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A Tulsa ACT prep course that Varsity Tutors can connect you with can help you prepare for the ACT. High school students, like the ones at Booker T. Washington High School, who desire to attend college quickly become aware of a common college admissions test requirement. The ACT is one of two nationally recognized admissions tests that you might choose to complete before you begin the admissions process to colleges and universities throughout the nation. Your scores on the ACT are used by schools to finalize your acceptance into their university.

The ACT is often viewed by high school students as a significant step in the next level of your educational career. The exam is comprehensive and will require you to reflect advanced skill sets that you have perfected in your prior education. A Tulsa ACT course will provide you the opportunity to receive an additional review in an online classroom setting that incorporates interactive learning for well-rounded ACT preparation.

What is covered in the Tulsa ACT course?

Our courses assist you in having a better understanding of the material that is often covered on the ACT. Though the questions may not be the same as what you will have on your ACT, the same types of questions and the subjects used to create the exam are reviewed. The ACT is made of five different testing sections: English, Reading, Math, Science, and an optional Writing section. There are two types of questions: multiple choice and passage-based. The total test time is just under three hours without counting time for breaks. You should consider practicing your time management skills as well as being able to adjust your comfort level throughout the exam. Now we can look at each test section in greater detail, beginning with English.

The first section in the ACT we will discuss in further detail in English. This is where your time management skills will come into place. You will be asked to respond to the questions in multiple choice and passage-based formats. This is your opportunity to display your language skills. Topic development, style, and tone of your language use, and thought organization are some of the common concepts that are tested within the English section of the exam. You will have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions to complete the English portion of the ACT.

Similar to the English section of the exam, you will also be given multiple choice and passage-based question types in the Reading section. You will get 35 minutes and you are expected to answer 40 questions to complete the reading portion of the ACT. Questions in this section are often constructed from first-year college curricula. You should review several of the main concepts, including your ability to make strong connections between multiple texts, your ability to determine phrase and word meanings, and your knowledge of central themes. Make sure you display strong critical reading skills, as they will be a huge help in scoring high on the Reading section of the ACT.

The Math section of the ACT asks you to use your prior knowledge of pre-algebra and elementary and intermediate algebra. Additional subjects that are included are geometry and some trigonometry. There will be multiple concepts you will be tested on, including graphing, functions, solid measurement calculations, and interpreting equations. You are expected to complete the math section of the ACT in 60 minutes and answer all 60 questions. Keep track of your work pace so you will not encounter any problems completing this section.

Finally, we will have a quick review of the Science section. You will be asked to respond to questions that are presented in a multiple choice format. The science-related subjects that are included in this section of the ACT are biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science. You are expected to respond to 40 questions within the 35 minutes given to you. Each question will measure your problem-solving, evaluation, and reasoning abilities. You must be able to effectively manipulate scientific data that is presented to you in various formats and show your knowledge of the scientific method.

We will now discuss the optional writing section of the ACT. This section allows you to show off your writing skills. You will be required to respond to one question in essay format and will be given 40 minutes to do so. As you write your response, you will have to pick one of three provided perspectives and make an effective connection between your response and one of the provided perspectives.

Will a Tulsa ACT class benefit me?

As you prepare for the ACT, there are different ways you can approach your exam preparation. Some students, like the ones who attend Bishop Kelley High School, opt to take an online preparatory class. Other methods of preparation for the ACT include participating in a combination of classes and personal instruction. Using both prep methods provides you the opportunity to reap different benefits from each preparatory strategy.

One benefit of taking a Tulsa ACT course is that you will be allowed to use a unique educational tool called the Live Learning Platform. This provides easy access to other students and your instructor. The instructors often use collaborative learning and projects as a way other students can help you learn tips and tricks to help you progress through your ACT experience. One example of student-to-student learning is the interaction you may enjoy with your classmates. This could lead to learning how to create or perfect your skills in constructing a quick, but thorough, outline for the writing portion of the test.

How can I gain more information about a Tulsa ACT course?

Varsity Tutors will advise you in searching for a Tulsa ACT course by working directly with you. Varsity Tutors can connect you with ACT assistance that will compliment your schedule. Please contact an educational consultant for further information and get started working on your ACT preparations today. Our educational consultants are ready to answer your questions and get you on your way to test day.

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