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If your student is in any grade between three and ten and has an ACT Aspire assessment coming up, you may be interested in signing them up for private ACT Aspire prep courses through Varsity Tutors. We can get your student set up with ACT Aspire prep classes that feature a qualified instructor working one-on-one with your student. By taking advantage of these individualized ACT Aspire classes, your child can receive benefits beyond those that a traditional classroom setting could provide.

For one thing, each ACT Aspire class session can be planned dynamically to meet your student's specific needs at that time. During their first ACT Aspire course, your child's tutor can gauge their starting level of proficiency in each subject that appears on the test. They can then use this base point to plan a set of ACT Aspire courses that tackle the subjects and concepts your student finds most challenging. As they continue to study together, their tutor can track your student's progress and make adjustments to the ACT Aspire course lesson plans in real time. For example, if your student masters a certain science concept more quickly than they expected and originally blocked out time to study, their instructor can easily move into the next ACT Aspire class subject, making the time they spend studying together more efficient in addition to being highly effective.

The kind of continuing assessment that tracks your child's progress throughout their school years may not be highly enjoyable to them, but there are advantages. The greatest payoff is probably in catching any knowledge gaps early so your student can get caught up with the rest of the students their age. If your student was having a hard time understanding math, it would be much better to find out in third or fifth grade when it's still relatively easy to pinpoint the skills they need to work on and get them help to catch up. If you don't find out until later high school years, a lot of damage could already have been done.

As your student proceeds through the customized sessions of their private ACT Aspire prep course, they'll be studying with the goal of reaching certain benchmark scores in English, reading, math, and science. To get an idea of the expectations, we have tables giving benchmark scoring details for English for you to review:

Grade Low Score High Score Benchmark
3 400 435 413
4 400 438 417
5 400 442 419
6 400 448 420
7 400 450 421
8 400 452 422
9 400 456 426
10 400 456 428

ACT Aspire tutors can also discuss test-taking strategies and tips with your student. This might include time management tactics that work well with your student's learning style and help them prepare to work at the pace necessary to complete all the questions in the available time. Additionally, their tutor can help your student learn relaxation exercises that they can use during the test if they start to feel nervous or pressured. This could be especially helpful if your student experiences testing anxiety on a regular basis.

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