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The choice has been made and your student will be transferring to a private or an independent school in the next year. The next obstacle is having your student take the SSAT exam. If you don't know where to start to help your student prepare, you will want to get in contact with Varsity Tutors. We can help you either find a private instructor or enroll your student in a Las Vegas prep class. These two Las Vegas SSAT prep options will not only help you feel confident about the resources your student has, but it will encourage confidence for the test in your student as well.

Many students in the Las Vegas area that are transferring to an independent or a private school may need to take the SSAT as one part of the school's admission process. The score your student receives from this exam can be an important consideration in the admission process.

It does not matter if your student does better in a personal one-on-one setting or a group environment because Varsity Tutors will help you choose the best study option for your student. We have many connections to the best Las Vegas SSAT tutors, and we can also enroll you in one of our Las Vegas SSAT prep courses.

What does the Las Vegas SSAT prep cover?

The SSAT has three different variations, which are fully dependent on the student's grade level. The variations are known as the Upper Level, Middle Level, and Elementary Level. The Upper Level is for those students who will be transferred when they are in high school. The Middle Level is for those students who will be transferred during middle school, and the elementary level is for students who will be in elementary school. Now, we will further talk about what your student will see on each of the levels of the SSAT.

The Elementary Level of the SSAT is for students who are going into the fourth and fifth grade. The exam for this variation will include five sections. The entire exam will run just under 3 hours. The sections include Writing, Math, Verbal, Reading, and Experimental. The Experimental and Writing sections will not be scored, but they will be sent to the schools that receive your applications. Your student should study their writing skills, reading comprehension, and math skills.

The Middle Level of the SSAT will have six sections the students will need to complete. The testing time is nearly 3 hours. The exam will include a Reading section, Quantitative 1 and 2 sections, a Writing section, and Verbal section, along with an Experimental section. The Quantitative 1 and Experimental section will not be scored, but the results will be sent to the schools of your choice. The Quantitative portions of this exam of the test are also known as the Math sections. Your student will need to practice their grammar, writing, probability, geometry, and number of operations to be prepared on exam day.

The Upper Level variation of the SSAT is also made up of six sections that the student will needs to complete. The entire test time will be around 3 hours. The exam will include a Writing section, Quantitative 1 and 2 sections, a Reading section, a Verbal section, as well as the Experimental section. The Experimental and quantitative 1 sections will not be scored, but the results will be sent to the schools that your student is applying to. You will want your student to practice on their number of operations, geometry, grammar, and writing to help them feel more confident when they take the exam.

What are the benefits of different types of Las Vegas SSAT preparation?

As parents, you want your students to study both efficiently and effectively for the SSAT. This is where Varsity Tutors can help you. They can connect you with the best Las Vegas SSAT tutor, enroll your student in our next available prep class, or help you with a combination of the two, if that suits your student's needs better. The Las Vegas SSAT prep class and the Las Vegas SSAT tutor sessions will allow you and your student to be confident that everything they need will be covered when preparing for the exam. For the prep course, you will have the option to pick the two-week option or the four-week option. The class is taught by an expert instructor. Both tutoring sessions and courses take place online via our Live Learning Platform. Your student will interact with instructors in real time, and they can learn test-taking strategies to help them feel more relaxed.

If your student attends the prep class, they will be able to work together in groups with their classmates, participate in class discussions, and even interact with their class instructor. The SSAT Las Vegas Prep class is great for those students who thrive better in a group setting rather than a one-on-one setting. The students will also have one-on-one time to talk to the instructors about their problem areas.

If your student does not thrive in a group environment, the best option is to let Varsity Tutors help get you in contact with an expert Las Vegas SSAT prep tutor. Working with a private instructor can be one of the best things you do for your students study sessions. The instructor can tailor the session to how the student learns and go over the areas that the student is struggling with. They can also reinforce areas that the student feels confident in to ensure the student feels prepared and confident in all aspects of the exam.

How can I find SSAT review in Las Vegas?

It's better late than never when planning study sessions for the SSAT. You do not want to put it off for too long. If you are ready to have your student begin studying for the exam, whether it is working with a private instructor or signing them up for a prep class, you will want to contact Varsity Tutors educational consultants for more information on how to get started.

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