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Many parents choose an independent or private school for their student's education, and Varsity Tutors can connect them with SSAT prep help in Columbus as their student prepares to take this test. We have connected students of all ages and backgrounds with Columbus SSAT preparation to help them reach for their score goals. The Secondary School Admissions Test is one of the tests used as a factor of your student's admission into an independent or private school.

What Sections of the SSAT Does Columbus SSAT Prep Help My Student Review?

Columbus SSAT prep will help your student review every concept that they will need to know in all sections of the test. This standardized test has 3 levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. Each level is administered based on your student's grade level. If your student is in Elementary School, they will take the Elementary Level SSAT. Fifth grader's and Middle School students up to 7th grade take the Middle Level, and 8th grader's through 11th grade take the Upper-Level SSAT.

The Elementary Level is made up of 5 sections and students have 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete all sections. There is a Quantitative section, Verbal section, Reading Section, a Writing Sample, and an Experimental section.

The Quantitative section requires basic math skills. Your student will need to know basic arithmetic, as well as fractions, shapes, measurement, and must be able to interpret graphs. Calculators are not permitted for use on this test.

The Verbal section requires an understanding of the English language, such as nuances in word meanings, relationships between words, and analogies. They will also be tested on age-appropriate vocabulary.

The Reading section has 28 questions that are all passage-based. This section assesses your student's reading comprehension skills. They will be provided 7 passages to read and will need to find the main idea of each, determine the meaning of words as they are used in context, and be able to understand the literal and nonliteral meanings of words.

Your student will have 15 minutes to write a simple story based on a picture that is provided for the Writing Sample. They will need to be able to organize the story and use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The Experimental section consists of some questions that SSAT writers are testing for possible use on future versions of the test. Every level of the SSAT has this section, but these questions are not scored.

The Middle Level and Upper Level are similar in that they have 6 sections: Writing Sample, Quantitative 1 & 2, Reading, Verbal, and Experimental. The same skills are assessed in these sections as are assessed in the sections at the Elementary Level, with the difference being the level of knowledge required is higher, as students who take the SSAT at the Middle and Upper Levels have had more education.

The Writing Sample at the Middle Level requires creative writing. Your student will choose between two creative story prompts and must write a well-organized story using proper writing skills. The Writing Sample at the Upper Level requires your student to choose to write a creative essay or a traditional one.

Students are given 2 hours and 50 minutes to complete the Middle and Upper-Level SSAT. Wrong answers are counted against a student's total score at these levels, so these students are not encouraged to guess answers. Non-answered questions do not count towards the final score.

In What Ways Can My Student Benefit from Using Columbus SSAT Prep to Help Them Review?

There are many ways that your student can benefit from professional SSAT prep help. Whether they use a Columbus SSAT prep class or a tutor, they can get guidance through their learning process from expert instructors. We can connect your student with classes or tutoring online through our Live Learning Platform. By using online SSAT prep, you and your student can decide when and where your student learns. This provides flexibility to learn around your schedules and lifestyle.

If your student chooses to enroll in a prep class, they can benefit from interacting with an experienced instructor and their peers. Collaborating and discussing concepts and skills with a group can help your student retain information better and can help them learn new techniques and skills for learning. Classroom learning allows them to ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor and from their peers. They may also benefit from hearing the questions that their peers pose in class, as they may have not thought to ask that question. Plus, if your student is finding a concept or section especially challenging, they can schedule one-on-one sessions with their instructor to get the help and attention they need.

Your student may prefer to connect with an expert Columbus SSAT prep tutor. By using a private tutor, your student can receive undivided attention from a professional. This means that your student has the opportunity to have a more personalized learning experience. A professional tutor can learn what your student needs, what areas of opportunity they have, what their goals are, and what type of learning suits their personality. With personalized learning, a tutor can create a learning plan that is catered to your student. They can adjust this plan as your student grows and progresses. If your student understands a concept easily, the tutor can move on to more challenging ones, so that your student can have more time to focus on trying to improve their understanding of those.

Your student can benefit in many ways by using either of these options. Some students have connected and benefited from using both. No matter what you choose, we can connect you with SSAT prep that can help your student prepare.

How Can My Student Get Connected with Columbus SSAT Prep?

Varsity Tutors can get your student connected with qualified and professional SSAT prep in Columbus. This test is extremely important to the future of your student's education. Contact us today and let our Educational Consultants connect you with a Columbus SSAT prep course or tutor.

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