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Varsity Tutors can help you find reliable Tampa SSAT prep opportunities that can give your student a leg up as they get ready to take this standardized test. The Secondary School Admissions Test, or SSAT, is used by private and independent middle and high schools to assess potential students for their abilities and skills. This exam can allow your student to show off their verbal, reading, and math skills. There are three levels to this exam and it is administered based on grade level. Your student can benefit from some extra guidance for this exam. We can help you get set up with comprehensive SSAT prep that takes a different approach to your student's study sessions.

Your student's test scores on this exam play a major role in their school applications. Thorough test prep can be challenging to do on your own. We can set your student up with a private mentor or a Tampa SSAT prep course that can provide thorough and effective test prep. All instructors are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they have the skills necessary to work with your student as they go after their goals. There is a broad range of benefits that your student can take advantage of through instructor-led test review. Read on to learn more about these opportunities.

What can my student review with Tampa SSAT prep?

The SSAT serves as an admissions test for students from elementary to high school who are applying to an independent or private school. It is used to assess a student's basic math, reading, and verbal skills. The Elementary Level SSAT consists of five sections, while the Middle and Upper Level SSAT each span six sections. Let's explore each version of this exam.

The sections on the Elementary Level SSAT are Quantitative/Math, Verbal, Reading, Writing Sample, and Experimental. In all, your student will have an hour and 50 minutes to complete the exam in full. The Writing Sample and Experimental section are not scored. The sample is used to assess your student's ability to organize and write an essay. They will be presented with a picture prompt and asked to write a story about it. Your student has 15 minutes to write.

The Middle Level SSAT and the Upper Level SSAT are similar in format. Each consists of the following sections: Writing Sample, Quantitative 1, Reading, Verbal, Quantitative 2, and Experimental. There is a time limit of two hours and 50 minutes. Depending on the level of the exam, the depth of content varies. If your student is in middle school, they will face questions pertaining to algebra, geometry, grammar, and more. Alternatively, high school students will test their understanding of more advanced knowledge, such as Latin roots, argument evaluation, fractions, and others.

Thorough preparation can help your student feel confident as they enter the testing room. If you are interested in finding a way to give your student a little extra support as they prepare for this comprehensive exam, let Varsity Tutors lend a hand.

How can a different approach to Tampa SSAT preparation benefit my student?

There are two main categories of test: private tutoring and collaborative classes. Each can appeal to different learning preferences, though some students benefit from a blend of the two options. Varsity Tutors can help you come to a decision about which selection would be most advantageous for your student. Let's take a deeper look at the two options.

We can set your student up with a Tampa SSAT prep class. These are held entirely online in an environment similar to a classroom. Your student can work alongside their peers while they prepare for the exam with an expert instructor. There are classes in multiple sections that start up every week, so you don't have to struggle to enroll your student in a two- or four-week session that fits their needs.

Classes allow your student to participate in discussions and activities with others, which has been shown to help students gain a deeper understanding of the content. Your student's instructor can walk the class through the format of the exam, as well as introduce them to strategies that can help them work more efficiently through the test. If they have trouble understanding something, their instructor can set aside time to work with your student one-on-one.

Some students prefer more targeted study sessions. You can find a Tampa SSAT tutor who can take a personalized approach to your student's test review. Personal mentors can develop a custom-tailored study plan that can appeal to your student's learning personality, interests, academic goals, strengths, and areas of opportunity. They can even use practice tests and sample problems to assess your student's progress as they work to build their skills.

Private tutoring can help your student maximize their study sessions by focusing solely on the areas and content of the SSAT in which they have the most room to develop. For instance, perhaps your student is preparing for the Elementary Level SSAT and have outstanding math and writing skills. Their tutor can focus on verbal and reading skills during each study session. Their instructor can demonstrate different ways to approach a problem, which can help your student spend less time on each question.

How can I get my student set up with comprehensive Tampa SSAT prep?

Students from third to 11th grade can take the SSAT to showcase their skills to private and independent schools. By investing in your student, your student can work under the guidance of an expert to develop their academic, test-taking, and study skills. These can be invaluable to their educational future as they can apply these abilities to more advanced coursework and exams. Varsity Tutors can help guide you toward the form of test prep that can suit their individual needs.

Our educational consultants are eager to help your student get set up with Tampa SSAT prep, whether they would rather learn with a group or in a one-on-one environment. Don't hesitate to help your student as they go after their educational goals.

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