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If you're looking for reliable and comprehensive St. Louis Latin lessons, let Varsity Tutors give you a hand. We can set up students of all ages and skill levels with top-notch options that can fit into their schedule. Whether you're attending Affton High School, an undergraduate at Saint Louis University, taking a course at another school, or looking to develop your language skills in general, Latin can be a fantastic option. Learning a new language can present unfamiliar challenges that traditional class environments aren't always equipped to overcome. Luckily, there are outside resources available that can provide effective opportunities for you to work toward your Latin skill goals.

Latin originated in Latium, a region of Italy. While the language is considered "dead," it is the official language of Vatican City and the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, it is a root of several popular modern languages and is used to create new scientific and technological terms. From Latin, many languages were born, including French, Romanian, Spanish, and Portuguese. At the beginning of the Roman Empire, Latin split into two forms: Classical and Vulgar. Vulgar Latin was the more popular, spoken widely by soldiers and colonists. It featured less inflection, stricter sentence structure, and more prepositions than Classical Latin. Whether you are learning Latin for professional or personal reasons, don't hesitate to reach out to Varsity Tutors.

Whether you are struggling to keep up with your current Latin coursework or you're interested in working ahead of your class, we can set you up with Latin lessons in the form of courses or private instruction. In as little as 24 hours, we can connect you with an expert St. Louis Latin tutor who can help you focus on the areas of the language where you need the most support. If a class is more your style, new sections of Latin courses start every month. You can even choose to participate in a combination of the two services. Regardless of your preference, you can learn under the instruction of a fluent and skilled instructor.

What kind of concepts can an instructor cover in St. Louis Latin lessons?

When you first enter a Latin course at school, you encounter a variety of familiar and unfamiliar concepts. While some vocabulary words are nearly identical to their English equivalents, Latin uses the ending of a word to determine what is being said. This makes it vital that you pay close attention to the ends of each word to ensure that you understand the meaning of a sentence in Latin. In addition, there are concepts like gendered nouns, when to use pronouns with a verb, and the unique sentence structure. One of the key strategies for learning a new language is to spend enough time practicing the language. Latin lessons can provide the opportunity you need to build or maintain your skills consistently.

Learning with an online group of peers can give you the opportunity to build on the knowledge introduced in your classes while working with an expert Latin instructor. A Latin course can allow you to practice your speaking, writing, and reading skills in a supportive environment. Group courses can help you better retain vocabulary and pronunciation skills. If you prefer one-on-one instruction, you can work with a personal instructor. Private tutoring allows your instructor to focus entirely on your needs. They can assess your learning personality to identify the ideal approach and materials to help you build your Latin proficiency. For example, they may provide flashcards, videos, and other forms of visual aids to help a visual learner better understand the difference between masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns.

How do the two types of St. Louis Latin lessons differ?

There are many benefits available for each option. Our educational consultants can help you determine whether you would learn best with a course or with a private St. Louis Latin tutor. Let's take a deeper look at your options here.

Learning in a classroom setting can be advantageous for students who prefer a structured environment. You don't have to cave under the pressures of studying alone. Instead, we can help you enroll in an online course that starts at a time that works for your scheduling needs. Following a set syllabus, your instructor can lead you and your classmates in practice activities that are designed to help you build your comfort with Latin. You can take part in conversations that can help you retain the information. Your instructor can even provide feedback as you work to speak, read, and write in Latin. There are many course options to choose from to ensure that you can easily find something that is convenient.

However, some students prefer to work independently with a private instructor. When you study with a personal St. Louis Latin tutor, you can enjoy a customized experience that focuses on the areas in which you have the most room to improve. They can develop a comprehensive study plan that leaves out the concepts you have a full understanding of to ensure each session is effective and efficient. When you connect with a private instructor, you can arrange to meet online or in person to study. Online learning allows you to participate in sessions with your mentor across our Live Learning Platform. Your instructor can offer their full attention using video chat and a virtual whiteboard. On the other hand, you can arrange to meet at your home or anywhere else that you are comfortable.

How can I get started with St. Louis Latin lessons?

If you are interested in learning Latin, you can take advantage of external resources that can take your efforts to a new level. Varsity Tutors can help you get set up with St. Louis Latin lessons that are effective and focused. Whether you'd prefer to work under the guidance of a private instructor or with a supportive group of classmates, our educational consultants can help you get started quickly and easily. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to reach out to an educational consultant who can help you today.

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