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If you are looking for effective options for your student's Sacramento SSAT prep, Varsity Tutors can help. By connecting your student to materials and learning that suit your student's age, abilities, and needs, we can help your student make the most of the study time. Because many independent or private schools may consider your student's SSAT score, helping them to prepare well can make a difference for their future.

The SSAT is a standardized exam designed for admission to independent or private schools. There are three levels of SSAT exams that are suitable for differing developmental stages. The Elementary Level is for students who are in 3rd or 4th grade and are preparing to enter 4th or 5th grade. The Middle Level is for students who are currently in 5th through 7th grade. The Upper level is for 8th to 11th-graders.

What can my student learn about during Sacramento SSAT prep?

Each level of the SSAT features five distinct sections which are Quantitative, Reading, Verbal, Experimental, and a Writing Sample. The Writing Sample and Experimental section are unscored at all levels. The number of questions and the amount of time allocated to each section varies a bit between levels, with lower levels having less time and fewer questions. Let's take a moment to look a bit more at each section.

The Quantitative section of the exam measures a student's ability to reason mathematically as well as their understanding of keys skills and concepts. No calculators are allowed on this section. Students at the Elementary Level will answer questions that are focused on basic math skills such as the four basic functions, shapes, and some graphic interpretation. Middle-Level students will work with algebraic and geometric skills such as using variables, equations, and area and perimeter. Those in the Upper Level must answer questions related to more complex algebra and geometry such as properties of triangles, line equations, and area and perimeters of circles and polygons. At the Middle and Upper level, there are two Quantitative sections, but at the Elementary level, there is only one.

During the Reading section of the SSAT, students will display their ability to comprehend written texts. Elementary-level students must be able to find the main idea of a passage, use context to understand unfamiliar or ambiguous words, and identify the intended information of a piece. Those at the Middle Level will encounter questions that challenge them to notice details, evaluate arguments, and understand the author's purpose in writing a piece. At the Upper Level, students must interact with information from more difficult texts and demonstrate skills such as inference and prediction.

In the Verbal Section, students will have a chance to demonstrate their understanding of English vocabulary and word construction. Younger students will encounter words from areas such as science, technology, and social studies. They must also understand certain types of analogies. Middle-Level students must understand synonyms and antonyms, as well as word roots. Those at the Upper Level will work with questions that ask them to understand prefixes and suffixes, and the use of context to grasp the meaning of a word.

The Writing Sample is unscored, but a copy of a student's Writing Sample is sent to any school they are hoping to attend. Individual schools can conduct their own examination of the student's writing, but this section is not intended to have a "right" or "wrong" answer. Rather, this section is intended to give a picture of the student's ability to organize their writing, use the language effectively, and understand the essential aspects of good essay or creative writing.

The Experimental section is used by the testing company for its own research and development into the exam. All students must take this portion, but there is no score.

How can Sacramento SSAT prep help my student to study?

There are two main options for your student's Sacramento SSAT prep. They can study in a Sacramento SSAT prep course which takes place with other students. If you think they would benefit from private instruction, they can work with a Sacramento SSAT tutor.

In a Sacramento SSAT prep class, your student will attend via a live virtual classroom. They can ask the instructor questions and participate in discussions with their classmates. This allows them to hear the content from several perspectives and opinions. The instructor can also modify the class time to fit the learning needs of the group. You can schedule a time for your student to meet with their instructor outside of class if they need extra help as well. These classes can also help your student develop their study skills and prepare test-taking strategies that suit the particular challenges of the SSAT.

There are new sessions of SSAT classes that begin weekly. You can choose either a two or four-week long class for your student. There are sessions available at a number of times so your student can prepare for the exam at a time that fits your schedule.

During their time with a Sacramento SSAT tutor, your student can experience the benefits of sessions that are planned around their needs, goals, and abilities. This allows your student to focus their time on the content that is most important for their learning goals. Likewise, they can work with materials that suit their learning style which can help them absorb information more effectively. The real-time interactions that are possible via our Live Learning Platform can help your student to develop effective habits. By focusing on the particular needs and situation of your student, these tutoring sessions can help them maximize their preparation.

How can I sign my student up for Sacramento SSAT prep?

You can register your student for a service either online or over the phone. Educational Consultants are available to talk through your questions, help you pick the best service for your student, and help you get them registered.

Varsity Tutors can set your student up with Sacramento SSAT preparation options that fit their needs. If you are interested in registering your student, contact an Educational Consultant.

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