience.

Your tutor can further facilitate a more efficient approach to preparation. When you sign up for a preparation course or pick up a generic prep book, the material covers a broad gamut of topics. It doesn't make sense to spend extensive time on a topic like state procedure if you already have a good grip on it, especially if where you're really struggling is federal procedure. Your tutor can pivot, allocating time where it's needed most, allowing you to work smarter instead of harder.

Working with Delaware bar exam tutors can offer a deep dive on those topics where you do need the extra support. Whether you need help with contract law or criminal law, they can get into the granular details of the material, offering both detail-oriented questions designed to test your recall and hypotheticals crafted to evaluate your ability to apply your knowledge. They can provide practice versions of the MBE, MPE, and MPRE. They can also teach you test-taking strategies, like ways to whittle down multiple-choice arrays to help you navigate the questions ahead. This kind of work can prepare you for both the substance and structure of the exam.

Most crucially, Delaware bar exam tutors can provide you with practice prompts for essays and work with you on reviewing your attempts. The essay section of the exam can be one of the most challenging, assessing both your knowledge, your ability to apply it to specific cases, your argumentation skills, and your writing abilities. The time constraints can make these prompts particularly stressful. Your tutor can walk you through sample prompts, get you used to working under the pressure of a ticking clock, and offer feedback on your efforts.

Your tutor can customize their approach to working with you to your learning preferences. If you're more of a visual learner and have chosen to engage in online tutoring, tools like flashcards can be used to help improve your recall of key details on topics like trusts and wills. If you're more of an aural learner, they might use the Socratic method to test your understanding of concepts related to torts. This kind of custom instruction is part of what can make your time together so effective.

How can I fit Delaware bar exam tutoring into my schedule?

Our educational consultants begin by working with you to understand what your schedule looks like so we can match you with a tutor who fits into your life instead of the other way around. This is part of what makes working with a Delaware bar exam tutor so convenient.

You get to choose whether you want to work with a tutor in-person or online. This lets you select the educational option that works best for your learning style and your time constraints.

If you opt for online tutoring, the Live Learning Platform lets you select the venue where you work. Whether you prefer the peace of the local library or the bustle of a nearby cafe, all you need is reliable internet access. From there, you can connect with your tutor using dynamic learning tools like video chat, document sharing, and the virtual whiteboard. All sessions are recorded, so you can review lessons at your leisure.

How can I get started with Delaware bar exam training?

If you're ready to invest in high-quality bar exam preparation, there's no reason to delay. Our educational consultants are standing by to provide more information about your options and answer any questions you might have about how it works and what the benefits can be. Reach out to Varsity Tutors today online or by phone and you could be set up with a Delaware bar exam coach in no time at all.

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